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H2020 projects about "agendas"

The page lists 98 projects related to the topic "agendas".

# achronym  title  year 
1 aidsocpro Aiding Social Protection: the political economy of externally financing social policy in developing countries 2015
2 DATASET2050 Data driven approach for a Seamless Efficient European Travelling in 2050 2014
3 WaterWorks2014 Water Works 2014-2019 in Support of the Water JPI 2015
4 European Global Transition Network on Eco-Innovation, Green Economy and Sustainable Development 2015
5 KINDRA Knowledge Inventory for hydrogeology research 2015
6 CP-SETIS Towards Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Tools Interoperability Standardisation 2015
7 ENF2015 EuroNanoForum 2015 2014
8 FOX Forever Open infrastructure across (X) all transport modes 2015
9 SETRIS Strengthening European Transport Research and Innovation Strategies 2015
10 IPAD-MD Research Infrastructures for Phenotyping, Archiving and Distribution of Mouse Disease Models - Promoting International Cooperation and User Engagement to Enhance Biomedical Innovation 2015
11 EntreLab The Entrepreneurial Laboratory for teachers’ training. A Capability Approach for Entrepreneurship Education in Vocational education 2015
12 OPSINEVOL Evolution of opsin genes in guppies (Poecilia reticulata) relative to male colour: a window into the genetics of mate choice 2015
13 ERA-LEARN 2020 Strengthening joint programming in Europe 2015
14 Water Coalitions Water Coalitions: A Comparative Analysis of Agenda Implementation Strategies in Peru and Brazil through the Study of Basin Councils. 2015
16 AQUAEXCEL2020 AQUAculture infrastructures for EXCELlence in European fish research towards 2020 2015
17 ICONN European Industrial DoCtorate on Offshore WiNd and Wave ENergy 2015
18 PLACARD PLAtform for Climate Adaptation and Risk reDuction 2015
19 HiPEAC High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation 2016
20 DATA4WATER Excellence in Smart Data and Services for Supporting Water Management 2016
21 I3 I3 Impact Innovate Invest 2016
22 MigrantParents Reproducing Europe: Migrant Parenting and Questions of Citizenship 2015
23 WaterWorks2015 Water Works 2016-2020 in Support of the Water JPI (WaterWorks2015) - Sustainable water use in agriculture, to increase water use efficiency and reduce soil and water pollution 2016
24 ERA-GAS ERA-NET for Monitoring and Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases from Agri- and Silvi-Culture 2016
25 Mapping Anna The Politics of Cultural Exchange: Anna of Denmark and the Uses of European Identity 2017
26 eLection Evaluating the performance of local climate policies in Mexico (2009-2018) 2017
27 EUICIT EU Intersex Citizenship 2016
30 Career-FIT Career Development Fellowships in the National Technology Centre Programme 2017
31 REFORMED Reforming Schools Globally: A Multi-Scalar Analysis of Autonomy and Accountability Policies in the Education Sector 2016
32 POLICYAID Policy, practice and patient experience in the age of intensified data sourcing 2016
34 Detect and React Distracted drivers in autonomous cars: Do drivers safely detect and react to unexpected warning signals? 2016
35 ENF2017 EuroNanoForum 2017 2016
36 FUTURE-RADAR Future Research, Advanced Development and Implementation Activities for Road Transport 2017
37 EURASTIP Promoting Multi-Stakeholder Contributions to International Cooperation on Sustainable Solutions for Aquaculture Development in South-East Asia 2017
38 INCREASE Innovations in Neural Conceptual Representation: Exploring Aspects of Semantics 2016
39 EERASE3 EERA SEcretariat 3 2016
40 SOCIALBOND Social integration and boundary making in adolescence 2017
41 EN-SUGI Eranet Sustainable Urbanisation Global Initiative 2016
42 SHADOWS SHADOWS: Tackling Undeclared Work in the European Union 2017
43 USLAMISM USLAMISM:The United States and Political Islam: A Historical and Contemporary Perspective. 2017
44 EUNITY Cybersecurity and privacy dialogue between Europe and Japan 2017
45 TIMEJ Time in Medieval Japan 2017
46 BuddhistRoad Dynamics in Buddhist Networks in Eastern Central Asia, 6th-14th Centuries 2017
47 MediaRoad MediaRoad – European Media Ecosystem for Innovation 2017
48 Global vision, standardisation stakeholder engagement in 5G 2017
49 ALTERUMMA Creating an Alternative umma: Clerical Authority and Religio-political Mobilisation in Transnational Shii Islam 2018
50 MAtchUP MAximizing the UPscaling and replication potential of high level urban transformation strategies 2017
51 ConHuB Resolving the links between poverty and rule-breaking in a conservation context 2018
