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H2020 projects about "artists"

The page lists 90 projects related to the topic "artists".

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2 NEWHORIZONS New Horizons Festival 2014
3 FlowMachines Flow Machines 2015
4 iART Consumer-oriented ICT Solutions for creative SMEs providing Art in Bespoke Fashion 2015
5 AutoPost Deformable Surface Tracking and Alpha Matting for the Automation of Post-production Workflows 2015
6 POPULATE POPULate AsymmeTric mobile gamEs 2015
7 MusicBricks MusicBricks: Musical Building Blocks for Digital Makers and Content Creators 2015
9 COPAST The Colours of the Past in Victorian England 2016
10 HumanitarianPassions Humanitarian Passions. The Survival of Christian Iconography in Contemporary Representations of Pain: a Visual Studies Approach 2015
11 MUSICAL-MOODS A mood-indexed database of scores, lyrics, musical excerpts, vector-based 3D animations, and dance video recordings 2015
12 Transnational Localism Transnational Localism and Music after the two World Wars: the case of Francis Poulenc 2015
13 OPENCARE Open Participatory Engagement in Collective Awareness for REdesign of Care Services 2016
14 CHoKO Clearing House for Knowledge Options (CHoKO) - creating a marketplace for knowledge 2015
15 ERCcOMICS communicating ERC projects through cOMICS 2015
16 BrainHack BrainHack: Bringing the arts and sciences of brain and neural computer interface together 2016
17 FEAT Future and Emerging Art and Technology 2015
18 ADDACT GmbH ADDACT - Fanpowered Concerts 2015
19 AniAge High Dimensional Heterogeneous Data based Animation Techniques for Southeast Asian Intangible Cultural Heritage Digital Content 2016
20 UNREST Unsettling Remembering and Social Cohesion in Transnational Europe 2016
21 TRACES Transmitting Contentious Cultural Heritages with the Arts: From Intervention to Co-Production 2016
22 Mapping Anna The Politics of Cultural Exchange: Anna of Denmark and the Uses of European Identity 2017
23 BWBN Black Women/Black Nationalism – Feminist Discourses on Nation-building in American and British Literature and Visual Arts 2016
24 CHAMELEON Intuitive editing of visual appearance from real-world datasets 2016
25 INCOMMON In praise of community: shared creativity in arts and politics in Italy (1959-1979) 2016
26 first.stage Fast and easy previsualisation for creative industries 2016
27 SPRAYDECO Developing Wireless Application-based Spray Printer Device for Wall Decoration 2016
28 SFS Situating Free Speech: European parrhesias in comparative perspective 2016
29 HERITAGE Monumental Art of the Christian and Early Islamic East: Cultural Identities and Classical Heritage 2016
30 SENSOTRA Sensory Transformations and Transgenerational Environmental Relationships in Europe, 1950–2020 2016
31 EVEARA EVEARA: Testing a New Business Model for Digital Music Distribution 2016
32 DevelopingTheatre Developing Theatre: Building Expert Networks for Theatre in Emerging Countries after 1945 2016
33 GIFT Meaningful Personalization of Hybrid Virtual Museum Experiences Through Gifting and Appropriation 2017
34 ArtomatixSuite An innovative 3D content generation solution for digital artists 2016
35 MMAA Music Magazine and Artist APP project 2016
36 VisualMusic Real Time 3D Motion Graphics Studio for Creative Music Industry SMEs 2016
37 WEAR Wearable technologists Engage with Artists for Responsible innovation 2017
38 VERTIGO Adding socio-economic value to industry through the integration of artists in research and open innovation processes. 2016
39 CO-CREATION The Cohesive City: Addressing Stigmatisation in Disadvantaged Urban Neighbourhoods 2017
40 FIBRANET Fibres in Ancient European Textiles 2017
41 HiPArtDoc Between Evidence and Representation: History of Performance Art Documentation from 1970 to 1977 2017
42 ILBIB Ireland and Late-Georgian British Imaginings of Belonging: With Particular Reference to William Wordsworth 2017
43 METROMOD Relocating Modernism: Global Metropolises, Modern Art and Exile 2017
44 NePLeP Netherlandish Paintings in Ledreborg Palace: A Multi-Disciplinary Research of circa 600 Paintings 2017
