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H2020 projects about "deriving"

The page lists 82 projects related to the topic "deriving".

# achronym  title  year 
1 APERIM APERIM: Advanced bioinformatics platform for PERsonalised cancer IMmunotherapy 2015
2 TASCMAR Tools And Strategies to access to original bioactive compounds from Cultivation of MARine invertebrates and associated symbionts 2015
3 FieldFOOD Integration of PEF in food processing for improving food quality, safety and competitiveness 2015
4 CIPTEC Collective Innovation for Public Transport in European Cities 2015
5 URBANFLUXES URBan ANthrpogenic heat FLUX from Earth observation Satellites 2015
6 QUCHIP Quantum Simulation on a Photonic Chip 2015
7 VAMOS ¡Viable and Alternative Mine Operating System! 2015
8 FRESHER FoResight and Modelling for European HEalth Policy and Regulation 2015
9 RRI-ICT Forum Supporting and promoting responsible research and innovation in ICT 2015
10 VEZ VEZ 2014
11 IPSIBiM Improved Patient Safety through Intensive Biosignal Monitoring 2015
12 SNBinaries Close binary progenitors and ejected donor remnants of supernovae type Ia 2015
13 OPERACQC Operational characterization of quantum correlations 2015
14 SOX10mutants Investigating genotype-phenotype correlations in SOX10 neurocristopathies 2015
15 COLOMBUS-1 COmposite repair solutions for aeronautical BUSiness development – Phase 1 2015
16 EeC WITUR Efficient energy cleaning robotic platform for wind turbines (EeC WITUR) 2015
17 TES Total Energy System: innovative in-farm cogeneration plant for manure valorisation viable even for small farms 2015
18 Scan4Reco Multimodal Scanning of Cultural Heritage Assets for their multilayered digitization and preventive conservation via spatiotemporal 4D Reconstruction and 3D Printing 2015
19 NANOSHOCK Manufacturing Shock Interactions for Innovative Nanoscale Processes 2015
20 ECO-LOGIC GREEN FARM Design of an agricultural greenhouse for intensive growing of microalgae in fresh / sea water with a syngas production plant and organic farming of chickens and pigs outdoors. 2015
21 SMAV SMAV: Best for the Environment Soda Fountain Smart Valves 2015
22 PTAL Planetary Terrestrial Analogues Library 2016
23 HYBRID_BOATS An innovative hybrid propulsion and generation system for yachts 2015
24 OptArch Optimization Driven Architectural Design of Structures 2016
25 BEACON Hybrid Digital-Analog Networking under Extreme Energy and Latency Constraints 2016
26 TILES Tiles: the first platform for shared entertainment 2016
27 ISAAC Increasing Social Awarness and ACceptance of biogas and biomethane 2016
28 BILAT USA 4.0 Bilateral Coordination for the Enhancement and Development of STI Partnerships between the EU and the USA 2016
30 MARSU MARine atmospheric Science Unravelled: Analytical and mass spectrometric techniques development and application 2016
31 Open4Citizens Empowering citizens to make meaningful use of open data 2016
32 AMO-dance Strong Field Dynamics of Atoms and Molecules: History-dependent Functionals and Exact Kohn-Sham Potentials of the Time-dependent (multi-component) Density Functional Theory 2016
33 NanoINCAGE Luminescent Nanocrystals in a Cage for Solar-to-Fuel Conversion 2016
34 HetScaleNet Analysis and control of large scale heterogeneous networks: scalability, robustness and fundamental limits 2016
35 RecessionsHealth Recessions, labour-market uncertainty and health 2016
36 PROJESTOR PROJECTED MEMRISTOR: A nanoscale device for cognitive computing 2016
37 CanPathPro Generation of the CanPath prototype - a platform for predictive cancer pathway modeling 2016
39 GAP Gaming for Peace 2016
40 PhyMeBa The Physical Mechanics of Swimming Bacteria 2016
41 CHANGE New CHallenges for (adaptive) PDE solvers: the interplay of ANalysis and GEometry 2016
