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H2020 projects about "flagship"

The page lists 164 projects related to the topic "flagship".

# achronym  title  year 
1 FREEWAT FREE and open source software tools for WATer resource management 2015
2 WMF2015 World Manufacturing Forum 2015 2015
3 QuInnE Quality of Jobs and Innovation Generated Employment Outcomes 2015
4 TAIPI Tools and Actions for Impact Assessment and Policy makers Information 2015
5 MD-PACS A new paradigm in medical imaging systems for hospitals, clinics and professionals in spite of their size 2014
6 BAG-FS Biopolus Aero Green - Feasibility Study 2014
7 RItrain Reseach Infrastructures Training Programme 2015
8 FUDACT FUll Duplex Active Cancellation for wireless communication and co-exisTence 2015
9 2G BIOPIC Second Generation BIoethanol sustainable production based on Organosolv Process at atmospherIc Conditions 2015
10 Amicrex Development of a Microwave Assisted Cell Disruption of Biomass and Extraction of Valuable Compounds 2015
11 LV-Pri20 Logic-based Verification of Privacy-Preservation in Europe's 2020 ICT 2015
12 HEATSENS_S Lab-on-a-chip microfluidic device based on plasmonicdriven thermal sensing for rapid detection of Salmonella typhimurium in agro-food field. 2015
13 OSS OpenSMESearch (OSS) 2015
14 A2F Conference Presidency Conference on Access to Finance for Research, Innovation and Growth 2014
15 ASTERICS Astronomy ESFRI and Research Infrastructure Cluster 2015
16 MIA Multidisciplinary Institute for Ageing 2015
17 AfricanBioServices Linking biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services in the Great Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem (GSME) - drivers of change, causalities and sustainable management strategies 2015
18 MMAC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical Modeling and Advanced Computing 2015
19 ERAatUC Enhancing Research in Ageing at the University of Coimbra 2015
20 OCTOLY Next Generation Advertising: Social Video Software Connecting Brands and Content Creators 2015
21 EU-ToxRisk An Integrated European ‘Flagship’ Program Driving Mechanism-based Toxicity Testing and Risk Assessment for the 21st Century 2016
22 PANG Pathogen and Graphene 2016
23 SMARTHE Smart Thermostat Évolution 2015
24 habITAT Internet of Things Air Tester as a new standards based wearable monitoring station for personalized indoor and outdoor air quality real-time assessment 2015
25 EVA EVA - patient ventilation beyond limits 2015
26 BESTF3 Bioenergy Sustaining the Future (BESTF) 3 2016
27 CROSSCULT CrossCult: Empowering reuse of digital cultural heritage in context-aware crosscuts of European history 2016
28 Smart-AKIS European Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) towards innovation-driven research in Smart Farming Technology 2016
29 LEGA-C The Physics of Galaxies 7 Gyr Ago 2016
30 GrapheneCore1 Graphene-based disruptive technologies 2016
31 RANGER RANGER: RAdars for loNG distance maritime surveillancE and SaR opeRations 2016
32 LIGNOFLAG Commercial flagship plant for bioethanol production involving a bio-based value chain built on lignocellulosic feedstock 2017
33 BIOSKOH BIOSKOH’s Innovation Stepping Stones for a novel European Second Generation BioEconomy 2016
34 EXILVA Flagship demonstration of an integrated plant towards large scale supply and market assessment of MFC 2016
35 SCIENCE4FUTURE WissenSchafftZukunft in der KielRegion Nacht der Wissenschaft 2016/2017 2016
36 srEDM Search for electric dipole moments using storage rings 2016
37 WINDASH Wireless with Increased Network Density, Antennas, Spectrum and Heterogeneity 2016
38 HBP SGA1 Human Brain Project Specific Grant Agreement 1 2016
39 EnzOx2 New enzymatic oxidation/oxyfunctionalization technologies for added value bio-based products 2016
40 FRESH FRESH - Fully bio based and bio degradable ready meal packaging 2017
41 PlantHUB PlantHUB - Boosting technology transfer and responsible research and innovation (RRI) in plant sciences 2016
42 SCOPE Support and Coordination of the Partnering Environment for FET Flagships 2017
43 Bonseyes Platform for Open Development of Systems of Artificial Intelligence 2016
44 FLAG-ERA II The Flagship ERA-NET 2016
45 spinitCompanion A point of care device to provide real-time blood analysis for chronic diseases. 2016
47 PLATIO Innovative outdoor solar and kinetic energy harvesting pavement system 2017
48 LEAP-AGRI A long term EU-Africa research and innovation partnership on food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture 2016
49 NORIA Numerical Optimal tRansport for ImAging 2017
50 PolySolv Polymer Solvation with COSMO-RS 2017
51 NET Nanoreactivity at drastically Extended Timescales 2017
52 2DMAT4ENERGY Stimuli-Responsive Two-Dimensional Materials for Renewable Energy 2017
