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H2020 projects about "rewarding"

The page lists 40 projects related to the topic "rewarding".

# achronym  title  year 
1 ToMax Toolless Manufacturing of Complex Structures 2015
2 Science in the City Science in the City 2014
3 GEO-C Joint Doctorate in Geoinformatics - Enabling Open Cities 2015
4 CloudTeams Collaborative Software Development Framework based on Trusted, Secure Cloud-based Pool of Users 2015
5 EpiNKT Transcriptional and epigenetic control of innate-like T lymphocyte development 2015
6 CL-3DE Choice and learning in a 3-dimensional environment: an investigation of brain and behaviour 2015
7 FOLDASYNBIO Bioinspired Nanostructures by Self-assembly of Amphiphilic Non-peptide Helical Foldamers in Aqueous Environment 2015
8 LTI Long-Term Investment 2015
9 TheCityGame pilot TheCityGame; Feasibility study and mini-pilots 2015
10 EU-rhythmy Molecular strategies to treat inherited arrhythmias 2015
11 Milli-Tech Milli-Volt Switch Technologies for Energy Efficient Computation and Sensing 2016
12 NATCOOP How nature affects cooperation in common pool resource systems 2016
13 FUSION2NIGHT Follow your scientific passion and join us tonight on Researchers’ Night. 2016
14 SEED Supporting the Recognition of the Silver Economy in Europe in the Digital Era 2016
15 MoveCare Multiple-actOrs Virtual Empathic CARgiver for the Elder 2017
16 URBAN-EU-CHINA EU-China Innovation Platform on Sustainable Urbanisation 2017
17 BRAVEST Boosting Reward-based Attention through VEstibular STimulation 2018
18 MoveAGAIN Movement restoration with Adaptive EEG And Immersive Neurofeedback 2018
19 FOOTLOOSE Synthesis of sp3-Rich Organofluorine Compounds through Homologation of Boronic Esters 2017
20 WATERPROTECT Innovative tools enabling drinking WATER PROTECTion in rural and urban environments 2017
21 MAESTRO MAking pErovskiteS TRuly explOitable 2017
22 GOEASY GalileO-based trustEd Applications for health and SustainabilitY 2017
23 P2PMODELS Decentralized Blockchain-based Organizations for Bootstrapping the Collaborative Economy 2018
24 PTwist PTwist: An open platform for plastics lifecycle awareness, monetization, and sustainable innovation 2018
25 EFHHBBBMS Endothelial Hedgehog autocrine signaling at the Blood Brain Barrier controls inflammatory CentralNervous System lesion size and severity through Gas1 co-receptor modulation. 2019
26 Cosmo-Blow-Up Deflating the blow-up: controlling infinities in cosmic fluid descriptions 2018
27 DOPANF Dopaminergic midbrain modulations by (adaptive) neurofeedback 2018
28 Project O Project Ô: demonstration of planning and technology tools for a circular, integrated and symbiotic use of water 2018
29 SitC Science in the City 2018
30 In Motion Investigation and Monitoring of Time-varying Environments on Macro and Nano Scales 2018
32 MUSKETEER Machine learning to augment shared knowledge in federated privacy-preserving scenarios 2018
33 ReNewHydrides Renewable Hydride Donors and Their Utilization in Catalytic Reduction and Deoxygenation Reactions 2019
34 OpenWave Validation and Optimization of an Open-Source Novel Nonlinear Froude-Krylov Model for Advanced Design of Wave Energy Converters 2019
35 Rewarding Stereotype The reward value of stereotypes: Evaluating the contribution of the neural reward circuitry to the persistence of stereotypes 2019
36 DNA-DOCK Precision Docking of Very Large DNA Cargos in Mammalian Genomes 2019
37 InnovationOrigin Assessment of Zoan products as biomaterials for 3D printing in health care 2019
38 PANGAIA Pan-genome Graph Algorithms and Data Integration 2020
39 SOAR Solitude: Alone but Resilient 2020
40 GONOGO Multi-layered integration of motivated actions and their outcomes in basal ganglia circuits 2020