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H2020 projects about "surrounded"

The page lists 36 projects related to the topic "surrounded".

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1 Autophagy in vitro Reconstituting Autophagosome Biogenesis in vitro 2015
2 iManageCancer iManageCancer - Empowering patients and strengthening self-management in cancer diseases 2015
3 KREDs in GSBs Directed evolution of ketoreductases in gel-shell beads 2015
4 ExaFLOW Enabling Exascale Fluid Dynamics Simulations 2015
5 PLANETDIVE Planetary diversity: the experimental terapascal perspective 2016
6 SYNECT Immunological synapse derived ectosomes in T cell effector function 2015
7 BIOACTIVECOATINGS BioActive Coatings in multi-well cell culture plates 2016
8 COEED The Court of Elizabeth I – A European Drama 2016
9 TwUnaGas Two-dimensional Uniform Gas with tunable interactions 2016
10 E-TEX All-organic devices in textiles for wearable electronics 2016
11 MechBiolRep Mechanobiology of Bovine Reproduction 2016
12 ICARUS Towards Innovative cost-effective astronomical instrumentation 2016
13 Octopus Technology Octopus Technology: Shale gas and tight oil drilling technology evolution - 100’s micro laterals drilled simultaneously to maximise well productivity 2016
14 MecMy Mechanisms of Myelination – Elucidating the Diversity of Oligodendroglial Precursors and their Local Axon-Glia Interactions 2017
15 HORTOMOLD Valorization of rice crops by-products into compostable food packaging 2017
16 RHYTHMSYNC Rhythm synchronization between music and spoken language 2017
17 HeRstory Holistic Research into the story of buildings, objects and people in the high medieval period of Ireland, Britain and France from a gendered perspective 2017
18 ABISSE AB Initio Simulations for Super-Earths 2017
19 WallWatchers Plant cell wall communication and remodelling: the wall watchers. 2017
20 COMPASS COMPASS: Climate-relevant Ocean Measurements and Processes on the Antarctic continental Shelf and Slope 2017
21 Secret Surface The cell surface tetraspanin web drives tumour development and alters metabolic signalling 2017
22 DREAM D-Band Radio solution Enabling up to 100 Gbps reconfigurable Approach for Meshed beyond 5G networks 2017
23 SIDERWIN Development of new methodologies for industrial CO2-free steel production by electrowinning 2017
24 ADMIRE A holographic microscope for the immersive exploration of augmented micro-reality 2017
25 AuroraMHD Constraints on Io's and Europa's atmospheres and interiors from modeling of the satellites' aurora 2018
26 VEHICULA VEhicles as High-status Indicators in the CUlture of Late Antiquity 2018
27 DancingGalaxies Dancing with giants: dynamics of dwarf satellite galaxies 2019
28 nanoTOM Conversion of natural plant nanovesicles into nutraceutical delivery system 2018
29 CLUSTER organisation of CLoUdS, and implications for Tropical cyclones and for the Energetics of the tropics, in current and in a waRming climate 2019
30 TIES-TEST Optimization and clinical testing of Transcutaneous Implant Evacuation System. 2019
31 HANDLING Writers handling pictures: a material intermediality (1880-today) 2019
32 CUSTOMISIZE New tailor-made sizing strategies for recycled carbon fibres to improve the mechanical properties of polymeric and cementitious composites 2019
33 LIBED-PDs Light Induced Bipolar Electrochemical Doping in Perovskite Devices 2020
34 SAIFIA Strong Axioms of Infinity: Frameworks, Interactions and Applications 2020
35 MemTrain Cell Membrane Training to Advance Industrial Processes 2019
36 MFILAMUXIAML Metal flow in laser additive manufacturing using x-ray imaging and machine learning 2020