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H2020 projects about "homology"

The page lists 33 projects related to the topic "homology".

# achronym  title  year 
1 EVOPRIMPOL Artificial evolution of a novel multifunctional human polymerase 2015
2 Human Rpc5 RNA Polymerase III Rpc4/Rpc5 subcomplex and Selenocysteine tRNA transcription 2015
3 HotCoalgebras Homotopy theory of cosimplicial unstable (co-)algebras over the Steenrod algebra 2015
4 KL2MG-interactions K-theory, L^2-invariants, manifolds, groups and their interactions 2015
5 BioExcel Centre of Excellence for Biomolecular Research 2015
6 OXTOP Low-dimensional topology in Oxford 2016
7 DefAlgS Deformation theory of algebraic structures 2016
8 IPAHOT-PVC Integral p-adic Hodge Theory and p-adic Vanishing Cycles 2016
9 GrDyAp Groups, Dynamics, and Approximation 2016
10 Spotifly Genetic paths underlying the convergent evolution of pigmented spots on fly wings 2016
11 GROUPNIP Model theory of groups in NIP theories 2017
12 MARS Mechanism of allosteric regulation of SHP2 phosphatase and its role in cancer and geneticdiseases: a multidisciplinary computational, structural and biological approach 2017
13 RuKNOW Knowledge on International Relations in Russia 2016
14 GALOP Galois theory of periods and applications. 2017
15 LEUKEMIC-TEs Unveiling the signature of transposable elements-derived transcripts – the transposcriptome – as a biomarker in human acute myeloid leukemia 2017
16 HToMS Homotopy Theory of Moduli Spaces 2018
17 StringHom String topology and group (co)homology 2018
18 TRANSHOLOMORPHIC New transversality techniques in holomorphic curve theories 2018
19 NONLOCAL PHENOMENA Concentration, geometric and topological phenomena in nonlocal elliptic equations. 2018
20 Loops and groups Loops and groups: Geodesics, moduli spaces, and infinite discrete groups via string topology and homological stability 2018
21 COCAN Complexity and Condition in Algebra and Numerics 2019
22 ALPHA Alpha Shape Theory Extended 2018
23 ZebraZoom ZebraZoom: Kinematic analysis for drug and genetic screening in zebrafish 2018
24 evolSingleCellGRN Constraint, Adaptation, and Heterogeneity: Genomic and single-cell approaches to understanding the evolution of developmental gene regulatory networks 2019
25 SleepCirc Claustrum, Brainstem and Sleep: Mechanisms and Function 2019
26 STABREP Geometric Models for Calabi-Yau Algebras and Homological Mirror Symmetry 2020
27 FUSEDESIGN Model-guided design of a stabilized pre-fusion class III viral fusogen, rabies virus glycoprotein 2019
28 RecPAIR Genetic landscape of the homology search 2019
29 THyM Why is Transparent Hypocotyl Mutant showed reduced phototropic response? 2020
30 HOTHSPOH Homotopy theory of spaces of homomorphisms 2019
31 3D-loop Mechanism of homology search and the logic of homologous chromosome pairing in meiosis 2020
32 HSD Homeomorphisms in symplectic topology and dynamics 2020
33 MM-CAHF Combinatorial aspects of Heegaard Floer homology for knots and links 2021