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H2020 projects about "reorganization"

The page lists 35 projects related to the topic "reorganization".

# achronym  title  year 
1 DIvA Chromatin function in DNA Double Strand breaks repair: Prime, repair and restore DSB Inducible via AsiSI 2015
2 NPCChr A role for nuclear pore complexes in chromatin organization during early development? 2016
3 ISHTAR The travelling astronomers. International collaborations after World War II and the reorganization of European astronomy (1953-1985) 2015
4 THESUNKIN Thessaly under the Kings: Religion, Society and the Politics of Multiculturalism in Mainland Greece 2015
5 MWMI Mesoscopic characterization of human white-matter: a computational in-vivo MRI framework 2015
6 UNRAVELS UNderstanding, descRibing And Visualizing Electronic charge in noveL oxide heteroStructures 2015
7 OCTANT Modeling the chronology of deep ocean circulation changes during abrupt climate transitions 2016
8 SENSORTHALAMUS Thalamic control of Neuroplasticity 2015
9 SEMERGY Energy efficient and sustainable building planning 2015
10 STRIGES Escaping from the Franck-Condon region : a theoretical approach to describe molecular STructural ReorganIzation for reversible EnerGy and information storage at the Excited State 2015
11 OXYGEN Quantifying the evolution of Earth's atmosphere with novel isotope systems and modelling 2016
12 COcOAB Characterizing the Occipital Oscillatory Activity in Blindness 2016
13 WIRELESS Motor and cognitive functions of the monkey premotor cortex during free social interactions 2016
14 HippAchoMod Deciphering the cholinergic modulation of the hippocampal place code. 2016
15 FNS-4-NAMOSAT Development of fluorescence nanospectroscopy to elucidate the roles of nanoscale molecular segregation in the activation of T-cells 2016
16 TraX Stability and Transitions in Physical Processes 2017
17 Learn2Walk Brain meets spine: the neural origin of toddler’s first steps 2017
18 IDENTITIES Integrative Approaches to Dental Wear: Non-Masticatory Tooth-Use Across the Mesolithic-Neolithic Transition Among Iberian Foraging and Farming Societies 2017
19 REBoT Re-Empower the BOdy after Tetraplegia. 2018
20 FeedSax Feeding Anglo-Saxon England: The Bioarchaeology of an Agricultural Revolution 2017
21 PALEoRIDER Human health and migration in prehistory 2018
22 Re-MAPMATH Re-Mapping the Numerical Brain. 2018
23 BRONC Behavioral demand-driven dynamic reorganisation of cortical networks revealed by simultaneous wide-field optical imaging and optogenetic stimulation mapping in task-performing mice 2018
24 CRASCI Spatial-temporal characteristics of Cortical Reorganization after Spinal Cord Injury and the role of interneurons and astrocytes 2018
25 NeuroRemod Mechanisms of neuronal network remodeling in the adult mammalian brain 2018
26 MoViS An innovative screening protocol device for early identification of neonates at high-risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders 2018
27 PARSe Program Analysis and Reorganization, as a Service 2018
28 Worldsoflabour Entangled Worlds of Labour: The Advance of Flexible Capitalism in Eastern Europe 2019
29 MS-fMRI-QSM Studying Multiple Sclerosis with a novel simultaneous functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping (QSM) sequence. 2019
30 PrefrontalMap Organization and learning-associated dynamics of prefrontal synaptic connectivity 2019
31 ReCoDE Reshaping cortical circuits to decrease binge eating 2019
32 UNCERTHAIN Unraveling the consequences of early cerebellothalamic dysfunction and its role in autism spectrum disorder symptoms 2019
33 BrownianReactivation Neural stochasticity and criticality in memory replay 2019
34 LongPlaNet Long-Range Plasticity of Neuronal Networks in the Adult Brain 2019
35 ConnectToBrain Connecting to the Networks of the Human Brain 2019