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H2020 projects about "converters"

The page lists 79 projects related to the topic "converters".

# achronym  title  year 
1 I2MPECT Integrated, Intelligent modular power electronic converter 2015
2 Nano Harvest Flexible nanowire devices for energy harvesting 2015
3 GreenDiamond Green Electronics with Diamond Power Devices 2015
4 AEOLUS4FUTURE Efficient harvesting of the wind energy 2015
5 CEFOW Clean energy from ocean waves 2015
6 SCDCDC Design of Switched Capacitor DC-DC Converters Suitable for Wireless and Bio Sensor Applications 2015
7 Synchronverter Smart Synchronous inverter for grid’s stability 2015
8 PROMOTION PROMOTioN - Progress on Meshed HVDC Offshore Transmission Networks 2016
9 PowerKite PowerKite - Power Take-Off System for a Subsea Tidal Kite 2016
10 PhotoMutant Rational Design of Photoreceptor Mutants with Desired Photochemical Properties 2016
11 UPWAVE Demonstration of a 1-MW wave energy converter integrated in an offshore wind turbine farm 2016
12 E-TSIN Modular, scalable, multi-funtional, high power density power controller for electrical taxi 2016
13 POCOL Power Conversion Units for LifeRCraft demonstrator 2015
14 PARTIAL-PGMs Development of novel, high Performance hybrid TWV/GPF Automotive afteR treatment systems by raTIonAL design: substitution of PGMs and Rare earth materials 2016
15 CALBATT - ASSET Advanced Solutions for Smart Energy storage and electric Transportation 2016
16 NanoThermo Energy Conversion and Information Processing at Small Scales 2016
17 HPEM2GAS High Performance PEM Electrolyzer for Cost-effective Grid Balancing Applications 2016
18 SYNCHRONVERTER Smart Synchronous inverter for grid’s stability 2016
19 OMT OMT - Optomechanical Technologies 2016
20 HASTECS Hybrid Aircraft; academic reSearch on Thermal and Electrical Components and Systems 2016
21 WaveBoost Advanced Braking Module with Cyclic Energy Recovery System (CERS) for enhanced reliability and performance of Wave Energy Converters 2016
22 INTERSTELLAR Building the next generation high-speed data converters to strengthen European excellence and competitiveness on space applications and beyond 2016
23 HF-BWT Safeguarding shipping operations via a novel modular high frequency power converter to boost installation and performance of ballast water treatment systems 2016
24 AMADEUS Next GenerAtion MateriAls and Solid State DevicEs for Ultra High Temperature Energy Storage and Conversion 2017
25 OCEAN_2G Second Generation technologies in ocean Energy 2017
26 APU-OFF Auxiliary Power Unit SubstitutiOn Service For AircraFt 2017
27 PLATIO Innovative outdoor solar and kinetic energy harvesting pavement system 2017
28 TOPMOST Optimization two phases cooling solution using micro pump brick 2017
29 DNPMAT Studies of Materials and Catalysts by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Enhanced Solid-state NMR 2017
30 SILICON Self-Injection-Locked Integrated Analog-to-Digital Converter 2017
31 OpTiCA Optimisation of Tidal energy Converter Arrays 2017
32 DMS Dielectric MicroSpacer Technology 2017
33 MoWE Mooring of floating wave energy converters:numerical simulation and uncertainty quantification 2017
34 Constance Flight Critical Wireless Slip Ring for Civil Tiltrotor 2017
36 OHT A hydraulic collection tower, with a novel energy storage device for wave energy arrays 2017
37 HiLICo High Luminescence In Cockpit 2017
38 InnoDC Innovative tools for offshore wind and DC grids 2017
39 MiLEDI Micro Quantum Dot-Light Emitting Diode and Organic Light Emitting Diode Direct Patterning (MILEDI) 2018
40 FLHYSAFE Fuel CelL HYdrogen System for AircraFt Emergency operation 2018
