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H2020 projects about "unexplained"

The page lists 33 projects related to the topic "unexplained".

# achronym  title  year 
1 HEARTOFSTROKE The heart of stroke: Pipes, Perfusion, Parenchyma 2015
2 iMUC Improving the Management of Unexplained Chest-pain 2014
3 CARDI-ACHE The cardiovascular consequences of endurance exercise 2015
4 EBUCAI European Banking Union and Current Account Imbalances 2016
5 CHOCOLATE CHanges Of CO2 Levels during pAst and fuTure intErglacials 2015
6 NEWPHYS-MOLECULES Probing Physics beyond the Standard Model from Molecules 2015
7 XChromosome Functions of the X chromosome in the mammalian germ line 2015
8 EXO-ATMOS Exploring the Plurality of New Worlds: Their Origins, Climate and Habitability 2016
9 InvisiblesPlus InvisiblesPlus 2016
10 HairGen Genetics of human hair form diversity 2016
11 PHOSPhOR Photonics of Spin–Orbit Optical Phenomena 2016
12 Photonis Isotope Fractionation of Light Elements Upon Ionization: Cosmochemical and Geochemical Implications 2017
13 CosNeD Radio wave propagation in heterogeneous media: implications on the electronics of Cosmic Neutrino Detectors 2016
14 SpliceCore Functional dissection of core spliceosomal mutations causing Retinitis Pigmentosa. 2017
15 BFO-Surf Properties across dimensions: an atomistic computational study of bismuth ferrite surfaces and nanocrystals 2017
16 XUV-COMB High Resolution Extreme Ultraviolet Laser Spectroscopy 2017
17 Redox Relays Detecting, understanding and exploiting intracellular redox signaling relays 2017
18 EScORIAL Emerging Simplex ORigins In ALS 2018
19 SILICOFCM In Silico trials for drug tracing the effects of sarcomeric protein mutations leading to familial cardiomyopathy 2018
20 BRAINSYNC Brain-environment synchrony and the auditory perception problem 2019
21 ATLANTIC Advanced theoretical network for modeling light matter interactIon 2019
22 MERIR Methane related iron reduction processes in sediments: Hidden couplings and their significance for carbon and iron cycles 2019
23 InvADeRS Investigating the Activity of transposon Derived Regulatory Sequences in the placenta 2019
24 KiT-FIG Kidney Transplantation - Functional ImmunoGenomics 2019
25 GPCR Transcriptomics Exploring the role of GPCR expression diversity in receptor physiology and drug response 2019
26 DyCLE Dynamics of Cadmium concentrations in Leaves in response to a challenging Environment 2019
27 DynamicAssemblies Conformational studies of highly dynamic viral replication complexes 2019
28 DetectInMen Infection detection in human semen 2019
29 EvoMotion Moving around without a brain: Evolution of basal cognition in single-celled organisms 2020
30 STRATIFY Diagnostic autoantibody assay to stratify bone marrow failure diseases 2020
31 PSYDISC Developing and Testing the Psychological Distance to Science Model 2020
32 BEHOMO Cosmology Beyond Homogeneity and Isotropy 2020
33 FBC predisposition Unraveling novel Familial Breast Cancer (FBC) predisposition genes. 2020