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H2020 projects about "quantifiable"

The page lists 44 projects related to the topic "quantifiable".

# achronym  title  year 
1 U-TURN Rethinking Urban Transportation through advanced tools and supply chain collaboration 2015
2 DESTinationRAIL Decision Support Tool for Rail Infrastructure Managers 2015
3 HyVar Scalable Hybrid Variability for Distributed Evolving Software Systems 2015
4 EcoSwing EcoSwing - Energy Cost Optimization using Superconducting Wind Generators - World’s First Demonstration of a 3.6 MW Low-Cost Lightweight DD Superconducting Generator on a Wind Turbine 2015
5 UNCAP Ubiquitous iNteroperable Care for Ageing People 2015
6 StreetHopper Disruptive Free Space Optics solution for small cell backhaul 2015
7 CAxMan Computer Aided Technologies for Additive Manufacturing 2015
8 piur tUS A cost effective 3D tomographic ultrasound technology for vascular diagnostics 2015
9 LANGDYN Language dynamics: a neurocognitive approach to incremental interpretation 2015
10 EUBorderCare Intimate Encounters in EU Borderlands: Migrant Maternity, Sovereignty and the Politics of Care on Europe’s Peripheries 2015
11 SELAM Large-scale piloting and market maturation of a novel process for sustainable European lobster aqua- and mariculture 2015
12 TwinnToInfect Unleash IMM’s research excellence in immunity and infection through twinning to infect Lisbon and Portugal with its increase in competitiveness and innovation 2016
13 SCHISTO_PERSIST New approaches to characterise Schistosoma mansoni infections persisting despite mass drug administration 2016
14 WINDMIL Smart Monitoring, Inspection and Life-Cycle Assessment of Wind Turbines 2016
15 BOOMSTIM Understanding and Boosting Motivation using Brain Stimulation 2017
16 NeuroVisEco Zebrafish vision in its natural context: from natural scenes through retinal and central processing to behaviour. 2016
17 AGORAs AGeing effects on human aORta: from shApe to flowS 2016
18 SCENT Smart Toolbox for Engaging Citizens into a People-Centric Observation Web 2016
20 BMX-11 Providing Antifouling Additives for Marine Paints Inspired by Nature and Engineered for Industries 2016
21 STRATIFY Brain network based stratification of mental illness 2016
22 ThermaSiC New generation wear and corrosion coating enabling European industry growth 2016
23 MARINET2 Marine Renewable Infrastructure Network for Enhancing Technologies 2 2017
24 WaMStrIn Water management strategies and climate change in the Indus Civilisation 2018
25 GeoMOP Modern Geospatial Practices for Ancient Movement Praxis 2018
26 PRISM Psychiatric Ratings using Intermediate Stratified Markers - Sofia ref.: 115916 2016
27 COGTOM Cognitive tomography of mental representations 2017
28 MaaS4EU End-to-End Approach for Mobility-as-a-Service tools, business models, enabling framework and evidence for European seamless mobility 2017
29 AutoDrive Advancing fail-aware, fail-safe, and fail-operational electronic components, systems, and architectures for fully automated driving to make future mobility safer, affordable, and end-user acceptable. 2017
30 PIUR tUS Tomographic 3D Ultrasound for Safe and More Cost Effective Vascular Diagnostics and Treatment Planning 2017
31 FED4SAE Federated CPS Digital Innovation Hubs for the Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative 2017
32 ThermalMR Thermal Magnetic Resonance: A New Instrument to Define the Role of Temperature in Biological Systems and Disease for Diagnosis and Therapy 2018
33 SECLI-FIRM The Added Value of Seasonal Climate Forecasts for Integrated Risk Management Decisions 2018
34 DeepSolar Artificial Intelligence-based diagnostic system for Solar PV Plants 2017
35 MarginScapes Long-term land use and water management strategies in arid margin landscapes 2018
36 NovoFold De novo protein discovery as a tool for understanding the folding conundrum 2019
37 FOGSCREEN MINI FogsScreen Mini - breakthrough laminar air purification technology with stunning interactive images 2018
38 DETER A Decision Support Tool to Manage Earthworks along Road and Rail Networks 2018
39 ReduceSearch Rigorous Search Space Reduction 2019
40 SECURITY FLOWS Enacting border security in the digital age: political worlds of data forms, flows and frictions. 2019
41 ME.Tech.NAS Metals Technology in North Aegean Societies 2019
42 PreCoASD Assessing the predictive coding accounts of autism spectrum disorders 2019
43 SIMICA Site-selective protein-modification chemistries for antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) 2019
44 IMPACTOUR IMproving Sustainable Development Policies and PrActices to assess, diversify and foster Cultural TOURism in European regions and areas 2020