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H2020 projects about "attempting"

The page lists 27 projects related to the topic "attempting".

# achronym  title  year 
1 AluminiumScrapDbase Aluminium Scrap: Open access database for impurity levels-microstructure-property and methods to recover properties in high impurity scrap 2015
2 EbolaVac Development of a Chimpanzee Adenovirus Type 3 Ebolavirus Zaire Vaccine 2014
3 CORAL Cost-ORiented Agile Localisation 2015
4 CARBONFIX Towards a Self-Amplifying Carbon-Fixing Anabolic Cycle 2015
5 BHstabNL The fate of black holes in high-energy physics -- exploring their dynamical instabilities 2016
6 GaugedBH Black holes in gauged Supergravity: Supersymmetric and Holographic properties 2017
7 AGRICADOPT Environmental indicators for agricultural adoption, success, and continuity in the Nile Delta 2016
8 SOLCRIMET Solvometallurgy for critical metals 2016
9 BISS Biometric Identification Security System 2016
10 TiMaScan Recirculated tissue macrophages (TiMa) in blood: Novel approach to early diagnosis and treatment monitoring in oncology 2016
11 ALZSYN Imaging synaptic contributors to dementia 2016
12 SILICON Self-Injection-Locked Integrated Analog-to-Digital Converter 2017
13 NanoEAscopy Mapping Nanoscale Charge Separation at Heterojunctions with Ultrafast Electroabsorption Microscopy 2017
14 DEBBIE A database of experimental biomaterials and their biological effect 2018
15 MENTALIZINGORIGINS Origins of theory of mind: action prediction by great apes and human infants 2018
16 TheONE The Janus-face of the localized carrier in cuprates: Generating the pseudogap and high temperature superconductivity 2017
17 EDI European Data Incubator 2018
18 WiNerve Wireless Surgical Nerve Monitoring System 2017
19 CUREORCURSE Non-elected politics. Cure or Curse for the Crisis of Representative Democracy? 2018
20 Supra-Nat A principal-based EU challenge to East Central European judicial interpretation of constitutional identity 2019
21 EMWORK EMWORK – The fully automated EMC filter designer 2018
22 The MATRIX Inflammatory resolution and remodelling of the adipose extracellular matrix: key determinants of a metabolically healthy phenotype? 2019
23 SpheriCal Reference Certification and Commercialisation of “Universal” Mass Spectrometry Calibration Standards 2019
24 MAGIC Architectured Soft Magnetoactive Materials: Beyond Instabilities 2020
25 UNITI Unification of treatments and Interventions for Tinnitus patients 2020
26 GAMBBa Gene-activated AntiMicrobial Biomaterials for Bone regeneration 2020
27 REPTARQ Ecstatic Utopias: Reorienting audiovisual Evocations of Place Towards A Relational Queer future 2021