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H2020 projects about "explanation"

The page lists 93 projects related to the topic "explanation".

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1 HEARTOFSTROKE The heart of stroke: Pipes, Perfusion, Parenchyma 2015
2 BSMFLEET Challenging the Standard Model using an extended Physics program in LHCb 2015
3 CIMPLEX Bringing CItizens, Models and Data together in Participatory, Interactive SociaL EXploratories 2015
4 NonMinimalHiggs Non Minimal Higgs 2015
6 DAM-NET Dam-nations? A study on dams, nation-building and transboundary water relations through case-studies from Ethiopia and Tajikistan 2015
7 OHPF Optimizing for Happiness in Personal Finance 2015
8 NBUCA Neural and behavioral underpinnings of contextual modulations in Autism 2015
9 MED-FARWEST Urban Centres and Landscapes in Transition. The Mediterranean FarWest in Late Antiquity 2015
10 NEWCARBOVAX New generation of carbohydrate-based vaccines via rational understanding of their immunological mechanism 2017
11 FormGram Form-frequency correspondences in grammar 2015
12 UBPDS Unfoldings and Bifurcations of Polynomial Differential Systems 2016
13 DUST-IN-THE-WIND Dust in the wind — a new paradigm for inflow and outflow structures around supermassive black holes 2016
14 ActiveCortex Active dendrites and cortical associations 2016
15 HiggsEFTatNLO Precise Higgs Properties in the LHC Era 2017
16 INATTENTION Behavioral and Policy Implications of Rational Inattention 2016
17 PHILANTHROPIC RULE International Authority and Intellectual Domination: External Donors and Local Organizations in Latin American Social Sciences (1945-1973). 2017
18 eLightning Lightning propagation and high-energy emissions within coupled multi-model simulations 2016
19 BM Becoming Muslim: Conversion to Islam and Islamisation in Eastern Ethiopia 2016
21 NewLightScalar Search for a new light scalar particle in the K+→π+χ decay at the NA62 experiment at CERN 2017
22 ONOFF Perception of voices that do not exist: Tracking the temporal signatures of auditory hallucinations 2016
23 DismantlingNoise Dissecting the (epi)genetic origins of phenotypic variation and metabolic disease susceptibility 2017
24 UNIGLASS The Enigmatic Universality of Glass 2017
25 TOPEX Philosophical Foundations of Topological Explanations 2016
26 DisCont Discontinuities in Household and Family Formation 2017
27 MiniBrain Cerebral Organoids: Using stem cell derived 3D cultures to understand human brain development and neurological disorders 2017
28 MacroReflEx Macro Experiments on Reflexivity and Economic Crises 2016
29 STONECULT Do early stone tools indicate a hominin ability to accumulate culture? 2017
30 GlassUniversality Universal explanation of low-temperature glass anomalies 2017
31 CIC Context, Identity and Choice: Understanding the constraints on women's career decisions 2017
32 EDAPOL The Epistemic and Dynamic Aspects of Polarization. 2018
33 SCAVENGER Determining the drivers and importance of scavenging behaviors in a changing world using agent based modeling approaches. 2017
34 ATLANTIC_ANGOLA Race, Church, and Colonial Government in the Atlantic: the case of Angola in the age of Enlightenment 2017
35 BrainPredictDynamics Temporal predictions in the auditory cortex: neural mechanisms and their specificity across species and stimulus domains 2018
36 EpiFAT Epigenomic Reprogramming of Adipose Tissue Function and Energy Metabolism in Type 2 Diabetes 2017
37 FUSION The effects of financial capital accumulation on employment and wealth distribution 2017
38 FamilyTies Family ties that bind: A new view of internal migration, immobility and labour-market outcomes 2017
39 ArcheoDyn Globular clusters as living fossils of the past of galaxies 2017
40 MajorNet Majorana neutrino discovery strategy with CMS 2018
41 LARNUEXP Searching for new physics with liquid argon time projection chambers and developing the technology for the future of neutrino physics 2018
42 FraMEPhys A Framework for Metaphysical Explanation in Physics 2018
43 Multicellularity The genetic basis of the convergent evolution of fungal multicellularity 2018
44 SWFsEUROPE Legitimacy, Financialization, and Varieties of Capitalism: Understanding Sovereign Wealth Funds in Europe 2018
45 THEMPO The missing link between Perception and Cognition: The case of multiple-person scenarios 2018
