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H2020 projects about "digitalization"

The page lists 65 projects related to the topic "digitalization".

# achronym  title  year 
1 RoadWriter Computer-aided road marking machine - RoadWriter 2015
2 CWT Clearview Trade - Cloud based collaborative custom system 2015
3 SemI40 Power Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing 4.0 2016
4 BreedIT-FIELD Professional tool to facilitate data collection and digitalization in field trials for plant breeding and seed commercialisation 2016
5 DisCont Discontinuities in Household and Family Formation 2017
6 StruViMan Structural Visualization of Medieval Manuscripts 2017
7 CASEK Collective Adaptive Systems Enabler Kit 2017
8 Amphiro en-Gage Amphiro en-Gage: Technology for a Smart and Sustainable Use of Hot Water 2017
9 CloudiFacturing Cloudification of Production Engineering for Predictive Digital Manufacturing 2017
10 L4MS Logistics for Manufacturing SMEs 2017
11 DEMOBASE DEsign and MOdelling for improved BAttery Safety and Efficiency 2017
12 PANORAMIX PANORAMIX: Platform for the operAtion aNd Optimization in ReAl-time of MIXed autonomous fleets . 2018
13 DILECO DIgitalization of ground-testing Life cycle with ECO design criteria 2018
14 BROWSE_PLUS Beam-steered Reconfigurable Optical-Wireless System for Energy-efficient communication – Proving the Concept 2018
15 SUPER PV CoSt redUction and enhanced PERformance of PV systems 2018
16 EpiBigDatainWomen Epigenetic Data Integrated in a Big Data Approach to Unravel Novel Pathzays of CV Risk independent of classical CVD Risk Factors in Women. 2019
18 BIMERR BIM-based holistic tools for Energy-driven Renovation of existing Residences 2019
19 SODaH Software Defined Space Optical Data Highway 2018
20 BIPVBOOST Bringing down costs of BIPV multifunctional solutions and processes along the value chain, enabling widespread nZEBs implementation 2018
21 DIH² A Pan‐European Network of Robotics DIHs for Agile Production 2019
22 SUPER_MoRRI Scientific Understanding and Provision of an Enhanced and Robust Monitoring system for RRI 2019
23 QUEST QUality and Effectiveness in Science and Technology communication 2019
24 SmartEater Enhancing recovery from eating and weight disorders using mHealth and psychological theory 2019
25 CO-ADAPT CO-ADAPT: Adaptive Environments and Conversational Agent Based approaches for Healthy Ageing and Work Ability 2018
26 BiowatchID A secure wearable for payments, ticketing, access control and ID management 2019
27 SmartBuild A real-time adaptive projected augmented reality of 3D blueprints on top of the physical construction site that improves both productivity and safety 2019
28 NG-EGSE Next Generation Modular EGSE Architecture 2019
29 NANODINK An Innovative digital solution for mobile and large display screens 2019
30 MINT.extract Truly refreshing document digitalisation Unlock the full potential of your documents using machine learning 2019
31 iPC individualizedPaediatricCure: Cloud-based virtual-patient models for precision paediatric oncology 2019
32 CSA-Industy4.E Coordination and Support Action for Industry4.E 2018
33 WiPASS Wireless Power for Autonomous Sensor Systems 2019
34 NEWCOMERS New Clean Energy Communities in a Changing European Energy System (NEWCOMERS) 2019
35 IELECTRIX Indian and European Local Energy CommuniTies for Renewable Integration and the Energy Transition. 2019
36 SATIE Security of Air Transport Infrastructure of Europe 2019
37 SOTER cyberSecurity Optimization and Training for Enhanced Resilience in finance 2019
38 ITDS Intelligent Theatrical Distribution System 2019
39 BREEDER Adaptative laboratory experiment at industrial scale 2019
40 Arrowhead Tools Arrowhead Tools for Engineering of Digitalisation Solutions 2019
41 DRIVE 0 Driving decarbonization of the EU building stock by enhancing a consumer centred and locally based circular renovation process 2019
42 SET PLAN ENVE 2019 SET Plan/ENVE Conference 2019 2019
43 Multicursor Feasibility study for Multicursor - a non-contact sensor for curing quality control 2019
46 DigiPLACE Digital Platform for Construction in Europe 2019
47 ETIMan ETIMan: Emergency and Triage Information Manager, disrupting the Emergency Medicine industry 2019
48 cloudsensing Internet of Things (IoT) platform for concrete strength measurement and Machine Learning (ML) predictions in construction. 2019
49 MORE Educating Europe`s Future Engineers in Next Generation Heavy Duty Mobile Machinery: Artificial Intelligence driven Robotisation, Energy Efficiency and Process Optimisation 2020
50 Pythia Artificial Intelligence to predict and control the behavior even in the most complex industrial processes 2019
51 DT4BIOMASS Digital twin for biomass boilers 2019
52 DIMOFAC Digital Intelligent MOdular FACtories 2019
53 INEVITABLE Optimization and performance improving in metal industry by digital technologies 2019
54 BASAJAUN BASAJAUN - Building A SustainAble Joint between rurAl and UrbaN Areas Through Circular And Innovative Wood Construction Value Chains 2019
55 TheFSM The Food Safety Market: an SME-powered industrial data platform to boost the competitiveness of European food certification 2020
56 PLATOON Digital PLAtform and analytic TOOls for eNergy 2020
57 BIGPROD Addressing productivity paradox with big data: implications to policy making 2019
58 Contunity Radically Simplifying Electronics Engineering 2019
59 PARKUNLOAD Smart Loading Zones in EU and Global market to regulate, control and monitor City Logistics - Last Mile Delivery in dense urban areas, based on Bluetooth devices and mobile apps for commercial drivers 2019
60 BugWright2 Autonomous Robotic Inspection and Maintenance on Ship Hulls and Storage Tanks 2020
61 SHOP4CF Smart Human Oriented Platform for Connected Factories 2020
62 PROMISE PROgrammable MIxed Signal Electronics 2020
63 TankSensor Smart monitoring solution for better procurement and supply chain management - Speeding up chemical industry digitalization 2020
64 DIGILEAD Digital leadership, well-being and performance in organizations 2020
65 GiSTDS GridEye Scalable Transactive Distribution Systems 2020