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H2020 projects about "frames"

The page lists 81 projects related to the topic "frames".

# achronym  title  year 
1 gluactive Activation Mechanism of a Glutamate Receptor 2015
2 MITOsmORFs Identification and analysis of novel mitochondrial proteins encoded by small open reading frames 2015
3 EQRESFRAME Earthquake-resilient self-centering steel frame 2015
4 lincPeptEvolDev LincRNA and encoded small peptides: Functional discovery in development and evolution 2015
5 NNL An exploration into the feasibility of simultaneously achieving ‘No Net Loss’ of biodiversity and ecosystem services, in an uncertain and changing world 2015
6 ECONOMY Plant Ecology for Nitrous Oxide Mitigation and Sustainable Productivity 2016
7 LOBFRAM Lobbying and framing in foreign policy. EU and member states’ foreign policies towards Israel and Palestine 2015
9 AQUACROSS Knowledge, Assessment, and Management for AQUAtic Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services aCROSS EU policies (AQUACROSS) 2015
10 SURI Novel concept of a modular Shelter Unit for Rapid Installation 2015
11 RotaNut Rotation and Nutation of a wobbly Earth 2015
12 CARTHER Carbon-based nano-materials for theranostic application 2016
13 FITSYOU Development of a low cost, high resolution 270° 3D solution for full face capture to provide low cost customised eyewear 2016
14 OptiQ-CanDo Hybrid Optical Interferometry for Quantitative Cancer Cell Diagnosis 2016
15 NEUROGOAL Neuronal Coding of Choice and Action-Selection during Decision-Making in Behaving Mice 2016
16 SmARTS Smart technology for analysis and monitoring of Cultural Heritage materials 2016
17 MWDIR Media Warfare and the Discourse of Islamic Revival: The Case of the Islamic State (IS) 2017
18 EENSULATE Development of innovative lightweight and highly insulating energy efficient components and associated enabling materials for cost-effective retrofitting and new construction of curtain wall facades 2016
19 COFRARE 2.0 Out of autoclave processes development for composite frames manufacturing with high production rate and low cost. 2016
20 PLUGGY Pluggable Social Platform for Heritage Awareness and Participation 2016
21 ENERGISE European Network for Research, Good Practice and Innovation for Sustainable Energy 2016
22 Bio4Comp Parallel network-based biocomputation: technological baseline, scale-up and innovation ecosystem 2017
23 ORIENT Goal-directed eye-head coordination in dynamic multisensory environments 2017
24 FlexBuild Market maturation of innovative Flexible modules for temporary sealing of construction Buildings 2016
25 GRETPOL Greening the Poles: Science, the Environment, and the Creation of the Modern Arctic and Antarctic 2017
26 CLLS Analysing coherence in law through legal scholarship 2017
27 IKETIS The Mediation of Climate Change Induced Migration. Implications for meaningful media discourse and empowerment of key intermediaries to raise public awareness 2017
28 MigSol Migration Solidarity and Acts of Citizenship along the Balkan Route 2017
29 LIPMETIN-sURFing Small open reading frames (smORF) as novel modulators of disorders of dietary excess 2018
30 ISSP Infrastructuring SuStainable Playbour 2018
31 ResFrameFireSeismic Resilient steel frame against fire and seismic hazards 2017
32 RUSNAT Russian Nationalism and the Ukraine Crisis: The Impact of Nationalist Actors on Russian Foreign Policy 2017
33 ENDODEP Molecular mechanisms of endosome departure from the spindle in asymmetric cell division 2017
34 SHERLOC QSP Quilted Stratum Processes (QSP) for low cost and eco thermoplastic manufacturing of complex composite parts 2017
35 Falcon Fully automated, controlled and versatile system for low cost, high rate and energy efficient production of highly loaded aeronautical structural parts 2017
36 PORTAFACT Sustainable, Ecological PolyUrethane Foam Panel Construction System, integrated into an Innovative Portable Factory Solution 2017
37 MI-BIKE World's Most Individual Bikes and e-bikes 2017
38 VIDEO Versatile and Innovative Detector for Electron Optics 2018
39 SPEEDER Supercapacitive Polymer Electrodes for Directing Epithelial Repair 2018
