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H2020 projects about "urine"

The page lists 59 projects related to the topic "urine".

# achronym  title  year 
1 FAPIC Fast Assay for Pathogen Identification and Characterisation 2015
2 GLAM Laser Multiplexed Biosensor 2015
3 SUPERCELL Single-Use paPER-based fuel CELLs 2015
4 BioGuidePCa Biomarker Guided Prostate Cancer Management 2014
5 PhenoMeNal PhenoMeNal: A comprehensive and standardised e-infrastructure for analysing medical metabolic phenotype data 2015
6 OPEDGP Omics Phenotyping of Endocrine Disease in the General Population 2015
7 N-SHEAD Nanoarrays: Self-assembled Hotspots for Enhanced Analyte Detection 2015
8 THSExposure Thirdhand Tobacco Smoke: Chemical Characterization, Human Exposure and Urinary Carcinogen Biomarkers 2015
9 MINERVA Micro-RNAs of neutrophils in renal ANCA-associated vasculitis 2016
10 OABCAP Demonstration of a new diagnostic device for the Overactive Bladder syndrome 2015
11 HYMEDNA Hypermethylated DNA detection using NanoGaps 2015
12 URO-BEST UROthelial carcinoma Biomarker based diagnostic tEST 2015
13 PREKIND PreEclampsia diagnosis by Early Kidney Injury Detection 2015
14 PCSP Odour-GPCRs based technology for detection and stratification of cancer: Prostate Cancer Smell Print as first vertical market 2015
15 PREVENT Prostate cancer extracellular vesicles as biomarkers for nanomedicine treatment 2015
16 BLACANDI BLACANDI can improve life quality and cut cost of diagnosing and managing bladder cancer in half 2015
17 RENOIR RENal prOgenItoRs as tools to understand kidney pathophysiology and treat kidney disorders 2015
18 LAUREN bLadder cAncer URine cEll aNalysis 2015
19 EPICHECK Detection of Various Cancer Types for Screening and Diagnosis through Blood Samples with Epigenetic Biomarkers Panels 2015
20 VALPAS VALidation of human PApilloma virus assays on Self-collected first void urine samples 2015
21 Exosomes Regulated secretion and role of urinary nanovesicles 2017
22 OBESOGENS Environmental chemicals as obesogens 2016
23 uPROPHET uPROPHET: Urinary PROteomics in Predicting HEart Transplantation outcomes 2016
24 COCORO Cocoro Advanced Lingerie, the ultimate reusable absorbent underwear 2016
25 GlycoImaging Imaging and detection of tumor-associated glycan structures on tumor cells 2017
26 LACTOPOC A Low-cost disposAble eleCTrochemical biOsensor for Point Of Care (POC) hypolactasia diagnostic testing 2017
27 FIT-UTI Fully Integrated Technology based on quantitative polymerase chain reaction for the diagnosis of Urinal Tract Infection 2017
28 FILODIAG Ultra-Fast Molecular Filovirus Diagnostics - Sofia ref.: 115844 2015
29 INNODIA Translational approaches to disease modifying therapy of type 1 diabetes: an innovative approach towards understanding and arresting type 1 diabetes – Sofia ref.: 115797 2015
30 RBM-Screen Professional Urinary Screening 2017
31 OneRNA4Bladder Non invasive Cell Based Liquid Biopsy Platform for Bladder Cancer 2017
32 VolThinSens VolThinSens. Challenging societal needs involving ions detection: New strategies for the development of Voltammetry ion Sensors based on Thin membranes 2018
33 Target-N2O Targeting N2O emission hot-spots in dairy pastures for mitigation action: microbes, stable isotope methods and modelling 2018
34 COLOVOC Reliable and specific urinary biomarkers for colorectal cancer 2019
35 PCaProTreat Multi-omics molecular treatment targets for Prostate Cancer 2018
36 Medipee A novel touchless method and eHealth system for automated urine monitoring 2018
37 T-CONTROL Novel catheter to reduce Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) 2018
38 MM Mister Maginky The new product which solves men’s incontinency problem 2018
39 Medicortex Launching the First Non-Invasive Point of Care Diagnostic Test for Traumatic Brain Injury 2018
40 Nevada Diagnostics device for rapid testing of prostate cancer at Point-of-care 2018
42 KING An avant-garde measuring principle based on the potentiometric method using signals from the kidney to monitor hospitalised patients water-volemic state 2018
43 GEMMA Genome, Environment, Microbiome & Metabolome in Autism: an integrated multi-omic systems biology approach to identify biomarkers for personalized treatment and primary prevention of Autism Spectr 2019
44 AURORAX Advancing cancer detection through metabolism-based diagnostics 2019
45 INCALO INCALO: Internal black carbon loading: validation of a novel biomarker 2019
46 Renal Flow Flow-stimulated ion channel signalling in renal epithelia 2020
47 PullEd-MS Finding unknown endocrine disrupting compounds through target pull-down assay filtration, effect direct analysis and ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry for a comprehensive efficient workflow. 2019
48 Adductomics Novel DNA adductomics methodological developments for research in colon cancer 2019
49 SCHEME Sewage chemical information mining – development of a novel concept for the assessment of human exposure to pollutants through wastewater analysis 2019
50 ALICE Active Living Infrastructure: Controlled Environment 2019
51 MetALS Investigating the pharmacokinetic properties of toxic metals and heat shock proteins as risk factors in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 2019
53 sociOlfa Learning from social scents: from territory to identity 2020
54 Cancersensing A multi-cancer screening platform for fast and accurate early stage cancer detection from urine samples 2019
55 Clarity Real-time renal diagnostic to prevent ICU-acquired Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). 2019
56 PROSKit Prostate cancer urinary diagnostic kit based on RNA biomarkers 2020
57 MultiSeroSurv Algorithms and multiplex assays for integrated serological surveillance of malaria and neglected tropical diseases 2020
58 PROSTATOR Reliable urinary test for the diagnosis of prostate cancer 2020
59 RENOPROTECT Targeting tubular reabsorption for kidney protection 2020