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H2020 projects about "peter"

The page lists 19 projects related to the topic "peter".

# achronym  title  year 
1 RelRepDist Relative representation theory and distributions on reductive groups over local fields 2015
2 SAAB 'Science as Applied to Building' : Science, Construction, and Architectural Acoustics (1914-1954) 2015
3 STOP-Beta Selectively Targeting Oscillations in Parkinson's disease: Causal effects of the beta-rhythm on motor control 2015
4 TEACHPOL Freedom of Teaching and Political Control: The Case of Thomas Aquinas’ Assimilation in William of Peter Godin’s Lectura Thomasina (14th C.) 2015
5 GY GameYourself - Create a virtual 3D model of a person’s face based on a short video taken with any smartphone cam. 2014
6 PACEMech The structure and molecular mechanism of transport proteins within the PACE family of multidrug efflux pumps 2017
7 LCLW Literary Communities and Literary Worlds 2017
8 BonE-GraphT Ti-Graphene Bone Tissue Template Engineering 2017
9 FREEDD A real-time answer to environmental heavy metal contamination 2018
10 TC-Evo Molecular and functional evolution of human CD8+ T cell repertoires 2018
11 NeuroPred Identification of different neuro-cognitive mechanisms of prediction in language comprehension 2019
12 NATURA Reassessing Realism over Universals in the Time of Peter Abelard 2020
13 PETER Pan-European Training, research and education network on Electromagnetic Riskmanagement 2019
14 MTrill Machine Translation Impact on Language Learning 2019
15 TurantypeProblems Turan-type problems for graphs and hypergraphs 2019
16 SN1604 The Ophiucus Supernova: Post-Aristotelian Stargazing in the European Context (1604-1654) 2020
17 ReSensE Reversed-polarity III-nitride Sensors for Enhanced UV-detection 2020
18 ERITNet English Republican Ideas and Translation Networks in Early Modern Germany, c 1640-1848 2020
19 RAP Sub beati Petri et nostra protectione suscipimus: Re-framing the relations between Rome and the kingdoms of Portugal and Aragon (eleventh-thirteenth centuries) 2020