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H2020 projects about "globalisation"

The page lists 42 projects related to the topic "globalisation".

# achronym  title  year 
1 SUFISA Sustainable finance for sustainable agriculture and fisheries 2015
2 ProPAT Robust and affordable process control technologies for improving standards and optimising industrial operations 2015
3 ThermoDrill Fast track innovative drilling system for deep geothermal challenges in Europe 2015
4 Unbabel Unbabel: Scalable, affordable and seamless content globalization using distributed crowd-post editing 2015
5 CORAL Cost-ORiented Agile Localisation 2015
6 CONNECTINGEUROPE Digital Crossings in Europe: Gender, Diaspora and Belonging 2016
7 MOBILITY4EU Action Plan for the future of Mobility in Europe 2016
8 THALES Mass-production, landscape transformation and the birth of science in the land of Thales (8th-6th centuries BCE) 2016
9 EUROSOCIAL Connected Transitions: Social Democratic Party Networks and the Crisis of the Keynesian Compromise in Europe 2017
10 LINGOKIDS LINGOKIDS: Adaptive mobile platform for language learning for early age children 2016
11 ResiStand Increasing disaster Resilience by establishing a sustainable process to support Standardisation of technologies and services 2016
12 Legitimacy Legitimacy, Sovereignty and the Public Sphere 2017
13 CityNet Cities in Global Financial Networks: Financial and Business Services and Developmentin the 21st Century 2016
14 DomEQUAL A Global Approach to Paid Domestic Work and Social Inequalities 2016
15 GEM-STONES Globalisation, Europe and Multilateralism - Sophistication of the Transnational Order, Networks and European Strategies 2016
16 LEARN Logistics Emission Accounting and Reduction Network 2016
17 CORPLINK Corporate Arbitrage and CPL Maps: Hidden Structures of Controls in the Global Economy 2016
18 KEAC-BSR Knowledge Exchange and Academic Cultures in the Humanities: Europe and the Black Sea Region, late 18th – 21st Centuries 2017
19 JUMPING JIVE Joining up Users for Maximising the Profile, the Innovation and the Necessary Globalisation of JIVE 2016
20 Justhood (Un)Just Neighbourhoods Socio-Spatial Justice in Urban Neighbourhoods 2018
21 TRAVELLING SOUNDS Travelling Sounds: A cultural analysis of sonic artefacts in postcolonial Europe 2018
22 MIND THE GUT Mind the Gut: Molecular Markers of Microbiome Evolution 2017
23 GINGER Perception of Eastern Religions in Europe 2017
24 GLOTRAINS Global Transitions and Innovation Systems 2017
25 FINEPRINT Spatially explicit material footprints: fine-scale assessment of Europe’s global environmental and social impacts 2017
26 PRESTIGE Design-driven integration of innovative PRinted functional matErialS into inTeractive hIgh-end and fashion consumer Goods addressing tomorrow’s societal challEnges 2017
27 EPIC Environmentally Friendly Recycled Plastic Floors in Containers 2017
28 CRISEA Competing Regional Integrations in Southeast Asia 2017
29 FIT4FoF Making our Workforce Fit for the Factory of the Future 2018
30 MIDA Mediating Islam in the Digital Age. Present issues and past experiences of technological revolutions 2019
31 MICROPROD Raising EU Productivity: Lessons from Improved Micro Data 2019
32 GLORIA Global Industrial Research & Innovation Analyses 2018
33 Time Machine Time Machine : Big Data of the Past for the Future of Europe 2019
34 G20LAP G20 Legitimacy and Policymaking 2019
35 HISPANEMA Hidden Spaces of American Natural History in Early Modern Central Europe: Reconstruction of Memory and Experience Narrated by Things 2019
36 MORE Educating Europe`s Future Engineers in Next Generation Heavy Duty Mobile Machinery: Artificial Intelligence driven Robotisation, Energy Efficiency and Process Optimisation 2020
37 UUR Unique Universal Reference for e-invoicing 2019
39 TRANSLATING MEMORIES Translating Memories: The Eastern European Past in the Global Arena 2020
40 CHAMELEONS Championing A Multi-Sectoral Education and Learning Experience to Open New Pathways for Doctoral Students 2020
41 BGV1 New vaccine for a paradigm shift in Brucellosis, one of the world’s most widespread zoonotic diseases affecting humans 2020
42 ArcticRisk Risk and Business continuity management in the Arctic 2020