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H2020 projects about "nested"

The page lists 24 projects related to the topic "nested".

# achronym  title  year 
1 GLORIA Comparing the effectiveness and safety of additional low-dose glucocorticoid in treatment strategies for elderly patients with rheumatoid arthritis 2015
2 AGILE Aircraft 3rd Generation MDO for Innovative Collaboration of Heterogeneous Teams of Experts 2015
3 ESPRIT Easily diStributed Personal RapId Transit 2015
4 PAnaMoL Proof-theoretic Analysis of Modal Logics 2015
5 BLOBREC A gene expression test in blood for breast cancer 2015
6 Phoenix Exploring the Unknown through Reincarnation and Co-evolution 2015
7 ALLScale An Exascale Programming, Multi-objective Optimisation and Resilience Management Environment Based on Nested Recursive Parallelism 2015
8 SCANS Social Cognition in Adolescents: Brain Networks and Social Networks 2016
9 LightPipe Antiresonant Hollow Optical Fibres for a Quantum Leap in Data and Optical Power Transmission 2016
10 PreventStoCan Understanding microbe-induced stomach cancer – the key to a workable strategy for worldwide prevention 2016
11 TOCNeT Teaching Old Crypto New Tricks 2016
12 NeuroSyntax The cerebral representation of sequences and roles : investigating the origins of human uniqueness. 2016
13 BrainDyn Tracking information flow in the brain: A unified and general framework for dynamic communication in brain networks 2017
14 PredAMEG Identifying Oscillatory Signatures of Predictive Coding in Hierarchical Auditory Networks with MEG 2017
15 ICEDNA Investigating Changes in Antarctic Marine Ecosystems using Environmental DNA 2017
16 BioNetIllustration BioNetIllustration: User centric illustrations of biological networks 2017
17 NonnegativeRank Geometry of Nonnegative Rank 2017
18 SINGULARITY Singularities and Compactness in Nonlinear PDEs 2018
19 CHROMDOM Chromosomal domain formation, compartmentalization and architecture 2018
20 MIMe The multisensory dimension of memory, from single neuron to neural network. A multiscale electrophysiological approach to reveal the mechanism of face-voice association for person identity recognition 2018
21 CORKtheCAMBIA Thickening of plant organs by nested stem cells 2019
22 HUNG Hunger Bonds: Food Banks, Families and the Feeding of Poverty 2019
23 MultiSeaSpace Developing a unified spatial modelling strategy that accounts for interactions between species at different marine trophic levels, and different types of survey data. 2019
24 ALERT Action Leveraging Evidence to Reduce perinatal morTality and morbidity in sub-Saharan Africa 2020