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H2020 projects about "insult"

The page lists 17 projects related to the topic "insult".

# achronym  title  year 
1 BacCellEpi Bacterial, cellular and epigenetic factors that control enteropathogenicity 2015
2 Remote memory traces Cellular and molecular mechanisms of remote fear attenuation 2016
3 PROBIt Identifying Predictors of Risk and Resilience for poor neuropsychological Outcome following childhood Brain InsulTs (PROBIt) 2016
4 Neurofibres Biofunctionalised Electroconducting Microfibres for the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury 2017
5 SEMA3C Genetic dissection of the SEMA3C/Neuropilin 1 signalling pathway in Chronic Kidney Disease progression 2016
6 Neuroheart Cardiovascular Molecular Imaging for Personalized Tailored Treatment 2017
7 GSTHgNDD Role of GST gene variation in susceptibility to mercury (Hg)-induced neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD) in zebrafish 2017
8 OMPorg Spatiotemporal organisation of bacterial outer membrane proteins 2017
9 UTERUS Unravelling gamma delta T cell emergence and responses in the uterus 2018
10 BJW When saying the world is just backfires: elites' expression of the belief in a just world, perceived immorality, moral outrage and punishment wishes 2018
11 NeuPES Inducing Neural Plasticity Using Electrical Stimulation Delivered by Nano-Structured Electrodes: A Critical Step Toward Post-Stroke Recovery 2018
12 SATYRANDO Insults in Italian City States.Criminal Literary History 2019
13 SMR Stroke Management through RGTA®: SMR 2018
14 FitteR-CATABOLIC Survival of the Fittest: On how to enhance recovery from critical illness through learning from evolutionary conserved catabolic pathways 2018
15 LION-HEARTED Light and Organic Nanotechnology for Cardiovascular Disease 2019
16 StopIG Translating fundamental insights in podocyte metabolism and cell cycle regulation: development of a new treatment for Stopping crescentic Immune Glomerulonephritis 2019
17 MOVEMeNt Decoding alpha motor neurons diversity and selective vulnerability to disease 2020