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H2020 projects about "producer"

The page lists 94 projects related to the topic "producer".

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1 PHEBE New paradigms for high efficiency blue emitters for white OLEDS 2015
2 NDTMF New Drying Techniques for Moulded Fibres 2014
3 GO4APP Graphene oxide for advanced polymer applications 2014
4 ResisGal Ostreid herpesvirus 1: Genetic selection of Resistant strains and environmental interaction in the Atlantic coast of Spain (Galicia) 2015
5 ColdPeak PCM-based cold storage as peak shaving for air conditioning units 2015
6 GEM E-drive In-wheel electric drive for E-commercial vehicles 2015
7 IcoCell IcoCell− Chassis for Enhanced Mammalian Cell Line Development and Engineering 2015
8 REACTION Evaluation of the efficacy and of the antiviral activity of T-705 (favipiravir) duringEbola virus infection in non-human primates humans 2014
9 Project NGR M Market Entry Feasibility Project for Next Generation Rubber 2015
10 BERTHA-G Bertha G - better enzymes - than gas 2015
11 ADD-ON A demonstration plant of enhanced biogas production with Add-On technology 2015
12 DEPURGAN Swine-farm revolution 2015
13 GO4APP Graphene Oxide for advanced polymers APPlication 2015
14 CARBOSURF New processes for the fermentative production of glycolipid biosurfactants and sialylated carbohydrates 2015
15 AluSalt Efficient Aluminium Salt cake Recycling Technology 2015
16 GEM in-wheel GEM in-wheel motor 2015
17 PRIFOG PRIFOG - A technology-powered producer responsibility initiative for fat, oil and grease compliance for food service outlets 2015
18 ELEvaTE Achievement of Excellence in Electron Processes for Future Technologies 2016
19 RichWater First application and market introduction of combined wastewater treatment and reuse technology for agricultural purposes 2016
20 TANNOW Reuse of Olive Mill Wastewater for producing new antioxidant tanning chemicals 2016
21 PUREJUICE Industrial scale-up of Pulsed Electric Fields technology for natural fruit juice processing 2016
22 ACQUIRE The mechanism of acquired thermotolerance in potato 2016
23 AgroCycle Sustainable techno-economic solutions for the agricultural value chain 2016
24 ProGeo ProGeo 2016
25 NIRWOOD Fast, Accurate, Low Cost and Hand Held NIR Technology to Ascertain Wood Origin and Quality during Logistic Operations 2016
26 DEMETER Demonstrating more efficient enzyme production to increase biogas yields 2016
27 FRESH FRESH - Fully bio based and bio degradable ready meal packaging 2017
28 Eu PiG EU Pig Innovation Group 2016
29 PRODUCER PeRsOnalized DocUmentary Creation based on Automatically Annotated Content 2017
30 FALCON Fuel and chemicals from lignin through enzymatic and chemical conversion 2017
31 GeoDust Utilization of secondary raw material in geopolymers production 2017
32 POWERICE Organic Rankine Cycle Cogeneration Plant of one-farm size using rice straw as single fuel 2017
33 HyLIPS Hyperspectral Lightweight Imagers for micro-PlatformS 2016
34 PEA Aluminium Portable Element Analyser 2016
35 Fit-4-AMandA Future European Fuel Cell Technology: Fit for Automatic Manufacturing and Assembly 2017
36 Plat-IL-1 Pathophysiology of platelet-derived Interleukin 1 2017
37 nanoHPcs Sustainable nanoHVOF and nanoaxialPlasma coating solutions against wear problems of extrusion machines allowing an eco-efficient use of materials and the increase of recycling in the plastics industry 2017
38 CH4BioVal Biological Valorization of Methane Emissions 2017
39 GREEN-SPECIALISTS Specialised plant cell types via developmentally-controlled gene knockouts: a key step towards fully customised plants 2018
40 Spor-oikos The role of aquatic hyphomycete spores in headwater stream food webs: a food quality approach. 2017
41 IAHP Intelligent Active Hearing Protection 2017
42 PAPERCHAIN New market niches for the Pulp and Paper Industry waste based on circular economy approaches 2017
43 BioBarr New bio-based food packaging materials with enhanced barrier properties – BioBarrier 2017
44 NIRWOOD Fast, Accurate, Low Cost and Hand Held NIR Technology to Ascertain Wood Origin and Quality during Logistic Operations 2017
45 NextWind Harvesting airborne wind energy using rigid kites. 2017
46 NIRSort Development and Market Replication of novel NIR-transparent polymer colourants to replace carbon black, and allow the sorting of black and coloured polymers from mixed waste streams 2017
