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H2020 projects about "fourier"

The page lists 57 projects related to the topic "fourier".

# achronym  title  year 
1 LITHIUM From planetary birth with aperture masking interferometry to nulling with Lithium Niobate technology 2015
2 FLEXI-PYROCAT Development of flexible pyrolysis-catalysis processing of waste plastics for selective production of high value products through research and innovation 2015
3 TRICE QFT TRapped Ion Coherent Execution of Quantum Fourier Transform 2015
4 BioFrost Life at its Extremes: Biodiversity and Activity of Microorganisms in deep Permafrost 2015
5 FAnFArE Fourier Analysis For/And Partial Differential Equations 2015
6 LAA-THz-CC Lens Antenna Arrays for Coherent THz Cameras 2015
7 AIRS Advanced Intelligent Raman System for detection of explosives and harmful substances at urban soft targets 2015
8 Time2Life Advanced signal processing of time-domain data in mass spectrometry to leverage life sciences 2015
9 FAME Development and demonstration of an innovative FT-NIR-based system for food content analysis 2015
10 COIN Coding for Optical communications In the Nonlinear regime 2016
11 BISON BrIdging Structural BiOlogy with Biological SyNthesis and Self Assembly to Reveal Key Processes in Living Systems 2016
12 SpeedInfTradeoff Speed-Information Tradeoffs: Beyond Quasi-Entropy Analysis 2016
13 NanoMembR Nanoscale Effects within Biological Membranes caused by Radiation 2017
14 CFUC Calabi flows with unbounded curvature 2016
15 DYNAMOX Charge carrier dynamics in metal oxides 2016
16 ESTIA Exponential sums, translation invariance, and applications 2016
17 AFFMA Approximation of Functions and Fourier Multipliers and their applications 2016
18 INNEQUAL Interactions between von Neumann algebras and quantum algebras 2016
19 SYNAPLAST MR Imaging synaptic plasticity by ultra-high field magnetic resonance spectroscopy in health and psychiatric disease 2016
20 GlobalBioIm Global integrative framework for Computational Bio-Imaging 2016
21 ISOMET Atmospheric content of the most abundant of 12CH4 isotopologues from ground-based and satellite infrared solar observations and development of a methane isotopic GEOS-Chem module. 2016
22 HARMONIC Studies in Harmonic Analysis and Discrete Geometry: Tilings, Spectra and Quasicrystals 2016
23 CHIC On CHip terahertz frequency Combs 2017
24 ENFOC Exploiting the Nonlinear Fiber-Optical Channel 2016
25 TERA Coding for terabit-per-second fiber-optical communications 2017
26 EnvFate Study of the environmental impact of insecticides by metabolomic foot-printing approach 2017
27 NEUTRINO Nonlinear Fourier Transforms in Action 2017
28 NANOCANCER Getting new insights into the radio-sensitization effects of nanoparticles in photon and charged particle therapy 2017
29 OMICRON Optical transmission based on integrability and nonlinear Fourier transform 2018
30 CHIMERA A novel instrument to identify chiral molecules for pharmaceutics and bio-chemistry. 2017
31 Precision4Life Precision mass spectrometry to leverage applications in life and environmental sciences 2017
32 FONTE Fibre optic nonlinear technologies 2018
33 ELECTRIC Chip Scale Electrically Powered Optical Frequency Combs 2018
34 MIRASPEC Miniature on-chip Raman spectrometer for personal volatile organic compound (VOC) monitoring 2018
35 InSightPro Commercialising an Innovative and Autonomous Analytical Solution Combining On-Line Measurements with Intelligent Cloud Functionalities for Adding Value to Dairy Products. 2017
36 EU_FT-ICR_MS European Network of Fourier-Transform Ion-Cyclotron-Resonance Mass Spectrometry Centers 2018
37 NOISE Noise-Sensitivity Everywhere 2018
38 BTBnano Do Particle Properties Modulate bioaccumulation, Trophic Transfer and biomagnifications of engineered nanomaterials: Role of Particles size, shape and surface coating? - BTBnano 2018
39 covtrans Functional/Harmonic Analysis of Covariant Transforms 2019
40 MRI-Turbulent-Disk Turbulence in Accretion Disks – New Perspectives 2018
41 HARMONIC Discrete harmonic analysis for computer science 2019
42 SPECGEO Spectral geometric methods in practice 2018
43 COMNFT Communication Using the Nonlinear Fourier Transform 2019
44 RESTRICTIONAPP A multilinear approach to the restriction problem with applications to geometric measure theory, the Schrödinger equation and inverse problems 2019
45 QUAMAP Quasiconformal Methods in Analysis and Applications 2019
46 PulsatERK Intracellular ERK signalling dynamics mediated epidermal stem cell fate control 2019
47 H. Pylori-Scopy Biophotonic Spectroscopic tool for Helicobacter Pylori diagnosis - a pathway for low cost clinical robotic device 2019
48 SUPAIR Spectroscopy SUPAIR Spectroscopy: Single-Use Process Analytical Infrared Spectroscopy 2019
49 SensStabComp Sensitivity, Stability, and Computation 2019
50 STOCHELEC Stochastic electrochemistry for catalysis and analysis of carboneous bio-electrodes. 2020
51 CallMechanics The Impact of Callose Metabolism on the Mechanical Properties of Cell Wall during Tomato Ripening 2020
52 POCSEL Portable infrared biochemical sensor enabled by pixelated dielectric metasurfaces 2020
53 ThermoTON Thermophone - a novel heat transfer based approach to global TOnal Noise cancellation in aviation 2020
54 SWING Signals, Waves, and Learning: A Data-Driven Paradigm for Wave-Based Inverse Problems 2020
55 SingStocDispDyn Singular Stochastic Dispersive Dynamics 2020
56 SOLVE Stratospheric Ozone Loss from Volcanic Eruptions 2021
57 CP-FTmmW Aminogen Chemistry and structure of aminogen radicals using chirped-pulse Fourier transform (sub)millimeter rotational spectroscopy 2020