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H2020 projects about "leakage"

The page lists 64 projects related to the topic "leakage".

# achronym  title  year 
1 SMIRP Silicon mid-infrared photodetectors 2014
2 MIREGAS Programmable multi-wavelength Mid-IR source for gas sensing 2015
3 smart-MEMPHIS Smart MEMs Piezo based energy Harvesting with Integrated Supercapacitor and packaging 2014
4 LV-Pri20 Logic-based Verification of Privacy-Preservation in Europe's 2020 ICT 2015
5 CiWater Feasibility study for water leakage detector CiWater 2015
6 MLSYSTEM MLSYSTEM - heatable, integrated photovoltaics with insulated glass units 2015
7 TECOOVAL High Technology, Energy and Water saving integrated hydraulic control valve for all purpose with 40% reduction in head losses 2015
8 JPM Jensen Predictive Maintenance (JPM System) of district heating pipes 2015
9 VIGI-LEAK A Smart Technology Trained for Preventing Leakages from Sewer Systems 2015
10 ISSELUB Innovative sealing and sensing technologies for extended life of lubricated elements. 2016
11 STEMM-CCS Strategies for Environmental Monitoring of Marine Carbon Capture and Storage 2016
12 LightPipe Antiresonant Hollow Optical Fibres for a Quantum Leap in Data and Optical Power Transmission 2016
13 CONSERVATION The Economics and Politics of Conservation 2016
14 DIVAS Distributed vibrational and acoustic sensing technology 2016
15 MIDLAND Developing middle-range theories linking land use displacement, intensification and transitions 2016
16 BigDecisions BigDecisions – Data-driven decision making with cryptographic confidentiality 2016
18 CarbSens An ultra compact greenhouse gas remote sensing system for ranges between 500 and 2000 m 2017
19 FLICs Enabling flexible integrated circuits and applications 2017
20 InRel-NPower Innovative Reliable Nitride based Power Devices and Applications 2017
21 REASSURE Robust and Efficient Approaches to Evaluating Side Channel and Fault Attack Resilience 2017
22 FORCE Cities Cooperating for Circular Economy 2016
23 PhotonICSWARM Photonic Integrated Circuits using Scattered Waveguide elements in an Adaptive, Reconfigurable Mesh. 2017
24 CG-100 A next generation medical device that enhances patient care and treatment following colorectal surgery 2017
25 CRNPE Chemical Recycling for the New Plastic Economy 2017
26 GAMODRONE Game of Drones: Multimedia Streaming with Flying Terminals in Next Generation Mobile Networks 2017
27 SEAL Sound and Early Assessment of Leakage for Embedded Software 2017
28 NEST Nanoengineering of radioactive seeds for cancer therapy and diagnosis 2017
29 NOLEAK Self-powered system for leakage detection in water pipes and self-sealing fissures with natural products 2017
31 NTSC New Techniques for Secure Computation 2017
32 TRIPLE Three Indirect Probes of Lyman continuum LEakage from galaxies 2018
33 AccuWater High accuracy water leakage and apparent loss detection 2018
34 TRAVIATA Turbine Research for Aerodynamical Vane-frame Improvements in Advanced Two-spool Arrangements 2018
35 FERHAZ Multiscale Investigations on Si-integrable Ferroelectric Hafnia-Zirconia Systems: From Fundamental Understanding to Everyday Electronics 2018
36 ANTILEAK Development of antagonists of vascular leakage 2018
37 MQC Maintaining Quantum Coherence for Quantum Information Applications 2018
38 EpiBarrier Control of the blood-brain barrier integrity during seizures via the ATP-gated P2X7 receptor 2018
39 OCEAN12 Opportunity to Carry European Autonomous driviNg further with FDSOI technology up to 12nm node 2018
40 sFilm-FS Fibrin sealant for anastomotic leaks and haemostasis 2018
41 DAMIC-M Unveiling the Hidden: A Search for Light Dark Matter with CCDs 2018
42 InCaseIT in EU Emergency response made easy. Expansion to EU. 2018
43 LTT Long-term testing of airtightness to increase energy efficiency in buildings. 2018
44 ViewGas ViewGas – Patented gas vision system for a safe and fast detection of gas leaks 2018
45 SPLEEN Secondary and Leakage Flow Effects in High-SPeed Low-PrEssurE TurbiNes 2018
46 B90 Developing an Oil Free Polypropyelene Diaphragm Pump for Agricultural Application 2018
47 C-Air An innovative, reliable, lifesaving industrial air purification system that contains, cleans, and purifies air contaminated by toxic gases. 2018
48 TIES-TEST Optimization and clinical testing of Transcutaneous Implant Evacuation System. 2019
49 BioHealx Anal Fistula Treatment 2019
50 CITRES Chemistry and interface tailored lead-free relaxor thin films for energy storage capacitors 2019
51 RNA-Rep Repeating cycles of chemically-driven RNA replication within model protocells 2019
52 CLOSeR Contribution of Land water stOrage to Sea-level Rise 2019
53 INDEXCLIMA Indian-Atlantic interocean exchange as modulator of global climate 2019
54 CALCHAS Computational Intelligence for Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data Analytics 2019
55 WATERSIGN WATERSIGN: Smart Water Monitoring & Leakage Detection 2019
56 SmartGasGrid Enabling large-scale injection of biomethane in the European gas distribution 2019
57 CTI A novel, efficient and minimally invasive medical procedure to treat anastomotic leakage during colorectal cancer surgery. 2019
58 QLX300 Launching the World’s Most Power Efficient GNSS System-On-Chip 2019
59 PLASTDEINK Water based process for the delaminating and deinking of surface printed plastic 2019
60 H2OXIDES Efficient hydrogen sensing with atomically engineered materials 2019
62 HEATILE An innovative, thin and quick-to-install prefabricated Prefabricated ‘click-in’ underfloor heating system capable to be installed directly on the existing floor and connectable to the radiator system. 2019
63 PolyCarbon Polycentric Carbon Pricing Governance: Cooperation, Contestation and Connectivity 2020
64 PIPESCANNER Precise Condition Assessment of Metallic Pipes Dramatically Reducing Maintenance and Investment Cost in District Heating and Drinking Water Pipe Networks by pinpointing Pipe Segments to be replaced 2020