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H2020 projects about "equipping"

The page lists 45 projects related to the topic "equipping".

# achronym  title  year 
1 FLEXILOG Formal lexically informed logics for searching the web 2015
2 SUPER-RESOL Extracting Super-Resolution from Classical Fluorescence Microscopy 2014
3 TIMESTORM Mind and Time: Investigation of the Temporal Traits of Human-Machine Convergence 2015
4 VPH-CaSE VPH-Cardiovascular Simulation and Experimentation for Personalised Medical Devices 2015
5 CropStrengthen Genetic and molecular priming approaches to increase crop strength and stress tolerance 2015
6 MOLECOPS International mobility, local economics and European cooperation policies in the central Sahara 2015
7 VascColl Temporally controlled delivery of vascular therapeutics from a regenerative template for diabetic wound healing 2015
8 REINVENT Re-inventory-ing Heritage: Exploring the potential of public participation GIS to capture heritage values and dissonance 2016
9 DemocInChange Effects of Institutional Change on Participatory Democracy and the Involvement of Civil Society Organisations 2017
10 InjectCHA Local delivery of PTH(1-34) from an injectable collagen-hydroxyapatite scaffold for non-invasive treatment of bisphosphonate associated atypical femoral fractures 2016
11 CELSO Low-cost and high-performance pocket Automated Vehicle Monitoring system for Public Transport 2016
12 Operation Condor Operation Condor: Accountability for Transnational Crimes in Uruguay 2016
13 ROPOD Ultra-flat, ultra-flexible, cost-effective robotic pods for handling legacy in logistics 2017
14 MassLOC Massive MIMO Localization for 5G Networks 2017
15 LACEGAL Latin American Chinese European Galaxy Formation Network 2017
16 XeMoon Sources and sinks for excess Xe and Ar on the Moon 2018
17 ENTIMENT Industrial Exploitation and Market Uptake of a Temporal Cognition Toolbox for Commercial Robots 2017
18 TICOH Taming Irregular Computations On Heterogeneous processors 2017
19 iSAFE iSAFE Internet Safety Awareness for European primary school children 2017
20 TAPAS Training Network on Automatic Processing of PAthological Speech 2017
21 EASITrain European Advanced Superconductivity Innovation and Training 2017
22 EPIDIVERSE Epigenetic Diversity in Ecology 2017
23 NEMESIS Novel Educational Model Enabling Social Innovation Skills development 2017
24 IoT4Win Internet of Thing for Smart Water Innovative Networks 2018
25 MELOA Multi-purpose/Multi-sensor Extra Light Oceanography Apparatus 2017
26 INSENSION Personalized intelligent platform enabling interaction with digital services to individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities 2018
27 DARETOMODEL DAta-dRivEn, low-rank, jeT-nOise MODELling 2018
28 CheSSTaG Chemotactic Super-Selective Targeting of Gliomas 2018
29 MAGIC Multimodal Agents Grounded via Interactive Communication 2018
30 THERACAT Bio-orthogonal catalysis for cancer therapy 2018
31 OpenRIs RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURES FLAGSHIP CONFERENCE Enhancing Long Term Sustainability and Opening Up RIs to Society and Industry 2017
32 AIRSCAN A customised low-cost ultralight aircraft for survey, filming and animal tracking in wild environments. 2018
33 ASCTN-Training Training on Advanced Stem Cell Technologies in Neurology 2018
34 CoLLaboratE Co-production CeLL performing Human-Robot Collaborative AssEmbly 2018
35 ChromDesign Chromatin architecture and Design 2018
36 synBIOcarb Synthetic biology of carbohydrate-binding proteins: engineering protein-carbohydrate interactions for diagnostics and cell targeting 2018
37 DISPATCH Neuro-Sense Distributed Signal Processing Algorithms for Chronic Neuro-Sensor Networks 2019
38 POEMS Physics of Extreme Massive Stars 2019
39 High Risk Leadership High Risk Leadership in Latin America: Women's Pursuit of Gender Justice in Violent Contexts 2020
40 MEMORIGHTS Cultural Memory in LGBT Activism for Rights 2019
41 PEARL Programme for EArly-stage Researchers in Lille 2019
42 NEWAVE Next Water Governance 2019
43 SPECK Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk for Increased Traffic Safety at Uncontrolled Crossings 2019
44 DATASET Advanced manufacturing though data analytics and intelligent insights 2019
45 Niche4NbS Beyond assuming co-benefits in Nature-based Solutions: Applying the niche concept for optimizing social and ecological outcomes 2020