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H2020 projects about "tunnelling"

The page lists 33 projects related to the topic "tunnelling".

# achronym  title  year 
1 QUEST QUantum Hall Edge State Tunnelling spectroscopy 2015
2 iBROW Innovative ultra-BROadband ubiquitous Wireless communications through terahertz transceivers 2015
3 GRANN Graphene Coated Nanoparticles and Nanograins 2015
4 OrganoMag Organometallic Single-Molecule Magnets 2015
5 MOLCLICK Molecular 'Click-tronics': Surface-based synthesis of single-molecule electronic components 2015
6 2DSi Magnetic Sensors based on Two-Dimensional Materials/Si 2015
7 TRANSFR-Q Transcriptional RegulAtory Network controlling Strawberry Fruit Ripening and Quality 2015
8 RadMag Radical Solutions for Hysteresis in Single-Molecule Magnets 2015
9 QuDeT Quantum devices in topological matter: carbon nanotubes, graphene, and novel superfluids 2016
10 SPINCAD Spin correlations by atomic design 2016
11 SATBIM Simulations for multi-level Analysis of interactions in Tunnelling based on the Building Information Modelling technology 2016
12 ClusterDynamics Characterising the dynamical properties of size-selected supported metal clusters 2017
13 NGUEC Nanostructuring graphene under electrochemical control 2016
14 FIRSTSTEP Synthesis of 2-D semiconductors with honeycomb nanogeometry, and study of their Dirac-type band structure and opto-electronic properties 2016
15 COLIBRI Carrier-selective contacts for silicon photovoltaics based on broadband-transparent oxides 2016
16 HPSuper High-Pressure High-Temperature Superconductivity 2017
17 MajoranaTopIn Majorana Fermions in Topological Insulator Platforms 2017
18 4-TOPS Four experiments in Topological Superconductivity. 2017
19 ADMIRE Atomic-scale Design of Majorana states and their Innovative Real-space Exploration 2019
20 TUBEURB Tunnelling beneath piled structures in urban areas 2018
21 Fields4CAT Force Fields in Redox Enzymatic Catalysis 2019
22 Qosmology Quantum Effects in Early Universe Cosmology 2018
23 BioGraphING Biomolecule Sensing with Graphene-Integrated Nanogaps 2018
25 SMARTUNNEL The longest-life & energy-saving emergency LED lighting system for underground infrastructures 2018
26 ChipAI Energy-efficient and high-bandwidth neuromorphic nanophotonic Chips for Artificial Intelligence systems 2019
27 PoSHGOAT Potential-dependent Second-Harmonic Generation in Optical Antennas measured Time-resolved 2020
28 TECh-MoDE Nanoscale-enhanced Spectroscopies in Electrochemically-Gated Single-Molecule Devices 2019
29 BeFerroSynaptic BEOL technology platform based on ferroelectric synaptic devices for advanced neuromorphic processors 2020
30 SuperTwist Understanding unconventional superconductivity in twisted flatlands 2020
31 FRACTAL Electrons in Fractal Geometries 2020
32 SUPERGRAPH Topological Superconductivity in Graphene 2020
33 PRETZEL Dynamics of photoinduced resonant energy transfer characterized at the single molecule level. 2020