53 TRANSCLASS Transnational meanings and makings of class: Polish labour, capital and the state 2017
54 DesignShots Design Driven Innovation For SMEs 2017
55 GLOTRAINS Global Transitions and Innovation Systems 2017
56 EnFAIT Enabling Future Arrays in Tidal 2017
57 EPPIC Emitter-mediated Photon-Phonon InteraCtion 2017
58 CanFaster The Translational Cancer Faster Forward doctoral programme – CanFaster 2017
59 RAVEN Real Time Access To Virtual Earth Observation Network 2017
60 PEFerence From bio-based feedstocks via di-acids to multiple advanced bio-based materials with a preference for polyethylene furanoate 2017
62 DESIGNSCAPES Building Capacity for Design enabled Innovation in Urban Environments 2017
63 Umem4QC Ultrafast charge density wave memory for quantum computing 2017
64 PASSAGE Centre of Plant Synthetic Biology for Bio-engineering and Sustainable Agriculture 2017
65 WMF2018 World Manufacturing Forum 2018 2017
66 ARIB Advanced Research Incubator in Biosciences (ARIB): A centre of excellence for disseminating quality biomedical research and boosting the next research generation for sustainable growth 2017
67 EMOT Electromagnetic to Optics Transducer 2018
68 abcdeSIM-VR The flight simulator for Medical and Health Professionals 2017
69 AIRE Artificial Intelligence for Recruitment Europe 2017
70 HiRISE High-Resolution Imaging and Spectroscopy of Exoplanets 2017
71 Citizen-driven open consultation on Next Generation Internet 2017
72 NGI MOVE Ecosystem building blocks for the Next Generation Internet movement 2017
73 EU Engineroom (EU) Explorations in Next Generation Internet emerging research opportunities, technOlogies and methods. 2017
74 eForcis and BeForcis Wave Energy Generators for Marine Buoys and Aquaculture Fish Farms 2017
75 AgriChemWhey An integrated biorefinery for the conversion of dairy side streams to high value bio-based chemicals 2018
76 SINCERE Strengthening INternational Cooperation on climatE change REsearch 2018
77 Multi-AD Feasibility High performance MULTIphase Anaerobic Digester for agroindustrial wastewater treatment 2018
78 SLADCORE SLADCORE as the new generation table sugar 2018
79 BIOACT Development of biocompatible ionic electromechanically active polymer actuator/sensor 2018
80 STAR Safe, Transparent, Active and Reliable mineral sunscreen technology 2018
81 BRIDGE Labour Market Integration: Consequences of Cross-Border Commuting 2019
82 COMAMOC Coherent Manipulation of Rotational States of Single Molecules via Direct Frequency Comb Excitation 2018
83 EARNEST Examining the Agroforestry Landscape Resilience in India to inform Social-Ecological Sustainability in the Tropics 2018
84 LIV.IN LIVING INNOVATION - Implementing RRI through co-creation of smart futures with industry and citizens 2018
85 GENIUS Gaussian entropic inequalities and uncertainty relations for communication and secure quantum key distribution 2018
86 HI_IM_NEUROSOCIETY HIstory and IMpact of NEUROimaging on SOCIETY 2019
87 ENERYARN Nanostructured Yarn Composites for Structural Energy Storage 2018
88 ESQ ESQ-FP: Erwin Schrödinger Quantum Science Programme 2018
89 GrapheneCore2 Graphene Flagship Core Project 2 2018
90 GemX Towards a ton-scale Ge-76 observatory for neutrinoless double beta decay 2018
91 PHINDaccess Strengthening Omics data analysis capacities in pathogen-host interaction 2018
92 GFAB Commercial-scale Graphene Electronic Devices Fab 2018
93 FOOD 2030 FLAGSHIP FOOD 2030 Flagship Conference on Research and Innovation for Food and Nutrition Security and Quality Empowerment 2017
94 QSA Quantum Coordination and Support Action 2017
95 Pirocrack Integrated pyrolisis and thermal cracking technology to revolutionise the MSW treatment market 2018
96 EGgPLANT Sustainable and carbon-efficient mono-Ethylene Glycol generation in demonstration PLANT 2018
97 POM: Peace of Mind for everyone's invoice administration 2018
98 OpenRIs RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURES FLAGSHIP CONFERENCE Enhancing Long Term Sustainability and Opening Up RIs to Society and Industry 2017
99 BLINK Satellite Data Acquisition in the Blink of an Eye 2018
101 K-TRIO 3 Researchers in the knowledge triangle 2018
102 SCIENCE4FUTURE Nacht der Wissenschaft in der Kiel Region 2018/2019 2018
103 2D-SIPC Two-dimensional quantum materials and devices for scalable integrated photonic circuits 2018
104 LiDeNiAc Ligand Design for Nitrogen Activation 2018
106 WEO International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook analysis of the implications of the European Union’s Energy Union on key energy sector indicators. 2018
107 ASTERIQS Advancing Science and TEchnology thRough dIamond Quantum Sensing 2018
108 QMiCS Quantum Microwave Communcation and Sensing 2018