41 ARRECIFE Coral Reef wisdom to capture Wave Energy 2018
42 WAVREP WAVe Resource for Electrical Production 2018
43 HydroFlex Increasing the value of Hydropower through increased Flexibilty 2018
44 IMAGINE Innovative Method for Affordable Generation IN ocean Energy 2018
45 MegaRoller Developing the PTO of the first MW-level Oscillating Wave Surge Converter 2018
46 SEA-TITAN SEA-TITAN: Surging Energy Absorption Through Increasing Thrust And efficieNcy 2018
47 ReaLCoE Next Generation 12+MW Rated, Robust, Reliable and Large Offshore Wind Energy Converters for Clean, Low Cost and Competitive Electricity 2018
48 OFFSHORE TALL TOWER Structural safety improvement of offshore tall wind turbines under wind and wave loadings 2019
49 UVALITH Continuous Wave, Tunable Monolithic Frequency Converter 2018
50 The Blue Growth Farm Development and demonstration of an automated, modular and environmentally friendly multi-functional platform for open sea farm installations of the Blue Growth Industry 2018
51 REACTION first and euRopEAn siC eigTh Inches pilOt liNe 2018
52 AMPS Aircraft Modular Power Converter Solutions 2018
53 EGREMPLARE The first eco-friendly technology for greasy mixed plastics recycling 2018
54 U-HEART Unbreakable HEART: a reconfigurable and self-healing isolated dc/dc converter (U-HEART) 2018
55 MODES Multimode light shaping: from optical fibers to nanodevices 2018
56 POLYNSPIRE Demonstration of Innovative Technologies towards a more Efficient and Sustainable Plastic Recycling 2018
57 IDEN Innovative Distributed Electrical Network 2018
58 TELL Towards a fast-uptake of mEdium/Low-voltage eLectric power trains 2018
59 MASSTART MASS manufacturing of TrAnsceiveRs for Terabit/s era 2019
60 Mu-MASS Muonium Laser Spectroscopy 2019
61 SPECTRACON Materials Engineering of Integrated Hybrid Spectral Converters for Next Generation Luminescent Solar Devices 2019
62 GuidedNW-PV High-Voltage Micro-Photovoltaic Cells and Photodetectors Based on Guided Nanowires for On-Chip Powering of Autonomous Microsystems 2019
63 3H-ADC High-speed, High-accuracy and Radiation-Hardened (Rad-Hard) Analog-to-Digital converter (ADC) in CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) technology 2019
64 SCOPUS Smart Converters for Optimized Power Usage and Storage 2019
65 VILB Very high temperature HVDC busbar (180 - 240°) with reliable and cost effective technology 2018
66 OpenWave Validation and Optimization of an Open-Source Novel Nonlinear Froude-Krylov Model for Advanced Design of Wave Energy Converters 2019
67 SUNRISE Solar Energy for a Circular Economy 2019
68 MVDC-ERS Flexible medium voltage DC electric railway systems 2018
69 ParaResWEC Nonlinear Rock and Roll - Modelling and Control of Parametric Resonance in Wave Energy Converters 2019
70 UltimateGaN Research for GaN technologies, devices, packages and applications to address the challenges of the future GaN roadmap 2019
71 PLASTDEINK Water based process for the delaminating and deinking of surface printed plastic 2019
72 WinGrid Wind farm - grid interactions: exploration and development 2019
73 TeraSlice Terahertz Analogue-to-Digital Conversion Using Photonic Chipscale Soliton Frequency Combs and Massively Parallel Spectrally Sliced Detection 2020
74 COOLWIND Subsea Cooler for Offshore Wind HVDC transformer platforms 2019
75 EDDA European Direct-Drive Architecture 2019
76 ELVER Energy from Limited Velocity Estuaries and Rivers 2019
77 MolecQuantumMachines Molecular Quantum Machines 2020
78 SIPhoDiAS Space-grade Opto-electronic Interfaces for Photonic Digital and Analogue Very-high-throughput Satellite payloads 2020
79 SHADE Spin Hall-Based Analog to Digital Encoder for Ultra-Compact Sensor Nodes 2020