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H2020 projects about "stemming"

The page lists 56 projects related to the topic "stemming".

# achronym  title  year 
1 GEM From Geometry to Motion: inverse modeling of complex mechanical structures 2015
2 CoExAN Collective Excitations in Advanced Nanostructures 2015
4 JELLYPACTS Assessment of Jellyfish Socioeconomic Impacts in the Mediterranean: Implications for Management 2016
5 MCTDC Multi-channel time-to-digital converter sensor with ultra high resolution 2015
6 AQUACROSS Knowledge, Assessment, and Management for AQUAtic Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services aCROSS EU policies (AQUACROSS) 2015
7 DIACAT Diamond materials for the photocatalytic conversion of CO2 to fine chemicals and fuels using visible light 2015
8 WIRE2015 Week of Innovative Regions in Europe 2015 (WIRE VI) 2014
9 dReDBox Disaggregated Recursive Datacentre-in-a-Box 2016
10 Errspitals A knowledge transfer and sharing action for developing A new integrative approach to mitigating errors in hospitals: Resolving tensions in error research 2016
11 eLection Evaluating the performance of local climate policies in Mexico (2009-2018) 2017
12 RanDM Randomness and pseudorandomness in discrete mathematics 2016
13 Dynasore Dynamical magnetic excitations with spin-orbit interaction in realistic nanostructures 2016
14 COCTA Coordinated capacity ordering and trajectory pricing for better-performing ATM 2016
15 CADENT Competitive Advantage for the Data-driven ENTerprise 2016
16 BRIGHT Brilliant Researchers Impact on Growth Health and Trust in research. 2016
17 FricWeld Friction Welded Valve for Enhanced Hygiene in Food and Beverage Industry 2016
18 MAGELLAN MAGELLAN. The World, Your Playground! 2016
20 SCI-ALL Science Unites ALL 2016
21 Safe2LPG Device for safety and security in liquid petroleum gas systems 2017
22 CSPIWB Learning under Conflict: Effects of political violence on the educational attainment of Palestinian students in the West Bank 2017
23 NINA 2.0 Changing the rules of domestic gas metering 2017
24 INSPYRE Investigations Supporting MOX Fuel Licensing in ESNII Prototype Reactors 2017
25 ONE5G E2E-aware Optimizations and advancements for the Network Edge of 5G New Radio 2017
26 FogGuru FogGuru: Training the Next Generation of European Fog Computing Experts 2017
27 iMove Translating rewards to eye movements 2018
28 CELL HORMONE Bringing into focus the cellular dynamics of the plant growth hormone gibberellin 2018
29 Track and Know Big Data for Mobility Tracking Knowledge Extraction in Urban Areas 2018
30 TSNet Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) technologies for Next Generation Ethernet 2017
31 SUEE Strategic Uncertainty in Economic Environments 2018
32 OriginIoT OriginIoT - novel platform for increased utilization of GNSS constellations via outdoor IoT products 2018
33 SOPMEN Correlating the 3D atomic structure of metal anisotropic nanoparticles with their optical properties 2018
34 BEHAVFRICTIONS Behavioral Implications of Information-Processing Frictions 2018
35 NEMO Network Motion 2019
36 LangRev European Best Practices for Endangered Language Revitalisation 2018
37 MiniBRAIN Investigating the pathogenic mechanisms underlying TUBB2B-related brain malformations using induced pluripotent stem cells and cerebral organoids. 2019
38 ReachOut The Beta Testing Campaign Platform for Research Projects 2019
39 MiCREATE Migrant Children and Communities in a Transforming Europe 2019
40 DIABFRAIL-LATAM Scaling-up of and evidence-based intervention programme in older people with Diabetes and Frailty in LatinAmerica 2019
41 BE-ARCHAEO BEyond ARCHAEOlogy: an advanced approach linking East to West through science, field archaeology, interactive museum experiences 2019
42 SCARE Side-Channel Aware Engineering 2018
43 CORKtheCAMBIA Thickening of plant organs by nested stem cells 2019
44 CAPTURE CApturing Paradata for documenTing data creation and Use for the REsearch of the future 2019
45 SSHOC Social Sciences & Humanities Open Cloud 2019
46 Eco-Drive 2 Market Propellant-Free Continuous-Dispensing Packaging Solution: From Commercial Pilot to Full Commercialization 2019
47 Print2fly Can we print an aircraft at room temperature? 2019
48 SPECIMEN Depicting Species: The Role of the Image in Modern Biology 1750-1950 2019
49 SCAFFOLD-NEEDS Commercialization of 3D scaffold platforms for neuronal cell culture models 2019
50 COMMER-CELL Commercialisation of neuronal cell co-cultures 2019
51 AlgaHealth AlgaHealth: novel cultivation technologies of unique microalgae strains for high quality of fucoxanthin-based products. 2019
52 QUALITOP Monitoring multidimensional aspects of QUAlity of Life after cancer ImmunoTherapy - an Open smart digital Platform for personalized prevention and patient management 2020
53 TEACHING A computing toolkit for building efficient autonomous applications leveraging humanistic intelligence 2020
54 ThinkAhead Thinking Ahead: human planning from a predictive processing perspective 2020
55 FairPersonalization Personalized commercial practices and digital market manipulation: enhancing fairness in consumer protection 2020
56 BOAR Veterinarization of Europe? Hunting for Wild Boar Futures in the Time of African Swine Fever 2020