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H2020 projects about "battle"

The page lists 38 projects related to the topic "battle".

# achronym  title  year 
1 SITless SITless: Exercise Referral Schemes enhanced by Self-Management Strategies to battle sedentary behaviour 2015
2 preQFT Strategic Predictions for Quantum Field Theories 2015
3 ICTIP ICT Inducement Prizes Design for Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2015
4 ENLIGHTEN European Legitimacy in Governing through Hard Times: the role of European Networks 2015
5 EMOTIONS FIRST EMOTIONS FIRST. Feeling reason: the role of emotions in reasoning 2016
6 HISTHEOL History and Theology 2015
7 NoBios No Biofouling Surfaces 2015
8 HHFDWC The History of Human Freedom and Dignity in Western Civilization 2016
9 ClearPEMplus Enhanced Silicon Photomultiplier-based detectors for high-resolution Positron Emission Mammography. 2015
10 MONOCLE A novel enhancer deletion strategy to determine non-classical monocyte function in atherosclerosis 2017
11 PeptiEUForce PeptiEUForce: a game-changing ingredient for the pre-diabetic population 2016
12 SMILE Statistical Mechanics of Learning 2017
13 NinZA Theranostic molecular zipper based switchable nanomedicine for overcoming drug resistance 2017
14 TOPPER Targeting of host proteins by unrelated pathogen effectors and their surveillance by allelic immune receptors 2018
15 BreathSpec A rapid, non-invasive, cost-effective, analytical device for bacterial or viral infection diagnosis through ultra-high sensitivity breath analysis. 2017
16 NOVITREP Novel viral therapy through targeting DNA repair 2017
17 MammoWave The first ultra-high sensitive breast imaging device based on non-ionizing safe microwave 2017
18 NANOCARGO Photo/magnetic stimulated nanocargos for superior cancer treatments 2018
19 ECOMESH A hybrid solar panel that maximises heat capture and electricity generatio 2018
20 Cosmo-Blow-Up Deflating the blow-up: controlling infinities in cosmic fluid descriptions 2018
21 rDNAstress Novel insights into DNA damage and stress responses in the nucleolus: Mechanisms and relevance for genomic (in)stability and cancer 2019
22 PEN-CP Pan-European Network of Customs Practitioners 2018
23 ScienceWars ScienceWars - May Science be with you! 2018
24 ImmunoCode Digital Single Cell Immunology: Decoding Cellular Interactions for Improved Immunotherapy 2018
25 ABRSEIST Antibiotic Resistance: Socio-Economic Determinants and the Role of Information and Salience in Treatment Choice 2019
26 ReSpire Respirable Advanced Therapeutics for Cystic Fibrosis & other Lung Diseases 2019
27 INVIOO INVIOO – data-driven decision-making apps for everyon 2019
28 PLASTICERA Plastic ceramic films to improve safety of modern nuclear energy 2019
29 GetToKnowPneumo A pooled CRISPRi screen to identify new cell cycle proteins in the opportunistic human pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae 2019
30 POLAR STAR Polymeric cyclodextrin-based nanoparticles for combination therapy of castrate-resistant prostate cancer 2019
31 SUPERBRAIN Magneto-Plasmonic, Raman active Nanocapsules for Superior Pediatric Brain Cancer Therapy 2020
32 BIOsens BIOsens – cutting-edge portable device for precise and rapid analysis of crops 2019
33 spike Unique Virtual Reality solution recreating live indoor sports to increase audience 2019
34 OPEN DEI Aligning Reference Architectures, Open Platforms and Large Scale Pilots in Digitising European Industry 2019
35 coldbihot Cold Books in Hot Lands: Winning and Losing of Hearts and Minds in the Middle East 2019
36 Tuberculini A novel in-vitro diagnostic test for drug-resistant tuberculosis and a personalized antibiotic treatment plan. 2019
37 AntiViralEvo Unravelling the evolution of antiviral sensors and response systems in animals using the phylum Cnidaria 2020
38 Controlling MAC Structural basis of controlling the membrane attack complex 2020