47 HomeEnergyStorage Cost-effective battery for storage of locally produced Photovoltaic energy at residential buildings 2017
48 ASUNDER Environmental subjects, conflicts and commodity frontiers 0
49 Magnetic Fluids A Key Enabling Technology for metals recovery and water management based on functionalized magnetic particles for galvanic industry 2018
51 STAR Safe, Transparent, Active and Reliable mineral sunscreen technology 2018
52 C-VoUCHER Circularize ValUe CHains across European Regional Innovation Strategies 2018
53 Hot chips Waste heat recovery for industrial heat intensive processes 2018
54 Solar Bank Virtual Energy Trading IT System to couple photovoltaic production and electric vehicles charging. 2018
55 AnisakFree NIRs computer vision system for detecting Anisakis in fish industrial processing lines 2018
56 GRoW The first high-performance robotic system for automated harvesting of vegetables greenhouses 2018
57 BC SKIN Bacterial Cellulose (and)- based Skin Repair material - BC 2018
58 Stibiox Innovative antimony recovery process from lead and plastics wastes. 2018
59 G4SEMI Graphene for Semiconductor Industry 2018
60 EXCornsEED Separation, fractionation and isolation of biologically active natural substances from corn oil and other side streams 2018
61 SeafoodTrace SeafoodTrace: Intelligent Traceability Platform enabling full transparency in the Seafood supply chain 2018
62 GLARTEK Revolutionary AR eyes for industrial maintenance 2018
63 4Sure Sulphites' substitute in wine; natural and safe 2018
64 PHAGOVET A cost-effective solution for controlling Salmonella and Escherichia coli in poultry production 2018
65 Eternum A Novel Wine Elaboration Process 2018
66 OILBLOCK Immediate Oil Spill containment to mitigate impact on the marine ecosystem 2018
67 SusBind Development and pilot production of SUStainable bio BINDer systems for wood based panels 2018
68 OLIVE-SOUND Ultrasound reactor - The solution for a continuous olive oil extraction process 2019
69 GreenCorrosionStop Commercialisation of a unifying green VCI anti-corrosion paper for the manufacturing industry and logistics companies 2018
71 LCE-Tool Improving Resource-efficiency in Manufacturing 2018
72 SoFiA Soap Film based Artificial Photosynthesis 2019
73 TriQ New technology for improved food security and food safety to meet the increasing demand from consumers 2019
74 Carbon8 Capturing and adding value to CO2 & hazardous waste to produce valuable aggregates for construction 2019
75 ENTRAP Energy Harvesting for Precision Agriculture Applications 2019
76 STOPTHEFRAUDINOLIVEO Fighting counterfeiting in Olive Oil with blockchain - a working product has arrived 2019
77 EMB3Rs User-driven Energy-Matching & Business prospection tool for industrial Excess heat/cold Reduction, Recovery and Redistribution 2019
78 PLATYPIS Creating High Performance Insect Breeds via a Platform for Typing of Insect Strains 2019
79 T-Sense Development of temperature sensitive labels for products in cold supply chain 2019
80 Yetitablet Yetitablet - the most intuitive and versatile giant tablet 2019
81 BIOAVENGER The first and ultimate bio-solution to Europe’s mould and rot fungi! 2019
82 SPE Silicon-Carbide-Fiber Pilot-production in Europe 2019
83 EGG1 Making distributed Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation with zero pollution convenient 2019
84 BOB Business Opportunities in Biotech: Innovation Associate to leverage cell-free synthetic biology 2019
85 METAMORFOSIS Disrupting the sports nutrition market with a healthy, high-performance, bee product-based energy gel in highly innovative compostable packaging 2019
86 SUNCOAT Protecting wind-turbine leading edges with nanoengineered superhydrophobic urethane coatings 2019
87 DeBug Effective and environmentally friendly mechanical treatment for salmon delousing 2019
89 Djewels Delfzijl Joint Development of green Water Electrolysis at Large Scale 2020
90 MInfla-Tilc Generation of therapeutic antibodies targeting type 2 Innate Lymphoid cells in asthma 2020
91 ECOBIOMASS Achieving unique wines through an efficient production process 2019
92 Worlds of Lithium A multi-sited and transnational study of transitions towards post-fossil fuel societies 2020
93 Colorifix A revolutionary dyeing process to help the textile industry reduce its environmental impact 2020
94 Alloem Maternal immune response to allogeneic embryos 2020