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H2020 projects about "neoplastic"

The page lists 20 projects related to the topic "neoplastic".

# achronym  title  year 
1 DC cancer Development and immunological control of dendritic cell cancer 2015
2 ChemoBOOM Development of Palladium-Labile Prodrugs for Bioorthogonally-Activated Chemotherapy 2016
3 M-Imm Novel etiology of autoimmune disorders: the role of acquired somatic mutations in lymphoid cells 2015
4 EpiTarget Epigenome-targeted therapy for cholangiocarcinoma. 2017
5 STEM-BCPC Signal Transduction and Epigenetic Mechanisms of Breast Cell Plasticity and Cancer 2016
6 PCFENCM Pan-cancer functional evaluation of non-coding DNA mutations 2017
7 chemos Chemical Hematology: breaking resistance of hematological malignancies through personalized drug trials 2016
8 PICCOLO Multimodal highly-sensitive PhotonICs endoscope for improved in-vivo COLOn Cancer diagnosis and clinical decision support 2017
9 VIVAVE Viral Vaccine Vectors in Personalized Medicine 2017
10 MARS Can histone code-like switches govern the multifunctionality of RNA-binding proteins? 2017
11 ECM_INK Cells-self Extracellular Matrices-based Bioinks to create accurate 3D diseased skin tissue models 2017
12 MATADOR MAmmary chemoresistant Tumor deAth by Directed cell ORientation 2018
13 XHaLe Hanover experimental lung research project 2018
14 Proteasome in cancer Identification of the proteasome machinery targets in human cancer 2018
15 COLOVOC Reliable and specific urinary biomarkers for colorectal cancer 2019
16 EDIT Novel precision technological platforms to promote non-invasive early diagnosis, eradication and prevention of cancer relapse: proof of concept in the bladder carcinoma. 2018
17 ONCOscanner ONCOscanner – oncological probe for intra-operative identification of cancerous tissues during surgical treatment for breast cancer 2018
18 SyLeNCe Synapses between Leukaemia and its Neighbouring Cells 2020
19 BCLLatlas Single-cell genomics to comprehensively understand healthy B-cell maturation and transformation to chronic lymphocytic leukemia 2019
20 NUCDDR Nucleolar Responses to DNA Damage: rDNA, an emerging hub of genome instability 2020