52 EN SGplusRegSys A European joint programming initiative to develop integrated, regional, smart energy systems enabling regions and local communities to realize their high sustainable energy ambitions 2018
53 OpenAIRE-Advance OpenAIRE Advancing Open Scholarship 2018
54 HiPEAC High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation 2017
55 CAPABLE Enhancing Capabilities? Rethinking Work-life Policies and their Impact from a New Perspective 2018
56 DenCity Density assemblages: intensity and the city in a global urban age 2018
57 UNIFORM A Unified Sustainability Index Framework for Small and Medium Enterprises 2018
58 GRANDPA GeometRic ANalysis of Dilute PlasmAs 2018
59 GENTES Genesis of Ethnicities and Nations in Textual Evidence for Scandinavia, c. 750-c. 1000 2018
60 Primer Predicting the impacts of climate change and management actions for the invasiveness of alien species in Europe 2019
61 BiodivScen Promoting and implementing joint programming at the international level to reinforce research on the development of scenarios of biodiversity and ecosystem services 2017
62 LYSOCIL Excel in Rare Diseases’ Research: Focus on LYSOsomal Disorders and CILiopathies 2018
63 uEcologies Urban Ecologies: governing nonhuman life in global cities 2018
64 INVI INVI self-defense bracelet: feel empowered 2018
65 GenderedPeace A Gendered International Law of Peace 2018
66 JEWTACT Jewish Translation and Cultural Transfer in Early Modern Europe 2019
67 FluidKnowledge How evaluation shapes ocean science. A multi-scale ethnography of fluid knowledge. 2019
68 MicrobiomeSupport Towards coordinated microbiome R&I activities in the food system to support (EU and) international bioeconomy goals 2018
69 SSH Impact Conference on the “Impact of Social Sciences and Humanities for a European Research Agenda - Valuation of SSH research in mission-oriented research” 2018
70 CitieS-Health Citizen Science for Urban Environment and Health 2019
71 DigitalHealthEurope DigitalHealthEurope: Support to a Digital Health and Care Innovation initiative in the context of Digital Single Market strategy 2019
72 ACTION Participatory science toolkit against pollution 2019
73 FOODCULT Food, Culture and Identity in Ireland, 1550-1650 2019
74 LArcHer Breaking barriers between Science and Heritage approaches to Levantine Rock Art through Archaeology, Heritage Science and IT 2019
75 COSMOS COherent Support for MObility.E Strategy 2018
76 Amazonart Conquering Self-Representation: A Collaborative Approach to the Aesthetical-Political Dimension of Amazonian Contemporary Art 2019
77 PLASMIONICO Plasmon-resonance driven thermionic emitters for improved solar energy harvesting 2019
78 TransOcean Transoceanic Fishers: Multiple mobilities in and out of the South China Sea 2019
79 CrossLingference Cross-Linguistic statistical inference using hierarchical Bayesian models 2019
80 MEMORIGHTS Cultural Memory in LGBT Activism for Rights 2019
81 AmnioticID Understanding the identity of the amniotic fluid stem cells 2019
82 YOUTH-HOME Migrant male youth home-making in Ireland 2019
83 CrowdLawLab CrowdLaw: Towards a More Inclusive Lawmaking Through Technology 2020
84 LitRivus Assessment of riverine litter (plastics) inputs to the marine environment 2020
85 PopulistFP The Populist Politics of Foreign Policy 2019
86 BEMYEYES Specialized Help from Be My Eyes – harnessing technology to connect companies directly with their blind and visually impaired users 2019
87 SHERPA Sustainable Hub to Engage into Rural Policies with Actors 2019
88 AquaticPollutants Risks posed to human health and the environment by pollutants and pathogens present in water ressources 2020
89 MOVING TOGETHER MOVING TOGETHER – reimagining mobility worldwide 2019
90 SMARTDEST Cities as mobility hubs: tackling social exclusion through ‘smart’ citizen engagement 2020
91 RRI2SCALE Responsible Research and Innovation Ecosystems at Regional Scale for Intelligent Cities, Transport and Energy 2020
92 LAWHA Lebanon's Art World at Home and Abroad: Trajectories of artists and artworks in/from Lebanon since 1943 2020
93 ALERT Action Leveraging Evidence to Reduce perinatal morTality and morbidity in sub-Saharan Africa 2020
94 BiodivClim Promoting and implementing joint programming to reinforce transnational research at the crossroad between biodiversity and climate change 2019
95 MIGMAG Migration and the Making of the Ancient Greek World 2020
96 LOSS Narratives of Loss: Unravelling the Origins of Support for Socially Conservative Political Agendas 2020
97 ULTRA-VIOLENCE Ultras in Portugal: Narratives of Violence, Politics and Gender 2020
98 BFHA 2020 Innovation for better ageing 2019