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H2020 projects about "knowing"

The page lists 97 projects related to the topic "knowing".

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1 ARTofscience Activities Releated to Science 2014
2 BacBio Mechanistic and functional studies of Bacillus biofilms assembly on plants, and their impact in sustainable agriculture and food safety 2015
3 SCORA A systematic characterization of human regulatory architectures and their determinants of regulatory activity 2015
4 CRASK Cortical Representation of Abstract Semantic Knowledge 2015
5 TIMESTORM Mind and Time: Investigation of the Temporal Traits of Human-Machine Convergence 2015
6 NextGenVis Training the Next Generation of European Visual Neuroscientists for the benefit of innovation in health care and high-tech industry 2015
7 OptimOre Increasing yield on Tungsten and Tantalum ore production by means of advanced and flexible control on crushing, milling and separation process 2014
8 Mid-TECH Infrared sensing made visible: Combining infrared light sources and upconversion sensors for improved sensitivity in medical applications and gas analysis 2015
9 OMNICS Observing, Modelling and Predicting in situ Petrophysical Parameter Evolution in a Geologic Carbon Storage System 2016
10 BICSA Biophysical Changes in the Sahel: Ground and Satellite Based Evidence Across Scales and Disciplines 2015
11 MASIEGE Multilateral adverse selection in industrial economics and general equilibrium 2015
12 SCIL The role of social cues for infant word learning 2016
13 MEDINI Mechanism Design under Incomplete Information 2015
14 NeuPheMi Neurophenomenology of Mental Imagery 2016
15 Pathogens detection Antibiotics reduction with early mastitis pathogens detection for @ point of animal care usages 2015
16 Efficient Cooking Substainable and efficient food processing and cooking sytem 2015
17 TOSSIBERG Theory of Stein Spaces in Berkovich Geometry 2015
18 LIBERATE Blood Biomarker Array Technology 2015
19 MultiCO Promoting Youth Scientific Career Awareness and it Attractiveness through Multi-stakeholder Co-operation 2015
20 CBTA Feasibility Study for the CBT Academy 2015
21 LSFM4LIFE Production and characterization of endocrine cells derived from human pancreas organoids for the cell-based therapy of type 1 diabetes 2016
22 EvoGenMed Evolutionary genomics: new perspectives and novel medical applications 2016
23 ROC-CO2 Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by rock-derived organic carbon oxidation 2016
24 DigitalDoctors Making Clinical Sense: A comparative study of how doctors learn in digital times 2016
25 PEEK Mobilisation and transformation of personal educational knowledge for teaching: An ethnographic account on teacher knowledge 2017
26 FIRE-PLUME-SENSE Developing new drone-based gas sensing technology to characterise fire emission plumes by miniature low cost sensors 2017
27 Microbiota and aging Interaction between gut-microbiota and the central stress system in cognitive alterations associated with aging. 2016
28 DRIVE Quantifying the relative importance of natural and anthropogenic drivers of spatial variation in vulnerability to predict species extinction risk 2016
29 ETMD_ICEC Efficient pathways to neutralization and radical production enabled by environment 2016
30 LASER-HISTO In vivo histology using femtosecond laser multiphoton tomograph for the early diagnosis of skin cancer and corneal diseases while simultaneously reducing Europe’s health care costs 2016
31 NARRATIVENSCIENCE Narrative Ordering and Explanation in the Sciences: Historical Investigations and Perspectives 2016
32 TORC Truck with an Organic Rankine Cycle 2016
33 RACE Rate of Adaptation in a Changing Environment 2017
34 SOUTHERNCHANGE Accumulation rates and predominant atmospheric sources of natural and anthropogenic trace elements on the Falkland Islands 2016
35 MDFT Mathematics of Density Functional Theory 2017
36 BEATTI BEaring Advanced Technologies for Turboprop engine Innovation 2017
37 MICA Mechanics of slow earthquake phenomena: an Integrated perspective from the Composition, geometry, And rheology of plate boundary faults 2017
38 CARAMBA Unravelling the microbial carbon pump in the ocean: Linkage between gene expression and RDOM generation by marine bacteria (CARAMBA) 2017
39 CellStructure Structural cell biology in situ using superresolution microscopy 2017
40 HORA EST Humanitarian Optimization through Research by Argusi – Envisioning Shorter Times of delivery 2017
41 ELEMIN How the earliest life on Earth became mineralized 2017
42 Sounds Delicious Sounds Delicious: A historical anthropology of listening and sound in Danish and French cooking 2018
43 SUBDECODE Dendritic encoding of movement in space 2017
44 WUUDIS Making forest asset management easy 2017
45 BP24 A unique life-saving smart-watch for high quality, not-invasive, continuous blood pressure monitoring. 2017
46 Babbler Babbler feasibility study in adjacent market segments. 2017