46 EpComp Competence and Success in Epistemology and Beyond 2018
47 ESSnuSB Feasibility Study for employing the uniquely powerful ESS linear accelerator to generate an intense neutrino beam for leptonic CP violation discovery and measurement. 2018
48 COFBMIX Cortical feedback in figure background segregation of odors. 2018
49 SIMDAMA Strong-interaction matter coupled to electroweak probes and dark matter candidates 2018
50 PALEoRIDER Human health and migration in prehistory 2018
51 Stringlandscape Deconstructing the string landscape 2018
52 Submer Highly Efficient, Eco-friendly Immersion Cooling for Data Centres 2018
53 SPITFIRE SPatial variability and Implications of the Timing of FIsh Responses to the Environment 2018
54 PICS Prediction in Complex Systems 2018
55 BrainBehaviourModel Understanding decision making by linking brain and behaviour 2018
56 EUVSBSMP Early Universe Vacuum Stability and Beyond the Standard Model Physics 2019
57 OSCBAGDIS Oscillations in Basal Ganglia Disorders 2018
58 QQT Identification of quantum resources in thermodynamic systems 2018
59 WPMF Women, Politics and Media Framing (WPMF) in the UK and in Israel – Tackling Western Democracies' Gender Inequality in Politics 2018
60 Joint-probe analyses Cosmological joint-probe analyses: constraining the effect of baryon physics on the matter distribution 2018
61 INADEC Impacts of the North Atlantic Decadal variability on European Climate: mechanisms and predictability 2018
62 SCIMOD Foundations of Model Based Science 2018
63 TICTOCGRAV Exploring Gravity with Ultracold Cadmium and Strontium Optical Clocks and Bragg Interferometers 2018
64 GemX Towards a ton-scale Ge-76 observatory for neutrinoless double beta decay 2018
65 DAMIC-M Unveiling the Hidden: A Search for Light Dark Matter with CCDs 2018
66 GENESE 17 Geometries of Exotic NuclEar StructurE 17 2018
67 Tips in SCQFT Lattice gauge theories studies of timely theoretical and phenomenological questions in strongly coupled quantum field theories. 2019
68 AdaptiveResponse The evolution of adaptive response mechanisms 2018
69 OPTNETSPACE Optimal Transport Networks in Spatial Equilibrium 2019
70 FIBROHALT Advancing a novel peptide-based therapeutic for pancreatic cancer 2018
71 BRAINMINT Brains and minds in transition: The dark side of neuroplasticity during sensitive life phases 2019
72 SLOW_SOURCE Finding the Origin of the Slow Solar Wind 2019
73 TLRstorm Spatial and temporal control of self/non-self discrimination in innate immunity 2019
74 LADIE Investigation of nonlinear stimulated emission in optically excited dielectrics 2020
75 HARHCS Harmonic Analysis on Real Hypersurfaces in Complex Space 2019
76 ConceptNet Using Network Science to Study Children’s Conceptual Development 2019
77 ALGOCERT Devising certifiable and explainable algorithms for verification and planning in cyber-physical systems 2019
78 SLIP exhumed foSsiL shear zones: a key to Investigate Present middle-crustal seismicity 2019
79 COMLIB Communists into Liberals: The Transformation and Demise of the Left as Precursor to the Illiberal Turn in Poland 2019
80 P-appetite Dissecting how the Drosophila brain regulates behavioral sequences of feeding to ensure protein homeostasis 2019
81 EvolSexChrom Testing new hypotheses on the evolution of sex-related chromosomes 2019
82 NCI-CAD Neutrophil - Chlamydia interactions at the crossroad of adaptation and defence 2019
83 ChinaUrban Rethinking China’s Model of Urban Governance 2020
84 NL4XAI Interactive Natural Language Technology for Explainable Artificial Intelligence 2019
85 XAI Science and technology for the explanation of AI decision making 2019
86 CENTRAL ASIAN LAW Legal Cultures and Business Environments in Central Asia 2020
87 CSI AurkA-MYC Conformational Shift Inducers (CSI): An atomistic level investigation of Aurora kinase A (AurkA)–MYC interaction and its distortion by CSI compounds 2019
89 DEXIM Deeply Explainable Intelligent Machines 2019
90 EvoBias Sex-specific demography and the evolution of gender-biased harmful cultural practices 2020
91 DYNANSE Righting the Wrongs. A Life Course Dynamics Approach for Non-Standard Employment 2020
92 SOCIAL MATCH The role of social behaviour in mate choice 2021
93 WIRED Women In Research and higher EDucation 2020