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H2020 projects about "distinguishing"

The page lists 61 projects related to the topic "distinguishing".

# achronym  title  year 
1 C2NET Cloud Collaborative Manufacturing Networks (C2NET) 2015
2 SCORA A systematic characterization of human regulatory architectures and their determinants of regulatory activity 2015
3 Strained2DMaterials Unlocking new physics in controllably strained two-dimensional materials 2015
4 IMPARTS Integral Membrane Proteins – an Approach to Rank Target Stability 2015
5 STRATNARRA Russia's strategic narrative of the West: A study of influence in Ukraine 2015
6 EPOCH GeoChem Early POpulations in Cretan History: Investigating residential mobility in the eastern Mediterranean using isotope GeoChemistry 2016
7 PoetEleg Aestheticization of Life and Cosmopolitan Modernity: The Poetics of Elegance in the Long 19th Century 2016
8 NSCaging Behavior and molecular signature of Neural Stem Cells, and changes occurring during aging 2016
9 MASIEGE Multilateral adverse selection in industrial economics and general equilibrium 2015
10 NANOCARB Self-selection of a multivalent nanosystem for carbohydrate recognition 2015
11 GroupsComputability Algorithms in algebra and topology 2015
12 OCTANT Modeling the chronology of deep ocean circulation changes during abrupt climate transitions 2016
13 Timtrace Tracing tropical timber 2015
14 CIP Categorical Interoception Project: How generalization and classification strategies link anxiety and interoception 2016
15 MD-SD-OCT An innovative double technologies medical device for corneal diseases. 2015
16 CoPS Coevolutionary Policy Search 2015
17 eMurmur eMurmur, a software based, clinically tested medical device for automated heart murmur detection 2015
18 RENALTRACT Development and disease of the renal tract 2015
19 See-1D-Qmatter Unravelling Fragile 1D Quantum States of Matter Through Ultra-sensitive Imaging 2016
20 HUMO What is everybody doing? Social prediction, categorization, and monitoring in the Prefrontal Cortex of the Macaque adopting a new human-monkey (H-M) interactive paradigm. 2016
21 PERFORM Personalised Risk assessment in febrile illness to Optimise Real-life Management across the European Union 2016
22 COHESIFY The Impact of Cohesion Policy on EU Identification 2016
23 QUAFORD Towards a Worldwide Quantification of Forest Degradation 2017
24 PROJESTOR PROJECTED MEMRISTOR: A nanoscale device for cognitive computing 2016
25 Neighbourhood Change Neighbourhood Change in a Comparative Context: a Social-Mobility Approach 2016
26 LDMBI Low dose Molecular Breast Imaging for improved cancer detection in dense breast tissue. 2016
27 ECOAEROGEL Silica aerogel highly resistant to extreme temperatures made from rice husk ashes 2016
28 IsoMS Mass Spectrometry of Isomeric Ions 2016
29 PROTEGO Procedural Tools for Effective Governance (PROTEGO) Patterns, Outcomes and Policy DesignProcedural Tools for Effective Growth: Patterns, Outcomes and policy Design 2016
30 LANGBOOT Language bootstraps cognitive complexity 2017
31 HERITAGE Monumental Art of the Christian and Early Islamic East: Cultural Identities and Classical Heritage 2016
32 INVeST INdividual Vascular SignaTure: A new machine learning tool to aid personalised management of risk for cardiovascular disease 2016
33 NONCODRIVERS Finding noncoding cancer drivers 2016
34 CHEMO-RISK Chemometers for in situ risk assessment of mixtures of pollutants 2017
35 MPAmplitudes Multi-particle scattering amplitudes for precision collider physics 2018
36 GalRepsDiophantine Galois Representations and Diophantine Problems 2018
37 Constance Flight Critical Wireless Slip Ring for Civil Tiltrotor 2017
38 NEUROON-MED NEUROON-MED – the future of at-home diagnosis of sleep disorders 2017
39 Classizer A novel and revolutionary instrument for the classification and sizing of micro-” and nano- particles in biological, industrial and environmental complex fluids. 2017
40 NECOS Novel Enablers for Cloud Slicing 2017
41 INSITUMUT Direct detection of cancer-causing mutations in tumour specimens 2018
42 Wardiam Perimeter An innovative intruder detection hidden technology based on Controlled Magnetic Fields able to detect threats before happening 2018
43 MaGMa Applying Metabolomics to Unveil follow-up treatment biomarkers and Identify Novel TherapeuticTargets in Glioblastoma 2018
44 CVVOC The ecological consequences of chemotypic variation of damage-induced volatile organic compounds in sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) 2018
45 RRTJDM Relative Rank Theory: A Computational Model of Preferences, Choices, Attitudes and Opinions 2018
46 WAEE Women at the Edge of Empire: Female Social Identity in the Lower Danube in 4th-6th Centuries AD 2018
47 VEHICULA VEhicles as High-status Indicators in the CUlture of Late Antiquity 2018
48 ADCLICH Climate change and evolution: effects on phenotypic plasticity and genetic pattern 2018
49 OpenSuperQ An Open Superconducting Quantum Computer 2018
51 BrainNanoFlow Nanoscale dynamics in the extracellular space of the brain in vivo 2018
52 ANYONIC Statistics of Exotic Fractional Hall States 2019
53 CReDItIs Critique and Reformation of Doctrine in International Investment Law: Legal Theory and Empirical Legal Studies 2020
54 distalC-Hfun Transient directing group for catalytic distal C–H functionalisation 2020
55 e-DNA BotStop e-DNA BotStop 2019
57 GRANROSE Using a blood cell-based approach to determine gluten responsiveness and to bring a novel, less invasive assay on the market to diagnose celiac disease. 2019
58 ASENT Foundations of Animal Sentience 2020
59 SGPR Development of a breakthrough spectral ground-penetrating radar revolutionizing sub-surface analysis across industries 2020
60 DECODE reDucing the health and Economic COst of Diagnostic uncErtainty: launch and randomized control trial of the first validated bacterial versus viral test 2020
61 SIMIS Strongly Interacting Mass Imbalanced Superfluid with ultracold fermions 2020