42 COLOMBUS-2 COmposite repair solutions for aeronautical BUSiness development – Phase 2 2016
43 INCREASE Innovations in Neural Conceptual Representation: Exploring Aspects of Semantics 2016
44 MARCO MArket Research for a Climate Services Observatory 2016
45 THZCALORIMETRY Time Resolved THz Calorimetry explores Molecular Recognition Processes 2016
46 CRYOMATH Cryo-electron microscopy: mathematical foundations and algorithms 2017
47 InnoRenew CoE Renewable materials and healthy environments research and innovation centre of excellence 2017
48 WiHDE A Wireless, Modular, Flexible, High-Density EMG Recording System 2017
49 NIBEA Nano Impacts for Biomedical and Environmental Analysis 2017
50 IPACE Iceland: Physical Anthropology of Colonization and Evolution 2017
51 ModelingCommonGround Modeling Common Ground 2017
52 TESTINF Testing Cosmic Inflation and Reheating in the Very Early Universe 2017
53 ENviSION-EO Enhancing our Understanding of Earth’s Land Surface InteractiONs at Multiple Scales Utilising Earth Observation 2017
54 IASIS Integration and analysis of heterogeneous big data for precision medicine and suggested treatments for different types of patients 2017
55 PyroTRACH Pyrogenic TRansformations Affecting Climate and Health 2017
56 NINA 2.0 Changing the rules of domestic gas metering 2017
57 JETSCREEN JET Fuel SCREENing and Optimization 2017
58 ENTRAINER Enhancing brain function and cognition via artificial entrainment of neural oscillations 2018
59 HHQM Hydrodynamics, holography and strongly-coupled quantum matter 2018
60 Asterochronometry Galactic archeology with high temporal resolution 2018
61 GenTime Temporal structures of gender inequalities in Asian and Western welfare regimes 2018
62 CROSSGRASS Cross-border analysis of grassland greenness in Asia: Climate variations, grazing pressure, and land policy change 2018
63 MYlandOURland How Institutions Shape Culture: Survey and Experimental Evidence from a Large-Scale Land Tenure Reform Implemented as a Randomized Control Trial 2019
64 AirSens High-Accuracy Indoor Tracking and Augmented Sensing using Swarms of UAVs 2018
65 UPDWMI Ultra-low Power Digital circuits for Wireless Medical Implants 2018
66 SAPHIR Scalable DSP algorithms for high performance hardware applied to 5G MaMi systems 2018
67 BIOBRIDGES Bridging Consumers, Brands and Bio Based Industry to improve the market of sustainable bio-based products 2018
68 DIFFOP Nonlinear Data and Signal Analysis with Diffusion Operators 2019
69 Algo-Grid Platform for Operations and Maintenance Management of Power Smart Grids based on advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence 2019
70 HyPPOCRATES Medical Hyperspectral Image and Video Processing and Interpretation via Constrained Matrix and Tensor Factorization 2019
71 HSQG Higher Spin Quantum Gravity: Lagrangian Formulations for Higher Spin Gravity and Their Applications 2020
72 Angio-NYT Investigating the crosstalk between Notch and YAP/TAZ in sprouting angiogenesis 2020
73 BOB Business Opportunities in Biotech: Innovation Associate to leverage cell-free synthetic biology 2019
74 IMPRESS Integration of efficient downstreaM PRocessEs for Sugars and Sugar alcohols 2019
75 MYOCLEM Elucidating the Molecular Mechanism of Myoblast Fusion in Vertebrates 2019
76 KRAKEN Brokerage and market platform for personal data 2019
77 COOKIES Economic Consequences of Restrictions on the Usage of Cookies 2019
78 E-Optimum Energy leading-edge technology for high performance gear shaping machines 2020
79 State Silence The Silence of States in International Law 2020
80 TORI In-situ Topological Reduction of Scientific 3D Data 2020
81 NEMOSID Next-generation Modeling of Sedimentary Ice-sheet Dynamics 2020
82 GeminiDECODER Isolation and characterization of mobile sRNA/target pairs in plants by using a viral protein as a probe 2020