40 DATAJUSTICE Data Justice: Understanding datafication in relation to social justice 2018
41 HouseBuildR Build your house exactly as you imagined it 2018
42 WoMoGeS Women’s movements and gestational surrogacy: engaging, debating and policy making 2018
43 Healing Encounters Healing Encounters: Reinventing an indigenous medicine in the clinic and beyond 2018
44 DREAM Drafting and Enacting the Revolutions in the Arab Mediterranean.In search of Dignity, from the 1950’s until today 2018
45 VirtualSync An embodied perspective on anosognosia 2018
46 WPMF Women, Politics and Media Framing (WPMF) in the UK and in Israel – Tackling Western Democracies' Gender Inequality in Politics 2018
47 BANK-LASH Banks, Popular Backlash, and the Post-Crisis Politics of Financial Regulation 2018
48 CALCULUS Commonsense and Anticipation enriched Learning of Continuous representations sUpporting Language UnderStanding 2018
49 ReAct Remembering Activism: The Cultural Memory of Protest in Europe 2019
50 DissectingSociety Nineteenth-Century Sociographic Journalism and the Formation of Ethnographic and Sociological Knowledge 2020
52 PROPHECY Translational control in infection biology: riboproteogenomics of bacterial pathogens 2018
53 PLUS Platform Labour in Urban Spaces: Fairness, Welfare, Development 2019
54 COFRARE 2020 Out of autoclave technologies for frame and shear tie of Regional Aircraft 2018
55 BEF 2.0 Bee Ethic Frames 2.0 a disruptive technology in Apiculture 2018
56 i-Contour An innovative 3D Free-form manufacturing technology for the construction industry 2018
57 SPACE TIE Unifying the three pillars of Geodesy using space ties 2019
58 EXTRU-PUR Reactive Extrusion Technology for Thermoset Polyurethane Resins to Provide High Performance and Sustainable Plastic Materials in Construction and Related Industrial Markets. 2019
59 TIMP Ultrahigh-speed nanometer-scale microscopy 2019
60 DLyte PRO The first DRY Electropolishing technology for high-precision components 2019
61 RAISD Reshaping Attention and Inclusion Strategies for Distinctively vulnerable people among the forcibly displaced 2019
62 POSTBREXIT The Brexit effect in media coverage: how the intra-party democracy counters the rise of European populism 2019
63 ImagiDem Imagi(ni)ng Democracy: European youth becoming citizens by visual participation 2019
64 TEMPO Combining Tectonics and Machine Learning to Constrain Plate Reconstruction Models Through Time 2019
65 MEDPOL The fourth estate? media, frames and political behaviour towards the EU in comparative perspective 2019
66 ECO-DEKS External knowledge sourcing strategies for environmental innovation in the industrial sector of Nigeria 2019
67 FLEXBUILD Market maturation of innovative Flexible modules for temporary sealing of construction Buildings 2019
68 REMADYL Removal of Legacy Substances from polyvinylchloride (PVC) via a continuous and sustainable extrusion process 2019
69 mRNAstress Investigating the molecular mechanisms of translational reprogramming during cellular stress 2020
70 FRAME FRAME - tumor genome-based personalized anti-cancer vaccines off-the-shelf 2019
71 TCTOOL Innovative Tooling, End-Effector Development and Industrialisation for Welding of Thermoplastic Components 2019
72 HumanITcare Disruptive Real World Data & Real World Evidence Internet of Things platform for faster and more accurate clinical studies 2019
74 BALIHT Development of full lignin based organic redox flow battery suitable to work in warm environments and heavy multicycle uses. 2019
75 POLIVERNACULARS India's Politics in Its Vernaculars 2020
76 N-EXTLAW Law as Vehicle for Social Change: Mainstreaming Non-Extractive Economic Practices 2020
77 PAST Phytolith Analysis and Stone Tools: A socio-ecological analysis of stone tools assemblage of North-Western South Asia 2020
78 PERCOSDECAM PERiscopic COnsumer Stereo DEpth CAMera (PERCOSDECAM) 2020
79 APOCRYPHA Storyworlds in Transition: Coptic Apocrypha in Changing Contexts in the Byzantine and Early Islamic Periods 2020
80 Matthew Expanding the Gospel according to Matthew: Continuity and Change in Early Gospel Literature 2020
81 VUAD Video Understanding for Autonomous Driving 2020