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H2020 projects about "lightning"

The page lists 25 projects related to the topic "lightning".

# achronym  title  year 
1 SPARCARB Lightning protection of wind turbine blades with carbon fibre composite materials 2015
2 ExMeCy Cyclone processes leading to extreme rainfall in the Mediterranean region 2016
3 Opti-LPS Optimal Lightning Protection System 2015
4 PLASMA Running away and radiating 2015
5 NEODAMP New Enhanced Acoustic Damping Composite Materials 2016
6 EPICEA Electromagnetic Platform for lightweight Integration/Installation of electrical systems in Composite Electrical Aircraft 2016
7 EFFICOMP Efficient Composite parts manufacturing 2016
8 ECO-COMPASS Ecological and Multifunctional Composites for Application in Aircraft Interior and Secondary Structures 2016
9 ICEWIS Intelligent and cost-efficient wind turbine power production using optical sensors 2016
10 VOLTAIC VOLcanic lighTning: a lAb and fIeld ApproaCh 2016
11 eLightning Lightning propagation and high-energy emissions within coupled multi-model simulations 2016
12 LIBI Lightning Interception Blade Implant 2016
13 LightningPro Lightning inhibition for protection of urban soft targets and critical infrastructure against lightning strikes. 2016
14 SAINT Science and Innovation with thunderstorms 2017
15 GESINNE PRO Intelligent Power Supply Regulator 2016
16 LLR Laser Lightning Rod 2017
17 PLANETESYS The next-generation planet formation model 2017
18 C-JOINTS Composite joints for improved mechanical and electrical performance 2017
19 OxfordNano Implementing Special Nanomaterials in Ultra-performance Mobile Radomes 2017
20 MASTRO Intelligent bulk MAterials for Smart TRanspOrt industries. 2017
21 TWIGA Transforming Weather Water data into value-added Information services for sustainable Growth in Africa 2018
22 QUPIC Ultra-fast and Cost-effective Quantum Random Number Generator Photonic Integrated Chip 2018
23 WindTRRo Wind Turbine Repair Robot 2019
24 BIEL SMARTGAZE Electronic glasses which use computer vision and augmented reality to improve visual capacity and increase autonomy of people who have low vision 2019
25 LIGHT4LUNGS Inhalable Aerosol Light Source for Controlling Drug-Resistant Bacterial Lung Infections 2019