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H2020 projects about "tactile"

The page lists 71 projects related to the topic "tactile".

# achronym  title  year 
1 CONT-ACT Control of contact interactions for robots acting in the world 2015
2 DHaptics DHaptics: Creating silent and sharp Mid-air Haptics using phased array of ultrasound transducers 2014
3 SARAFun Smart Assembly Robot with Advanced FUNctionalities 2015
4 HAPPINESS Haptic Printed and Patterned Interfaces for Sensitive Surface 2015
5 InSIght Information from Symbols and Illustrations: how to get it without vision 2015
6 LEACON LEArning-CONtrol tight interaction: a novel approach to robust execution of mobile manipulation tasks 2016
7 HAPTIFEEL Playing by feeling: an investigation of the role of haptic cues in the perceived quality of a musical instrument 2016
8 MultiNav Multisensory Navigation: Harnessing the Power of Multisensory Processing Optogenetic Stimulation to Aid The Blind 2015
9 VR-Suit VR-Suit : MultiModal experiences in a Virtual World 2015
10 RELAX Optimal Person-Machine Sensorimotor Coupler for Application to Micro-Manufacturing 2015
11 Calcivis CAIS Validation of clinical performance and pre-commercial development of a novel diagnostic for dental caries assessment 2015
12 EngineeringPercepts Reverse engineering sensory perception and decision making: bridging physiology, anatomy and behavior 2015
13 CP-FunMoD Cross-modal plasticity and functional modularisation in the deaf 2015
14 BrailleJet Digitally controlled Braille jet printing 2015
15 UTOUCH Universal mid-air haptic feedback 2015
16 XoSoft Soft modular biomimetic exoskeleton to assist people with mobility impairments 2016
17 FeelSpeech A tactile prosthesis to improve speech perception in persons with hearing loss. 2016
18 Expectancy Unveiling expectancy neuronal coding in the cerebral cortex induced by naturalistic tactile stimuli 2017
19 TICKLE ME Self and others in the sensorimotor system: a computational neuroanatomy of sensory attenuation 2017
20 LAPARTS LArge Passenger Aircraft Reliable Touch Screen. 2016
21 MYKI A Bidirectional MyoKinetic Implanted Interface for Natural Control of Artificial Limbs 2016
22 ACoolTouch Neural mechanisms of multisensory perceptual binding 2016
23 ARCHES Accessible Resources for Cultural Heritage EcoSystems 2016
24 IN-TOUCH IN-TOUCH: Digital Touch and Communication 2016
25 BrailleJet Digitally controlled Braille and tactile graphic jet printing 2016
26 weDRAW Exploiting the best sensory modality for learning arithmetic and geometrical concepts based on multisensory interactive Information and Communication Technologies and serious games 2017
27 Levitate Levitation with localised tactile and audio feedback for mid-air interactions 2017
28 PhySense Physarum Sensor: Biosensor for Citizen Scientists 2017
29 PIONEER Peri-Ocularly Navigated Exteroceptive Snake Robot for Novel Retinal Interventions 2017
30 FOGHORN FOG-aided wireless networks for communication, cacHing and cOmputing: theoRetical and algorithmic fouNdations 2017
31 NAFTI Noise Abatement Fms with Tactile Interface 2017
32 STYDS Seeing things you don't see: Unifying the philosophy, psychology and neuroscience of multimodal mental imagery 2017
33 THING subTerranean Haptic INvestiGator 2018
34 OPTOFORCE Robot Learning for Unprecedented Quality and Efficiency Improvements in the Manufacturing Industry 2017
35 Tangi0 Touch and pressure sensitive material without electronic sensors for intuitive and eye-free control of a car’s features while driving 2018
36 AIRSKIN Touch-sensitive skin for collaborative industrial robots (cobots) 2018
37 CALLAX What is the role of the axonal connections between the hemispheres in sensory processing? 2018
38 ALPHA-STEM Advanced Laboratory Phantoms for Soft Tissues in Engineering and Medicine: ALPHA-STEM 2018
39 TouchDesign A Computational Design Approach to Haptic Synthesis 2018
40 TeSP Temporal Structure of Perception and Neuronal Stimulus Processing 2018
41 ITS A DIVE Individual Three-dimensional Spatial Auditory Displays for Immersive Virtual Environments 2019
42 3D-SITS 3D Stretchable Inductive Tactile Sensors for Soft Artificial Touch 2018
43 APRA Active Polymers for Renewable Functional Actuators 2018
44 HOWPER An open or closed process: Determining the global scheme of perception 2018
45 FindMEMO Functional contribution of visual features to hippocampal memory encoding 2019
46 Mimica Touch Bioreactive food expiry label that mimics the actual decay of food for a reliable and accurate method of reducing food waste 2018
47 TETRHA Electro-Mechanical Haptic System: Development and implementation of a component designed to improve haptic feedback in a touch sensitive application 2018
48 Composite Gloves Protective Composite Gloves for Health Care 2018
49 Tactonom Reducing the unemployment rate amongst blind people by introducing a working tool that increases their autonomy and productivity. 2018
50 MOGU floor Natural-Grown Flooring for Circular Buildings 2018
51 DEEPEN Deciphering deep architectures underlying structured perception in auditory networks 2018
52 ARTTOUCH Generating artificial touch: from the contribution of single tactile afferents to the encoding of complex percepts, and their implications for clinical innovation 2019
53 NeuTouch Understanding neural coding of touch as enabling technology for prosthetics and robotics 2019
54 eHONESTY Embodied Honesty in Real World and Digital Interactions 2018
55 COMPRISE Cost-effective, Multilingual, Privacy-driven voice-enabled Services 2018
56 Glazetile Innovative approach for the digital ceramic tile glazing process, using a continuous in-line glazer 2018
57 CaLA The Capillary Lock Actuator: A novel bistable microfluidic actuator for cost-effective high-density actuator arrays suitable for large-scale graphical tactile displays 2019
58 EFAICTS Ergonomic impact and new Functions induced by Active Inceptor integration in CockpiTS 2018
59 NewSense Perception with New Sensory Signals 2019
60 Natural BionicS Natural Integration of Bionic Limbs via Spinal Interfacing 2019
61 LIBSED Libiguins: a remedy for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions 2019
62 Tactronik Next-generation haptic platform for advanced driver-assistance and mitigation of car accidents 2019
63 ReSurg Realistic, accessible, and affordable models for surgical education 2019
64 TACTILITY TACTIle feedback enriched virtual interaction through virtual realITY and beyond 2019
65 MULTITOUCH Multimodal haptic with touch devices 2020
66 SOFTMANBOT Advanced RoBOTic Technology for Handling SOFT Materials in MANufacturing Sectors 2019
67 INTUITIVE INnovative Network for Training in ToUch InteracTIVE Interfaces 2019
68 SMAR-TeR Next Generation of SMARt Active Inceptor for Tilt Rotor Application 2019
69 PROBOSCIS Proboscidean sensitive soft robot for versatile gripping 2019
70 AS-DISCO AS-DISCO - Audio Suite for Disruptive Cockpit Demonstrator 2019
71 feelware Computational Design Solutions for Touch Interfaces 2020