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H2020 projects about "convinced"

The page lists 62 projects related to the topic "convinced".

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1 CRCStemCellDynamics Molecular Subtype Specific Stem Cell Dynamics in Developing and Established Colorectal Cancers 2015
2 IRENA International Re-Entry demoNstrator Action 2015
3 SPS_TFP_Strut Application of tailored fibre placement technology in integral composite structures for ultra-lightweight space applications 2014
4 CONSCRISIS Households’ Consumption during the Great Recession: A structural analysis on the role of expectations 2015
5 MorphoVES-PoC Morphogenetically active blood vessels: Proof-of-Concept 2015
6 Gait Biometrics 3 Main goal of the project is to create a prototype of the software, which will be able to identify peoplejust based on the way how they walk. 2015
7 AINARA Automation and INtelligence solutions for Automated Road trAnsport systems 2015
8 iTampon Intimate, home-diagnostic tools for women 2015
9 PEMP Political Economy with Many Parties: Strategic Electorate and Strategic Candidates 2015
10 MIMAS Multi-dimensional interferometric amplification of ultrashort laser pulses 2015
11 PRONTO PRONTO: PROcess NeTwork Optimization for efficient and sustainable operation of Europe’s process industries taking machinery condition and process performance into account. 2016
12 LiVoX Magic angle coil spinning NMR on living voxels - LiVoX 2015
13 TRANSITION ZERO Make Net Zero Energy refurbishments for houses a mass market reality 2016
14 WINDMIL Smart Monitoring, Inspection and Life-Cycle Assessment of Wind Turbines 2016
15 RiboDisc Discovery of novel orphan riboswitch ligands 2016
16 SYNVIA Synthetic viability of homologous recombination-deficient cancers 2016
17 GraphInt Principles of Graph Data Integration 2016
18 INSEETO In-situ second harmonic generation for emergent electronics in transition-metal oxides 2017
19 VISIRday VISible to far-IR optical tuning: passive DAYtime cooling by hierarchical structures and hybrid materials 2017
20 CaPE The International Court of Justice and the Preservation of Peace in the 21st Century: Global Governance in Action 2016
21 IPFLOW Inverse Problems and Flows 2017
22 EDAPOL The Epistemic and Dynamic Aspects of Polarization. 2018
23 DREMATURE DNA repair mechanisms and therapy resistance of BRCA2-deficient cancers 2018
24 B-PhosphoChem Exploration of the 2D-Chemistry of Black Phosphorous 2017
25 altEJrepair Characterisation of DNA Double-Strand Break Repair by Alternative End-Joining: Potential Targets for Cancer Therapy 2017
26 mtDNA-CURE Treating mitochondrial disease caused by pathogenic mtDNA mutations 2018
27 Nano4 Providing the New Generation of Nano-Based Molecular Technology for the Early Detection of Bacteria, Viruses and Cancer at the Point of Care 2017
28 SeCtOR ENABleRs Standard Collagenous ORgans-on-chip ENvisaging Advanced Biological Researches 2017
29 GOMECSYS VCR system Variable Compression Ratio System for the reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in motor vehicles 2017
30 TIN-ACT Research School for TINnitus Assessment, Causes and Treatments 2017
31 BioMechMeniscus A biomechanically driven, patient specific pre-planning and surgical tool to optimize placement of a novel meniscus prosthesis 2017
32 QUNNECT A Fiber Optic Transceiver for Superconducting Qubits 2018
33 INLINETEST In-line quality inspection system for smart production of micro and nanoelectronic components 2018
35 REBOOT Toolbox of multipotent bioactive composite implants for the full functional regeneration ofbones after a trauma 2018
36 WasteShark Marine Litter Prevention with Autonomous Water Drones 2018
37 GaiaSpectroSynergy Exploiting the synergies between Gaia and spectroscopic stellar surveys to constrain next-generation Milky-Way models 2019
38 CRIMETIME Crime and Time: How short-term mindsets encourage crime and how the future self can prevent it 2018
39 SCALMS Engineering of Supported Catalytically Active Liquid Metal Solutions 2018
40 HyThermEl Hybrid Thermoelectrics: From Model to Device 2019
41 AIRCRANE New Concrete-Towers Assembly system for taller Wind Turbines. 2018
42 UNIVO-NG Driving greater business value by unleashing hidden capacity of mobile systems 2018
44 Biomode Diagnosing Pathogen Bacteria Earlier and More Accurately with Biomode’s Probe4@ Rapid Diagnostic Kits 2018
45 INVIS Care Bringing connected to the active elderly 2018
46 INVI INVI self-defense bracelet: feel empowered 2018
47 AdaptiveResponse The evolution of adaptive response mechanisms 2018
48 Dide The pioneering platform for detection and management of learning and development difficulties and preventionof school failure 2018
49 ArtHep Hepatocytes-Like Microreactors for Liver Tissue Engineering 2019
50 NEEDbioWash Natural Enzymes for Ecological Detergents to improve biologically certified Washing products 2019
51 oLife The origin and evolution of Life in the universe 2019
52 MicroFSMA MicroFluidic based platform for SeMen Analysis 2019
53 Magik Star MAGnetic fIeld and Kinematic coupling for massive STAR formation 2019
54 OnDosis01 A first in category prescription regimen for ADHD combining stimulants with intelligent dosing and digital capabilities 2019
55 VALI Conversion of manure to energy with the VALI solution 2019
56 VELLO CMC VELLO BIKE+ Connected Multimodal Commuting for Greener Cities 2019
57 EOSC-Pillar Coordination and Harmonisation of National Inititiatives, Infrastructures and Data services in Central and Western Europe 2019
58 SLAM4AR Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Augmented Reality 2019
59 EcoFoil Innovative, sustainable and globally unique storage method for food preservation 2019
60 FIRESENSE Flame Detector Based on Epitaxial Metal Oxides (EMO) Technology 2019
61 VLD2-W2 STAIRS Surface Traffic Alerts Improve Runway Safety 2019
62 CELLULO-EPI Celluloepidemiology: a novel paradigm for modeling T-cell responses on a population level. 2020