109 QRANGE Quantum Random Number Generators: cheaper, faster and more secure 2018
110 QIA Quantum Internet Alliance 2018
111 AANChOR All AtlaNtic Cooperation for Ocean Research and innovation 2018
112 Dawex GDM Dawex Data Marketplace deployment: unlocking European companies’ data value 2018
113 SmartAgriHubs Connecting the dots to unleash the innovation potential for digital transformation of the European agri-food sector 2018
114 QFlag Quantum Technology Flagship Coordination and Support Action 2019
116 SENET Strengthening international R&I cooperations between China and the EU 2019
117 VirtualBrainCloud Personalized Recommendations for Neurodegenerative Disease 2018
118 Data Market Services / DMS Accelerator Supporting the European data market providing free support services to data-centric SMEs and start-ups 2019
119 ESCAPE European Science Cluster of Astronomy & Particle physics ESFRI research infrastructures 2019
120 ChEESE Centre of Excellence for Exascale in Solid Earth 2018
121 LEXIS Large-scale EXecution for Industry & Society 2019
122 NbyN Transitioning Textile Industry Into the 21st Century: the New Generation Needle by Needle Knitting Machine 2019
123 Car2TERA Terahertz sensors and networks for next generation smart automotive electronic systems 2019
124 HBP SGA2 Human Brain Project Specific Grant Agreement 2 2018
125 F-ELEMENT_ARCHITECT Building Precise Molecular Architectures to Unlock Remarkable f-Element Properties 2019
126 Diramics InP HEMT technology for Ultra-Low-Noise Amplifiers 2019
127 EoCoE-II Energy Oriented Center of Excellence : toward exascale for energy 2019
128 MF 2019 MANUFUTURE 2019 - Sustainable Smart Manufacturing 2019
129 SUNRISE Solar Energy for a Circular Economy 2019
130 FLAG-ERA III The Flagship ERA-NET — FLAG-ERA III 2018
131 VOLCPRO Volcanic Forcing in Climate Model Projections: Towards a New Paradigm. 2020
132 HIFIG High-Fidelity Photonic Quantum Gates 2020
133 CE2019 The sustainable transition to a low carbon, climate-resilient circular economy: Creating the knowledge base 2019
134 STREAM Smart Textile foR hEAlth Monitoring 2020
135 FARMYNG FlAgship demonstration of industrial scale production of nutrient Resources from Mealworms to develop a bioeconomY New Generation 2019
136 VEHICLE Valorise Extensive quantities of HemIcellulosic and Cellulosic sugars from Lignocellulosic biomass into high-value End products 2019
137 Fiware4Water FIWARE for the Next Generation Internet Services for the WATER sector 2019
138 NAVIGATE Next generation of AdVanced InteGrated Assessment modelling to support climaTE policy making 2019
139 REMADYL Removal of Legacy Substances from polyvinylchloride (PVC) via a continuous and sustainable extrusion process 2019
140 atoGRAPH Near-Infrared Optoelectronic Devices with Atomically Controlled Graphene Nanostructures 2020
141 QuaIL Quantum Information Learning 2020
142 RESPIRE4 REspiratory Science Promoted by International Research Exchanges 4 2020
143 Weekend Shop Reinventing FMCG Market Research with Real-Life Product Testing 2019
144 MIA-Portugal Multidisciplinary Institute of Ageing - Portugal 2020
145 Solar-Win Next generation transparent solar windows based on customised integrated photovoltaics 2019
146 MoSaiQC Modular Systems for Advanced Integrated Quantum Clocks 2020
147 ContraVib Chemical Control of Vibronic Coupling for Magnetic Materials 2020
148 Blue Cloud Blue-Cloud: Piloting innovative services for Marine Research & the Blue Economy 2019
149 EuroSea Improving and Integrating European Ocean Observing and Forecasting Systems for Sustainable use of the Oceans 2019
150 PARMESCAN Parmesan Cheese Quality Inspection via CAT Scanner and Robotic Arm 2019
151 CanFaster-Postdoc The Translational Cancer Faster Forward postdoctoral programme – CanFaster-ER 2020
152 RE-SOURCING Global Stakeholder Platform for Responsible Sourcing 2019
154 NIGHTWATCH NightWatch - Clinically-proven detection and alert system for critical nocturnal epileptic seizures. 2019
155 XEUROPE X-Europe 2020
157 ClosedToe Sock toe closing system for circular knitting machines 2020
158 LOCAL KNOWLEDGE Local Ecologies of Knowledge: Towards a Philosophy of Ethnobiology 2020
159 MSCA2020.HR MSCA Presidency Conference 2020 2019
160 GrapheneCore3 Graphene Flagship Core Project 3 2020
161 HESSP Hippocampus Extracellular Space Simulator Project (HESSP) 2020
162 RAIKA A.I. enabled knowledge analysis automation to increase resilience, security and performance of Enterprise ICT systems. 2019
163 ALGALVANISE ALGAL biorefinery of biogas digestate to high VAlue fuNctional IngredientS through circular approachEs 2020
164 FLAMINCO FLAmeless, affordable & high efficiency MIcro turbine system for sustainable residential COgeneration 2020