45 Playmoss Playmoss Pro: The music fan club 2.0 2017
46 ECHOES European Colonial Heritage Modalities in Entangled Cities 2018
47 PRESTIGE Design-driven integration of innovative PRinted functional matErialS into inTeractive hIgh-end and fashion consumer Goods addressing tomorrow’s societal challEnges 2017
48 MATUROLIFE Metallisation of Textiles to make Urban living for Older people more Independent Fashionable 2018
49 TrueTalent TrueTalent - Creating the new artist economy 2018
50 AFFIRMATIVE Affirmative Post-Cinema: Narrative and Aesthetic Responses to Gender and Power 2018
51 CommGenRwa Genocide Commemoration in the Rwandan Diaspora 2018
52 DREAM Drafting and Enacting the Revolutions in the Arab Mediterranean.In search of Dignity, from the 1950’s until today 2018
53 LIAE Laughing in an Emergency: Humour, Cultural Resilience and Contemporary Art 2018
54 CRAACE Continuity and Rupture in Central European Art and Architecture, 1918-1939 2018
55 MiMus Ioculator seu mimus. Performing Music and Poetry in medieval Iberia 2018
56 NextBillionMusicians The Next Billion Musicians: Leading the Digital Disruption of Music Education 2018
57 FUTURES FUTURES: Create. Imagine. Explore. 2018
58 SuperScienceMe SuperScienceMe: ResEArCH in your REACH - European Researchers' Night 2018
59 QriUS Come and Play Science at European Researchers` Night 2018
61 StART StART: Science through ART 2019
62 Scan2CAD Scan2CAD: Learning to Digitize the Real World 2019
63 TPTF_ERN Techno-Past Techno-Future: European Researchers' Night 2018
64 C2C4LMB Gigstarter — A C2C Solution for Live Music Bookings 2018
65 MindSpaces MindSpaces - Art-driven adaptive outdoors and indoors design 2019
66 REFREAM Re-Thinking of Fashion in Research and Artist collaborating development for Urban Manufacturing 2018
67 STARTS Ecosystem Support to STARTS Community and Lighthouse Projects through the creation of an ecosystem for hybrid talent 2019
68 SoFiA Soap Film based Artificial Photosynthesis 2019
69 CHROMOTOPE The 19th century chromatic turn - CHROMOTOPE 2019
70 AUTOMOLD Automatized Design of Injection Molds 2019
71 SoundID The Smart Broadcast Monitoring and Management System 2019
72 Amazonart Conquering Self-Representation: A Collaborative Approach to the Aesthetical-Political Dimension of Amazonian Contemporary Art 2019
73 COART-INT Decentralizing Conceptual Art's Internationalism: Latin American artists in Western Europe, 1968-1979 2019
74 E2-CREATE E2-CREATE: Encoding Embodied CreativityVisual arts, performing arts, film, design 2020
75 MariBet La MaMa Experimental Theatre: a lasting bridge between cultures 2019
76 PTANOIS POSIN Following the paths of itinerant professionals of the arts in the epigraphic sources of the Hellenistic period 2020
77 ResonanceCircuits Illuminating neural microcircuitry underlying flicker resonance in the visual cortex 2020
78 SPECIMEN Depicting Species: The Role of the Image in Modern Biology 1750-1950 2019
79 FACETS Face Aesthetics in Contemporary E-Technological Societies 2019
80 Close Redefining the customer journey of live event visitors 2019
81 FEINART The Future of European Independent Art Spaces in a Period of Socially Engaged Art 2020
82 Didimo Humanity in Digital Communication 2019
83 TRACTION Opera co-creation for a social transformation 2020
84 ARTIS Art and Research on Transformations of Individuals and Societies 2020
85 LAWHA Lebanon's Art World at Home and Abroad: Trajectories of artists and artworks in/from Lebanon since 1943 2020
86 TMIM Textiles and the Making of Israeli Modernism: From the Zionist Bauhuas to Feminist Art 2020
87 PlaGE Playing at the Gateways of Europe: theatrical languages and performatives practices in the Migrants' Reception Centres of the Mediterranean Area 2020
88 RED-OPEN Unravelling Discoloration Mechanisms of Red Organic Pigments in Historical Art Works. 2021
89 REPTARQ Ecstatic Utopias: Reorienting audiovisual Evocations of Place Towards A Relational Queer future 2021
90 SPECTACLE The lure of the foreign stage: Italian art and artistry serving the French and European spectacle. 2020