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H2020 projects about "similarity"

The page lists 65 projects related to the topic "similarity".

# achronym  title  year 
1 CRASK Cortical Representation of Abstract Semantic Knowledge 2015
2 Phonetic Processing Phonetic Processing in Bilinguals: Investigation of the bilingual advantage hypothesis in phonetic processing 2015
3 Human Rpc5 RNA Polymerase III Rpc4/Rpc5 subcomplex and Selenocysteine tRNA transcription 2015
4 MOCT Spectral Theory of Non-Selfadjoint Markov Processes with Applications in Self-Similarity, Branching Processes and Financial Mathematics 2015
5 Intentions in Action Intentions in Action: Establishing the neural causes of intentional action 2015
6 LeSoDyMAS Learning in the Space of Dynamical Models of Adrenal Steroidogenesis “LeSoDyMAS” 2015
7 FORGE From new Objects to new woRds through GEstures: how sensory-motor experiences of objects and tools influence word acquisition in children 2016
8 Interactive Video Automatic creation of interactive video to double video advertising revenues whilst decreasing inconvenience for viewers 2015
9 3D Reloaded 3D Reloaded: Novel Algorithms for 3D Shape Inference and Analysis 2015
10 VIDOCK 2D Conformal mapping of protein surfaces: applications to VIsualization and DOCKing software 2015
11 LANGDYN Language dynamics: a neurocognitive approach to incremental interpretation 2015
12 PRETREAT PRoteome-based assessment of vascular disease for the Establishment of a Translational REsearch plATform 2016
13 WhoLoDancE Whole-Body Interaction Learning for Dance Education 2016
14 KeyDynamics Addressing key challenges for forecasting climate change effects on biodiversity: an assessment of dispersal limitation, priority effects and intra-species trait variation in range dynamics 2017
15 PYANO Retargeted Pyocins: A novel tool for combating major food borne pathogens and exploitingphage-host interactions 2016
16 ARGUE_WEB Probabilistic Argumentation on the Web 2016
17 AggregationKinetics Emergence of Large Particles in Cluster-Cluster Aggregation 2017
18 ATUNE Attenuation Tomography Using Novel observations of Earth's free oscillations 2016
20 FINESSE Fibre Nervous Sensing Systems 2016
21 ReCAP Real-time Content Analysis and Processing (ReCAP) for Agile Media Production 2016
22 INCREASE Innovations in Neural Conceptual Representation: Exploring Aspects of Semantics 2016
23 MOUSIE Multi-Organ UltraSound-based Inborn Evaluation 2016
24 OSIRIS Organic Semiconductors Interfaced with Biological Environments 2017
25 CONIN Effects of confinement on inhomogeneous systems 2017
26 MEMPATHY At first INsight: how our memories shape empathy for others’ physical pain 2017
27 CHEMMINE Chemical proteome mining for functional annotation of disease relevant proteins 2017
28 PEAC Provably-Correct Efficient Algorithms for Clustering 2017
29 VAC2VAC Vaccine lot to Vaccine lot comparison by consistancy testing - Sofia ref.: 115924 2016
30 NEUROABSTRACTION Abstraction and Generalisation in Human Decision-Making 2017
31 Trust Radius The radius of Generalized Trust among different educational groups: Are those 'most people' out-groups? 2018
32 Spontaneous activity Functional role of neuronal spontaneous activity for sensory processing 2018
33 TECSOME Technologies for Supporting Online Music Education 2017
34 LTCSEI Learning through Categories in Social and Economic Interactions 2018
35 NeuroBid Inside the bi-dialectal mind and brain: An electrophysiological study on executive functions 2018
36 CulTech Cultural transmission and technological evolution in southernmost Africa c. 44 – 12 kcal. BP 2019
37 ROBOTGENSKILL Generalizing human-demonstrated robot skills 2018
38 Ancestral Structural and biochemical studies of an ancestral enzyme with dual dehalogenase and luciferase activity 2018
39 EMO - FIT Emotional Fit in Intercultural Interactions: Studying mimicry and emotional grounding as micro-processes of (intercultural) belonging. 2018
40 NEOGENE Archaeogenomic analysis of genetic and cultural interactions in Neolithic Anatolian societies 2018
41 REPAC Repetition, Parallelism and Creativity: An Inquiry into the Construction of Meaning in Ancient Mesopotamian Literature and Erudition 2019
42 FOUNDCOG Curiosity and the Development of the Hidden Foundations of Cognition 2019
43 Eternum A Novel Wine Elaboration Process 2018
44 UltimateRB Direct numerical simulations towards ultimate turbulence 2019
45 exoZoo High definition and time-resolved studies of exoplanet atmospheres: a new window on the extreme diversity of the exoplanet zoo 2019
46 SmartDataLake Sustainable Data Lakes for Extreme-Scale Analytics 2019
47 DAFINET Dynamic Attitude Fixing: A novel theory of opinion dynamics in social networks and its implications for computational propaganda in hybrid social networks (containing humans and bots) 2018
48 IRIS AI IRIS.AI: The Artificial Intelligence-powered R&D assistant 2018
49 BEBOP Binaries Escorted By Orbiting Planets 2018
50 ContentMAP Contentotopic mapping: the topographical organization of object knowledge in the brain 2019
51 ENFORCE ENgineering FrustratiOn in aRtificial Colloidal icEs:degeneracy, exotic lattices and 3D states 2020
52 OPENFLUX Societal openness, normative flux, and the social modification of heritability 2019
54 Eco-CosmePharm Computational 'eco-toxicity' assessment of pharmaceutical and cosmetics materials, an approach towards a green and sustainable environment 2019
55 NEUROFLIES Drosophila sechellia: a novel model to investigate nervous system and behavioral evolution 2019
56 ERMADA Illuminating Earth’s microbial diversity and origins from metagenomes with deep learning 2019
57 contactVIRT Intergroup Contact in Virtual Reality: Comparative Effects of Two Contact Strategies on Reducing Prejudice and Increasing Trust Between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland 2019
58 SMARTBOX Selective Modifications of ARomatics through Biocatalytic Oxidations 2019
59 SEBAMAT Semantics-Based Machine Translation 2020
60 SentiSquareCX Qualitative Jump in Customer Experience: Omnichannel Impact of Distributional Semantics 2019
61 SIAM Scaling Up Innovation through Analogy Mining 2020
62 Trep-AB Repurposing clinically approved antibacterial drugs for treponematoses therapy 2020
63 PEPTOX An innovative peptide system for novel drugs targeting microbial Repeats-In-Toxin adhesins 2020
64 Hemstem Targeting leukaemia by modulating hematopoietic stem cell competitiveness 2020
65 M3R Microfluidic Multi-Micropollutant Remediation 2021