Deployable SAR Integrated Chain with Unmanned Systems

 Coordinatore BAE Systems (Operations) Ltd 

 Organization address address: Warwick House
postcode: GU14 6YU

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Titolo: Ms.
Nome: Helen
Cognome: Eldridge
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Telefono: +44 1634 204175

 Nazionalità Coordinatore United Kingdom [UK]
 Sito del progetto http://www.darius-fp7.eu/
 Totale costo 10˙645˙581 €
 EC contributo 7˙475˙830 €
 Programma FP7-SECURITY
Specific Programme "Cooperation": Security
 Code Call FP7-SEC-2011-1
 Funding Scheme CP-IP
 Anno di inizio 2012
 Periodo (anno-mese-giorno) 2012-03-01   -   2015-02-28


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1    BAE Systems (Operations) Ltd

 Organization address address: Warwick House
postcode: GU14 6YU

contact info
Titolo: Ms.
Nome: Helen
Cognome: Eldridge
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Telefono: +44 1634 204175

UK (FARNBOROUGH) coordinator 842˙858.00

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city: ATHINA
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Titolo: Ms.
Nome: Georgia
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EL (ATHINA) participant 802˙642.00

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postcode: 78990

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Titolo: Mr.
Nome: Philippe
Cognome: Chrobocinski
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FR (ELANCOURT) participant 790˙637.00

 Organization address address: Strindveien 4
postcode: 7465

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Titolo: Mr.
Nome: Jan Håvard
Cognome: Skjetne
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NO (TRONDHEIM) participant 700˙000.00
6    DFRC AG

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city: Zug
postcode: CH-6300

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Titolo: Mr.
Nome: Erel
Cognome: Rosenberg
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Telefono: +41 31 511 85 12

CH (Zug) participant 632˙200.00
7    ECA SA

 Organization address address: "Rue des Freres Lumiere, Zone Industrielle de Toulon Est 262"
city: Toulon
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Titolo: Mr.
Nome: Patrick
Cognome: Peras
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IE (DUBLIN 2) participant 561˙400.00

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Nome: Georgios
Cognome: Leventakis
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Fax: +30210 7481995

EL (Athens) participant 410˙800.00
10    TELINT RTD Consultancy Services LTD

 Organization address address: WESTFERRY CIRCUS 1 2ND FLOOR CANARY WHARF
city: London
postcode: E14 4HD

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Titolo: Ms.
Nome: Effie
Cognome: Makri
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UK (London) participant 386˙350.00

 Organization address address: PATRIARXOU GRIGORIOU NEAPOLEWS
city: ATHINA
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Nome: Stergiopoulos
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EL (ATHINA) participant 374˙440.00

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city: CORK

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Nome: Thomas
Cognome: Tuohy
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IE (CORK) participant 187˙696.00
13    ECOMED bvba

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Titolo: Dr.
Nome: Geert
Cognome: Seynaeve
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BE (Brussel) participant 174˙240.00
14    Nome Ente NON disponibile

 Organization address address: "Centre Francis Arrighi, Domaine de Valabre"
city: Gardanne
postcode: 13120

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Titolo: Mrs.
Nome: Sonia
Cognome: Cali-Vasconcelos
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Telefono: +33 4 42 60 86 50

FR (Gardanne) participant 149˙508.00


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 Obiettivo del progetto (Objective)

'Unmanned systems through military programs and numerous R&D projects are now becoming operationally mature. Their use in Search and Rescue operations can now be envisaged to enhance first responder capabilities and intervene in hazardous areas. For cost and procedural reasons however, the market is still very fragmented and business models are unclear. The DARIUS project will leverage previous R&D efforts on technologies and possible added-value of these systems for situation awareness to envisage their adaptation and integration in complex multi-national/agency SAR operations. The main objective of DARIUS is to reach effective levels of interoperability so these systems can be shared between several organisations. This objective will be achieved in designing a Generic Ground Station with associated proposed standards, a full integration in the command and control cycle and a consistent communication network. In addition, DARIUS will adapt the existing unmanned systems and their payloads (air, ground and maritime) to the specificities of the Search and Rescue missions. DARIUS solutions will be evaluated in real conditions through 3 scenarios (Urban, forest fires and maritime SAR) designed by the end-users. The project will be implemented under the control of a wide panel of fully committed end-users. It will be performed following an optimised structure and with flexible and proven procedures. The DARIUS consortium encompasses several end-users, major players in the domain of C4I and large system integration, unmanned system solution providers, SMEs that will bring innovative solutions and support the integration and RTOs that will further develop novel technologies. The expected impact from DARIUS is the better integration of the systems in real operations and in enhancing the safety of citizens. The economic studies will enable the production of a relevant business model and will better enable RTO and industry to exploit the results of the projects.'

Introduzione (Teaser)

An EU team worked to adapt military-style unmanned vehicles for use in search and rescue (SAR) operations, and to foster agency interoperability. The project-developed system, including a ground station and communications equipment, has been successfully demonstrated.

Descrizione progetto (Article)

Pilotless aircraft technologies developed for military use are now being applied to civilian applications. One example is SAR, where the aircraft helps to enhance first-responder capabilities.

Working toward this goal was the 'Deployable SAR integrated chain with unmanned systems' (http://www.darius-fp7.eu (DARIUS)) project. The 14-member consortium ran for 3 years from March 2012, aiming to adapt and develop unmanned aircraft for SAR.

The main objective was to determine effective levels of interoperability among different agencies. The project developed a generic ground station to control the aircraft, as well as a consistent communications network.

DARIUS' first year saw the creation of an advisory board, plus definition of its user requirements and concepts of operation. Following, DARIUS confirmed user demand for the interoperable services it aimed to deliver. With reference to user requirements, the team documented current limitations of unmanned vehicles, and began adapting such systems and payloads for testing. They also defined test scenarios.

Work in the second year involved extending system adaptations, and developing a generic ground station. The team elaborated upon the definition of trial scenarios, and furthered preparation for the trials. In June 2013, DARIUS conducted a successful trial, using the ship bridge simulator at the National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI).

Users provided positive feedback, and the project received press coverage. In December 2013, an initial version of the complete system was successfully tested at a maritime trial in France. Another two trial scenarios were planned.

The consortium helped to integrate unmanned vehicles into SAR operations. This will also open market opportunities for European businesses.

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