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H2020 projects about "bubbles"

The page lists 40 projects related to the topic "bubbles".

# achronym  title  year 
1 SUPERFOAM Structure-Property Relations in Aqueous Foam and Their Control on a Molecular Level 2015
2 CaFE Development and experimental validation of computational models for cavitating flows, surface erosion damage and material loss 2015
3 GreenBubbles Green Bubbles RISE for sustainable diving 2015
4 SINGWAVES Singularity formation in nonlinear evolution equations 2015
5 PersoNews Profiling and targeting news readers – implications for the democratic role of the digital media, user rights and public information policy 2015
6 MICOFLUID Complex Fluid under Micro Confinement 2016
7 deepSLice Deciphering the greenhouse gas record in deepest ice using continuous sublimation extraction / laser spectrometry 2015
8 BLINDSPOT Diversity and Performance: Networks of Cognition in Markets and Teams 2016
9 Lattice Cage Titanium based Cervical Spine Implants manufactured using 3D laser sintering to produce a structure optimised for graft-free bone in-growth 2016
10 MilliDrop New MilliDrop Analyzer: miniaturized and faster clinical microbiology testing in only one drop 2017
11 INVICTUS IN VItro Cavitation Through UltraSound 2017
12 JetCell Microfluidic bubble JET flow CELL sorter for cell therapy 2018
13 Morpheus Morphogenesis of photo-mechanized molecular materials 2018
14 Media andConspiracy Lost in an Ocean of Information? Media in the Everyday Life of Conspiracy Theorists 2019
15 CABUM An investigation of the mechanisms at the interaction between cavitation bubbles and contaminants 2018
16 MICHELANGELO MultiphasIc NanoreaCtors for HEterogeneous CataLysis via SmArt ENGinEering of TaiLored DispersiOns 2018
17 3D-CAP 3D micro-supercapacitors for embedded electronics 2018
18 SOCSEMICS Socio-Semantic Bubbles of Internet Communities 2018
19 TheraSonix Ultrasonic Imaging and Drug Propulsion Into Tumors Using Genetically Encoded Gas Nanostructures 2018
20 ThermaSMART Smart thermal management of high-power microprocessors using phase-change 2017
21 BactoBubble Microscale investigation of key bacterial phenotypes enhancing collection by rising bubbles and aerial dispersal 2018
22 SAPPHIRO Automated Inspection Tools for Cost-effective Quality Control of Optical Materials 2018
23 ACT Low energy aeration solution for waste water treatment plants using hydrodynamic cavitation technology. 2018
24 HyGate Hydrophobic Gating in nanochannels: understanding single channel mechanisms for designing better nanoscale sensors 2019
25 UCOM Ultrasound Cavitation in Soft Materials 2018
26 DEFTPORE Deformation control on flow and transport in soft porous media 2019
27 SkewPref Skewness Preferences – Human attitudes toward rare, high-impact risks 2019
28 SoFiA Soap Film based Artificial Photosynthesis 2019
29 FluidER Real time Optoelectronic Sensors for Electro-Actuator Hydraulic Fluid Contamination Monitoring 2019
30 BOIL-MODE-ON unraveling nucleate BOILing: MODEling, mesoscale simulatiONs and experiments 2019
31 PERCEPTIONS Understand the Impact of Novel Technologies, Social Media, and Perceptions in Countries Abroad on Migration Flows and the Security of the EU & Provide Validated Counter Approaches, Tools and Practices 2019
32 FineFuture Innovative technologies and concepts for fine particle flotation: unlocking future fine-grained deposits and Critical Raw Materials resources for the EU 2019
33 DYNNET Opinion Dynamics 2018
34 Healthy Textile Healthy Textile 2019
35 APS On-site and On-demand Flexible Packaging System 2019
36 myPAL-NET Underwater passive aquatic listening network system for smart monitoring of high impact weather events - myPAL-NET 2019
37 EnTER Enhanced Mass Transport in Electrochemical Systems for Renewable Fuels and Clean Water 2020
38 NIFTI Non-Intrusive Flow distortion measurements within a Turbofan Intake 2020
39 Gasgon Development of a Novel Medical Device to Remove Air Bubbles from Medicines, Which Will Improve Patient Safety and Reduce Costs of IV Infusion 2020
40 STEMMS Storage and Eruption of Mushy Magma Systems 2020