47 Meta_Mind The workings of metacognition in decision-making 2018
48 TreeMort Redefining the carbon sink capacity of global forests: The driving role of tree mortality 2018
49 DUST Data Assimilation for Agent-Based Models: Applications to Civil Emergencies 2018
50 TRICI-Law The Rules of Interpretation of Customary International Law 2018
51 GRASP-ACE Development of GRASP radiative transfer code for the retrieval of aerosol microphysics vertical-profiles from space measurements and its impact in ACE mission 2018
52 SMART PlantOne A low-cost IoT - solution for predictive maintenance of small electric motors towards the Factory of the Future 2017
53 FARSIGHTS Fast And Reliable Surveillance and Identification of Ground asseTs from Space 2017
54 PolarizeMe Feeling Polarity: Integrating intracellular mechanics and forces for a biophysical understanding of epithelial polarity 2018
55 RPS Disruptive Radar Positioning System for trains 2018
56 SENSEI Optimizing Retail Operation With Real-Time Customer Activity Intelligence 2018
57 ALBORA Next-generation navigation technologies for autonomous vehicles 2018
58 SIZE The role of size in the sustainability of irrigation systems 2019
59 SPIKE Specialization in the Knowledge Economy 2018
60 Ctrl Code Proactive Brain State Regulation: a closed-loop brain-state dependent stimulation approach 2019
61 SCCMMI Single cell correlates of memory, motivation and individuality 2018
62 AlgSignSen The Algebraic Geometry of Chemical Reaction Networks: Structural conditions for uniquely determined Sign-sensitivities. 2019
63 HEALSEA Innovative indicators of resilience to protect the health status of seagrass meadows: from ecological theory to conservation 2018
64 EvolBehavGenArch The composition and evolution of C. elegans behavioural genetic architectures 2018
65 QPARK A Quantitative Approach for Smart Parking 2018
66 highECS Reining in the upper bound on Earth’s Climate Sensitivities 2018
67 AQRATE Breakthrough technology for managing and purchasing translation services guaranteBreakthrough technology for managing and purchasing translation services guaranteeing transparency, savings and quality 2018
68 WayLink One Way , Your Link! 2018
69 ReConNeCt Research, Connections, Networks and Culture 2018
70 SOPaaS Smart Ordering Plan as a Service 2018
71 MatMech Live Tapings of Material Formation: Unravelling formation mechanisms in materials chemistry through Multimodal X-ray total scattering studies 2019
72 PGEN Automated evaluation and correction of generation bias in immune receptor repertoires 2019
73 RIVERS Water/human rights beyond the human?Indigenous water ontologies, plurilegal encounters and interlegal translation 2019
74 TopSpec Next generation precision antibody profiling - from science fiction to reality 2019
75 A-FRO Actively Frozen - contextual modulation of freezing and its neuronal basis 2019
76 MetAction The motor hypothesis for self-monitoring: A new framework to understand and treat metacognitive failures 2019
77 MAGNESIA The impact of highly magnetic neutron stars in the explosive and transient Universe 2019
78 APOSITE Apoptotic foci: composition, structure and dynamics 2019
79 SERAS_v4.0 Seizure Risk Asessment for Epilepsy 2019
80 FELTWOOD The advanced eco-technology manufacturing of materials as a way of competitiveness for Europe's industrial business 2018
81 IMaP Imaging tumor vessels as a marker for p53 mutation status in cancer 2020
82 PCinBC Plasma cell heterogeneity and dynamics in patient tumors 2019
83 TLRstorm Spatial and temporal control of self/non-self discrimination in innate immunity 2019
84 PullEd-MS Finding unknown endocrine disrupting compounds through target pull-down assay filtration, effect direct analysis and ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry for a comprehensive efficient workflow. 2019
85 techFRONT Novel techniques for quantitative behaviour of convection-diffusion equations 2020
86 PoliRural Future Oriented Collaborative Policy Development for Rural Areas and People 2019
87 ProBioMem Molecular Probes for Biofouling monitoring in Membrane Processes 2020
88 DEMPREV Dementia Prevention: Imaging risk in primary care and catalysing behaviour change 2019
89 PREDICT The Future of Prediction: The Social Consequences of Algorithmic Forecast in Insurance, Medicine and Policing 2020
90 doks Innovation Automated AI-based inventory management for logistics 2019
91 DeMol Deconstructing the past: Modelling the locomotion of Miocene hominoids through computational techniques 2020
93 Neuron-AFib Commercialising cardiac autonomic modulation to treat Atrial Fibrillation 2019
94 BioTrace World's First Real-Time Monitoring System for Ablation Procedures 2019
95 DISSECT DISSECT: Evidence in International Human Rights Adjudication 2020
96 State Silence The Silence of States in International Law 2020
97 INTEGRATE Personalised Medicine for Intervertebral Disc Regeneration- Integrating Profiling, Predictive Modelling and Gene Activated Biomaterials 2020