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H2020 projects about "separating"

The page lists 47 projects related to the topic "separating".

# achronym  title  year 
1 A CACTUS Antibody-free method for Counting All Circulating TUmour cellS while maintaining them alive and intact 2015
2 3DWISE 3D Full Waveform Inversion on seismic data at the East Pacific Rise 2015
3 RodBot Automated Microhandling System for X-ray Crystallography 2015
4 EMBERS Enabling a Mobility Back-End as a Robust Service 2015
5 CH4ScarabDetect Detecting and quantifying CH4 emissions from scarab larvae using stable carbon isotopes 2016
6 FLAMENCO FLAgellated MicroswimmErs’ locomotioN in Confined flOws 2016
7 DigitalMemories We are all Ayotzinapa: The role of Digital Media in the Shaping of Transnational Memories on Disappearance 2016
8 ENRICO Enrichment of Components at Interfaces and Mass Transfer in Fluid Separation Technologies 2016
9 BARRIERS The evolution of barriers to gene exchange 2016
10 CDK6-DrugOpp CDK6 in transcription - turning a foe in a friend 2016
11 POWERVE Portable Weigher for Railway Vehicles 2016
12 ABC-S Acoustic Blood Cells Sorter 2016
13 MiTopMat Microstructured Topological Materials: A novel route towards topological electronics 2017
14 ESROCOS European Space Robot Control Operating System 2016
15 PJ16 CWP HMI Controller Working Position / Human Machine Interface - CWP/HMI 2016
16 AGATM A Global Anthropology of Transforming Marriage 2017
18 HP4all Persistent and Transportable Hyperpolarization for Magnetic Resonance 2017
19 QMBDyn Dynamical Phenomena in Quantum Many-Body Systems 2017
20 CMHAlgae Multifunctional Cellulose Magnetic Hybrid (CMH) Nanomaterial for Integrating Downstream Processing of Microalgae 2017
21 EXPERTISE models, EXperiments and high PERformance computing for Turbine mechanical Integrity and Structural dynamics in Europe 2017
22 ReMIX Redesigning European cropping systems based on species MIXtures 2017
23 ADAPT ADvanced Aeroacoustic Processing Techniques 2017
24 Quipu Cloud A suite of software applications hosted in the cloud for medical ultrasound diagnostics 2017
25 MESG Past and Present Musical Encounters across the Strait of Gibraltar 2018
26 LUCCA Land Use and Climate Change Attribution for biodiversity impact assessments 2018
27 FotoH2 Innovative Photoelectrochemical Cells for Solar Hydrogen Production 2018
29 MEMBRASENZ Breakthrough of Hydrogen Energy and Hydrogen Mobility by Utilisation of MEMBRASENZ Membranes 2018
30 VERIFY Observation-based system for monitoring and verification of greenhouse gases 2018
31 GB-CORRELATE Correlating the State and Properties of Grain Boundaries 2018
32 EpiBarrier Control of the blood-brain barrier integrity during seizures via the ATP-gated P2X7 receptor 2018
33 REESources REESources: experimental investigation of the role of fluids in the formation of rare metals ore deposits. 2019
34 DeLiver FISH-LIVER-HARVESTER (FLH) Project - an automated fish liver harvesting machine 2018
35 ECOFER ECOFER: Next Generation Slag and Mineral Processing Technology 2018
36 RE-MATCH Creating artificial turf yarns with new recycling technologies for circular economy 2018
37 CNSOL Carbon Nanomembranes with Sub-Nanometer Channels for Molecular Separation in Organic Liquids 2019
38 Centromere Stability Mechanisms that maintain centromere DNA repeats stability in human cells. 2020
39 OakMycEvo Functional ecology of the plant-fungus interface: Harnessing evolutionary genomics, transcriptomics and experimental ecology to dissect communication and nutrient exchange in a mutualistic symbiosis 2019
40 Biochip-images A Breast Cancer Biomarker Point of CarePOCDiagnostic Platform Integrating Dual-Functionalized Nanoparticle for Magnetic Gradient Ranking and Electrochemical Sensing 2019
41 MemTrain Cell Membrane Training to Advance Industrial Processes 2019
42 SUSMAGPRO Sustainable Recovery, Reprocessing and Reuse of Rare-Earth Magnets in a Circular Economy (SUSMAGPRO) 2019
43 XMOS Multimodal context and voice recognition for seamless voice control technology interfaces with low upfront cost 2019
44 Intelligent Glass Intelligent Glass: Affordable and Maintenance-Free Solution for Transforming Homes and Working Spaces 2019
45 ENCATFLOW Encapsulated catalysts in flow chemistry for continues chemical processes 2019
46 MUSICOL The Sound of Empire in 20th-c. Colonial Cultures: Rethinking History through Music 2019
47 ABIONYS Artificial Enzyme Modules as Tools in a Tailor-made Biosynthesis 2020