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H2020 projects about "singular"

The page lists 57 projects related to the topic "singular".

# achronym  title  year 
1 dasQ Atomic-Scale Dynamics of Quantum Materials 2015
2 HOMESKIN HOMES Key INsulating material 2015
3 SINGWAVES Singularity formation in nonlinear evolution equations 2015
4 FOSICAV Families of Subvarieties in Complex Algebraic Varieties 2015
5 GREAT Deformations of fundamental Groups of REpresentATions 2016
6 FAANon A functional analytic approach for the analysis of nonlinear transmission problems 2015
7 MuMoSiSt Multidisciplinary approach to multilayer monumental sites studies: the case of the Quirinal Hill in Rome 2015
8 KRF-CY The Kaehler-Ricci flow and Singular Calabi-Yau manifolds 2015
9 HotCoalgebras Homotopy theory of cosimplicial unstable (co-)algebras over the Steenrod algebra 2015
10 MAGicSky Magnetic Skyrmions for Future Nanospintronic Devices 2015
11 ALKAGE Algebraic and Kähler geometry 2015
12 SIMSEA Scenario simulations of the changing Black Sea ecosystem 2015
13 OpenDreamKit Open Digital Research Environment Toolkit for the Advancement of Mathematics 2015
14 SFSysCellBio Slow-Fast Systems in Cellular Biology 2016
15 MYBIOASSET My own bio-imprint as asset for competitive advantage 2015
16 IPAHOT-PVC Integral p-adic Hodge Theory and p-adic Vanishing Cycles 2016
17 Mass-Customization Mass-customization of implants: the business model 2016
18 PEEK Mobilisation and transformation of personal educational knowledge for teaching: An ethnographic account on teacher knowledge 2017
19 COLORAMAP Constrained Low-Rank Matrix Approximations: Theoretical and Algorithmic Developments for Practitioners 2016
20 VORTSHEET Vortex sheets - from new intuitions to crucial questions. 2017
21 ASGARD Analysis System for Gathered Raw Data 2016
22 RicciBounds Metric measure spaces and Ricci curvature — analytic, geometric, and probabilistic challenges 2016
23 OPTRASTOCH Optimal Transport and Stochastic Dynamics 2017
24 RSPDE Regularity and Stability in Partial Differential Equations 2017
25 TENSOROOTS Solving large systems of polynomial equations by using multi-linear algebra tools 2017
26 CuMiN Currents and Minimizing Networks 2017
27 acteno Industrial Energy Storage Integration - development of a new bussiness segment in the area of energy storage at the SME acteno energy 2017
28 ROCKY Forests and Trees: the Formal Semantics of Collective Categorization 2017
29 HYBRID Innovative Training Network towards raising and supporting the next generation of creative and entrepreneurial cross-speciality imaging experts 2017
30 HiCoS Higher Co-dimension Singularities: Minimal Surfaces and the Thin Obstacle Problem 2018
31 PEGASUS Plasma Enabled and Graphene Allowed Synthesis of Unique nano Structures 2017
32 SINGULARITY Singularities and Compactness in Nonlinear PDEs 2018
33 XHaLe Hanover experimental lung research project 2018
34 TRANSHOLOMORPHIC New transversality techniques in holomorphic curve theories 2018
35 SINGREP Linking singularity theory and representation theory with homological methods 2018
36 NEOGENE Archaeogenomic analysis of genetic and cultural interactions in Neolithic Anatolian societies 2018
37 COCAN Complexity and Condition in Algebra and Numerics 2019
38 SELF-UNITY The Unity of the Bodily Self 2019
39 MesuR Metric-measure inequalities in sub-Riemannian manifolds 2019
40 EllipticPDE Regularity and singularities in elliptic PDE's: beyond monotonicity formulas 2019
41 SFERA-III Solar Facilities for the European Research Area - Third Phase 2019
42 CRISP Cognitive Aging: From Educational Opportunities to Individual Risk Profiles 2019
43 MinSol-PDEs Minimal solutions to nonlinear systems of PDEs 2019
44 HARHCS Harmonic Analysis on Real Hypersurfaces in Complex Space 2019
45 nalimdif Non-Archimedean limits of differential forms, Gromov-Hausdorff limits and essential skeleta 2019
46 AnalysisAtInfinity Analysis at Infinity: Integral Equations, Limit Operators and Beyond 2019
47 Minor Universality Minor Universality. Narrative World Productions After Western Universalism 2019
48 PREDICT The Future of Prediction: The Social Consequences of Algorithmic Forecast in Insurance, Medicine and Policing 2020
49 MODSTABVAR Moduli spaces of stable varieties and applications 2020
50 TerreStriAL Terrestrialization: Stress Signalling Dynamics in the Algal Progenitors of Land Plants 2019
52 CAPA Global existence and Computer-Assisted Proofs of singularities in incompressible fluids, with Applications 2020
53 SingStocDispDyn Singular Stochastic Dispersive Dynamics 2020
54 QuinaWorld Tracking Neanderthals in Time and Space: was the “Quina World” the first regional cultural entity in the history of Europe? 2020
55 VAREG Variational approach to the regularity of the free boundaries 2020
56 RanMatRanGraCircEl Random Matrices, Random Graphs and Circular Elements 2020
57 PRODIGI Digital Lemmatized Edition of Prose 2 (Franco-Italian prosification of Benoît de Sainte-Maure's Roman de Troie) 2020