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H2020 projects about "embrace"

The page lists 57 projects related to the topic "embrace".

# achronym  title  year 
1 ENACT Enhancing sustainable chemical technologies through the synergy of computer simulation and experiment 2015
2 CloudSocket Business and IT-Cloud Alignment using a Smart Socket 2015
3 iBROW Innovative ultra-BROadband ubiquitous Wireless communications through terahertz transceivers 2015
4 TOPTEN ACT Enabling consumer action towards top energy-efficient products 2015
5 CYBERNETS Cybernetic Communication Networks: Fundamental Limits and Engineering Challenges 2015
6 C-Xaq Cross-Coupling (C-X): Pioneering Mild Aqueous Cross-Coupling Methodologies to Enable Selective Functionalisation and Diversification of Halogenated Natural Products 2015
7 HoNESt History of Nuclear Energy and Society 2015
10 FEAT Future and Emerging Art and Technology 2015
11 CatASus Cleave and couple: Fully sustainable catalytic conversion of renewable resources to amines 2016
12 Video Games Europe World Gaming Federation: The future of Video Games comes from Europe 2016
13 BabyRobot Child-Robot Communication and Collaboration: Edutainment, Behavioural Modelling and Cognitive Development in Typically Developing and Autistic Spectrum Children 2016
14 Dymant-bm Disrupting luxury craftsmanship through innovation : An innovative model for a traditional sector 2016
15 MediHealth Novel natural products for healthy ageing from Mediterranean diet and food plants of other global sources 2016
16 NIR-VANA Networking Innovation Room for Added Value Networking Alliances 2016
17 CADENT Competitive Advantage for the Data-driven ENTerprise 2016
18 Reminova02 Feasibility Study to Demonstrate Effectiveness and Efficiency of Enamel Remineralisation using Reminova's EAER (Electrically Accelerated Enhanced Remineralisation) Technology for Dental Applications 2016
19 MAGIC Moving Towards Adaptive Governance in Complexity: Informing Nexus Security 2016
20 INVADIS Microbial invasion and dissemination within the host, mechanisms and effects 2016
21 MetCogCon Metacognition of Concepts 2016
22 GameofGates Solute carrier proteins as the gates managing chemical access to cells 2016
23 GENOMIS Illuminating GENome Organization through integrated MIcroscopy and Sequencing 2018
24 OpenAIRE-Connect OpenAIRE - CONNECTing scientific results in support of Open Science 2017
25 PERIOSYSTEM PerioSystem – smart dental practice management software 2017
26 4D hybrid Novel ALL-IN-ONE machines, robots and systems for affordable, worldwide and lifetime Distributed 3D hybrid manufacturing and repair operations 2017
27 TPANN Tensor Processing on FPGAs for Artificial Neural Networks 2017
28 NI2D NI2D: Software for nonlinear vibration analysis: From identification to design. 2017
29 INITIATE INnovation through bIg daTa and socIal enTreprEneurship 2018
30 SPARK Supporting Pioneer doctoral Researchers through 3i Knowledge partnerships 2017
31 EuroEXA Co-designed Innovation and System for Resilient Exascale Computing in Europe: From Applications to Silicon 2017
32 SEDNA Safe maritime operations under extreme conditions: the Arctic case 2017
33 ECOBULK Circular Process for Eco-Designed Bulky Products and Internal Car Parts 2017
34 EXOCONDENSE Climate Dynamics of Exoplanets with Condensible Atmospheres 2017
35 IRIDOX The Synergistic Merging of Iridium-Catalysed Hydrogen Borrowing and Asymmetric Catalysis in the Pursuit of Enantioenriched Small Molecules 2018
36 DREAM Drafting and Enacting the Revolutions in the Arab Mediterranean.In search of Dignity, from the 1950’s until today 2018
37 REGinTRAN Advanced manufacturing and the transition of regional economies: institutions, social regulation and development in Apulia and Lower Silesia 2018
38 EMBRACE Electric space propulsion Matures the Booming technology space RACE 2018
39 NegaWh EXchange Balancing demand-response platform for an efficient, reasonably-priced and sustainable electricity market 2018
40 PROBE PROBE: European Researchers' Night at Trinity College Dublin 2018
41 COSMOS Game theoretic Control for Complex Systems of Systems 2019
42 REVFAIL FAILURE: Reversing the Genealogies of Unsuccess, 16th-19th centuries 2019
43 IGNITE High performance generation channel Integration and Testing 2018
44 EnviroLENS Copernicus for environmental law enforcement support 2018
45 wecHomeAI wecHomeAI – The first AI-powered interior designer 2018
46 ImmunoBioSynth Synergistic engineering of anti-tumor immunity by synthetic biomaterials 2019
47 DIAdIC Evaluation of Dyadic Psychoeducational Interventions for People with Advanced Cancer and their Informal Caregivers (DIAdIC): An international randomized controlled trial 2019
48 X-MIXING Efficient mixing method at the microscale for Time-Resolved Serial Femtosecond Crystallography 2019
49 CompBioMed2 A Centre of Excellence in Computational Biomedicine 2019
50 BrainPlay The self-teaching brain 2019
51 C0PEP0D Life and death of a virtual copepod in turbulence 2019
52 GATHERS Integration of Geodetic and imAging TecHiques for monitoring and modelling the Earth's surface defoRmations and Seismic risk 2019
53 CY-BIOBANK Biobanking and the Cyprus Human Genome Project 2019
54 Self-Brett 2.0 Self-test2, wine analysis kit for Brettanomyces yeast identification 2019
55 OCSEAN OCeanic and South East Asian Navigators. 2020
56 ahead ahead, The Intelligent Digital Workspace as a Service 2019
57 PlasmoniAC Energy- and Size-efficient Ultra-fast Plasmonic Circuits for Neuromorphic Computing Architectures 2020