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H2020 projects about "anyone"

The page lists 57 projects related to the topic "anyone".

# achronym  title  year 
1 TRACE Opening the cycling and walking tracking potential 2015
2 BioFrost Life at its Extremes: Biodiversity and Activity of Microorganisms in deep Permafrost 2015
3 BigDataScore Improving loan quality and acceptance rates by predicting credit behavior through social mediadata. 2015
4 PRINTOO PRINTOO - flexible, thin, printed electronics prototyping kit 2015
5 CLOUD-VAS Cloud based Vessel Allocation Decision Support System for Vessel Chartering 2015
6 spim4You spim4You: customised solutions for light sheet microscopes and imaging data analysis. 2015
7 NED- Nano Eye Device THE NANO EYE DEVICE 2015
8 MCEP Launching the Maritime Copernicus Enablement Platform 2015
9 IMPRINT Defeat of Insider Theft in Nuclear and Radioactive Sites 2015
10 Eye Light Eye fundus colour images enhancement service for Diabetic Retinopathy diagnosis 2016
11 PJ10 PROSA Controller Tools and Team Organisation for the Provision of Separation in Air Traffic Management 2016
12 PJ18 4DTM 4D Trajectory Management 2016
13 INFO-LEG Understanding information for legal protection of people against information-induced harms 2017
14 Watchity Launching the First 360° Crowdsourced Live Video Platform. 2017
15 SIRENA An emancipation device to increase mobility for disabled people 2017
16 InnSpect IoT Providing Quality of Experience Through Automated Testing of Devices 2017
17 InnSpect IoT Providing Quality of Experience Through Automated Testing of Devices 2017
18 UNREP Who Should Have a Say? Preferences for Unequal Representation 2017
19 ASGARD Automatic SaaS Governing of Hybrid Networks for Growing Infrastructure Demands 2017
20 V-EPC Inherited disfunctions of brain microcirculation 2017
21 MeMAD Methods for Managing Audiovisual Data: Combining Automatic Efficiency with Human Accuracy 2018
22 VILT-DEV Virtual Instructor-Led IT Developer Training Program 2018
23 LifeCall LifeCall Wearable EKG Heart Health Monitoring, Analysing and Warning System 2018
24 DEPART DEmocratic PARticipation in Territorial states 2018
25 AdaptiveSTED Real-time automatic aberration correction for easy high-resolution imaging in complex specimens, by STED and other point-scanning microscopy techniques 2019
26 NewsEye NewsEye: A Digital Investigator for Historical Newspapers 2018
27 DARE2APPROACH Dare to Approach: A Neurocognitive Approach to Alleviating Persistent Avoidance in Anxiety Disorders 2019
28 Made4You Open and Inclusive Healthcare for Citizens Based on Digital Fabrication 2018
29 Better Dairy A diagnostic tool for endometritis in cows, based on a portable automated image recognition software 2018
30 PAWES Predictive Analysis on the Worldwide Energy Sector 2018
31 BrewiePro The first fully automated brewing machine for the bar and restaurant industry 2018
32 BEATIK Beatik- Collaborative Digital Scores Platform for Classical Music 2018
33 Quiske RowP The RowP system by Quiske Ltd is a game changing rowing technique measuring and coaching system for any level of rowers or crew both outdoor and indoors. 2018
34 DIGITENS DIGITal ENcyclopedia of European Sociability 2019
35 Mantis Mantis is a cloud-based Intelligent Traffic Solution built around a unique algorithm which forecasts traffic evolution saving costs and reducing emissions 2018
36 ACTION Participatory science toolkit against pollution 2019
37 PCHP Complete and optimize the PeachPie compiler technology to be fully compatible with the PHP language in order to increase the performance of up to 80% of the internet. 2019
38 MoonVision 2.0 Using AI Computer Vision 2.0 for Visual Inspection in the Industry 2019
39 Synx BIOS Synx BIOS: The revolutionary web-BIOS that fully enables the Internet of Things (IoT) through the Real Time Web 2019
40 MyKite Fly with Big Data 2019
41 D2P Diabeloop to Patients: An Artificial Pancreas solution to improve the balance, safety and autonomy of 20 million people 2019
42 STARCloud Bringing Quality of Service to Blockchain-Based Clouds 2019
43 BOOST HEALTH Introducing preventive management of chronic thyroid conditions through patient empowerment and a ML-powered mHealth solution 2019
44 NANOGO Innovative, automatic, fast and cost-effective nanovesicles manufacturing equipment 2019
45 EVERIFIN EU-wide internet banking application for managing more accounts from multiple banks in one place 2019
46 ZENEO ZENEO® Adrenaline Needle-free adrenaline pre-filled autoinjector rescues you from an anaphylactic shock 2019
47 Keenious Keenious - Recommendation Engine Research Tool 2019
48 Vertical Sky Vertical Sky, the next generation wind turbine for sustainable, silent and decentralized energy production. 2019
49 QI AI-powered image forgery detection 2019
50 BIKEINSIDE Automated modular vertical parking for bicycles: guard your bike inside! 2019
51 Smart Tracker First wearable sensor for real-time monitoring and optimisation of sport training 2019
52 Contentflow Video Livestreaming Has Never Been Easier 2019
53 keyper Captive Customer Connection: Easy and Secure Sharing and Selling of Tickets - and Other Personal Rights 2019
54 Self-Brett 2.0 Self-test2, wine analysis kit for Brettanomyces yeast identification 2019
55 LT LaserTrain 2019
56 DATASET Advanced manufacturing though data analytics and intelligent insights 2019
57 BGV1 New vaccine for a paradigm shift in Brucellosis, one of the world’s most widespread zoonotic diseases affecting humans 2020