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H2020 projects about "obvious"

The page lists 91 projects related to the topic "obvious".

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1 CREMA Cloud-based Rapid Elastic MAnufacturing 2015
2 LUPINROOTS Unravelling cluster root development in white lupin 2015
3 A CACTUS Antibody-free method for Counting All Circulating TUmour cellS while maintaining them alive and intact 2015
4 myAirCoach Analysis, modelling and sensing of both physiological and environmental factors for the customized and predictive self-management of Asthma 2015
5 RADIO Robots in assisted living environments: Unobtrusive, efficient, reliable and modular solutions for independent ageing 2015
6 FoodSMART Shaping Smarter Consumer Behaviour and Food Choice 2015
7 QLev4G Quantum control of levitated massive mechanical systems: a new approach for gravitational quantum physics 2015
8 ENLIGHTEN European Legitimacy in Governing through Hard Times: the role of European Networks 2015
10 DARWIN Expecting the unexpected and know how to respond 2015
11 BURIAL Forming Idendities in a Transitional Area 2015
12 THz Photochemistry THz Photochemistry: Biased Proton Transfer by Ultrafast Electric Fields 2015
13 SixthSense Early diagnosis of cervical cancer through the validation of Human Papilloma Virus viral load and expression of oncogenic viral proteins E6/E7 as risk indicators 2015
14 WISE WISE – Wide Instantaneous Support Equipment 2015
15 Omniflow Next-generation hybrid wind and solar power technology 2015
16 DIMINU Decentralised diminished mineralization incineration unit for dewatered sewage sludge lends resource efficient low-carbon electricity generation 2015
17 Colodetect Development of a novel blood-based diagnostic test for colorectal cancer 2015
18 AntibioDx AntibioDx: A groundbreaking in vitro diagnostic device with a billion-dollar sales potential 2015
19 STARS4ALL A Collective Awareness Platform for Promoting Dark Skies in Europe 2016
20 MAINTRAC-Auto MAINTRAC-Auto: Automatization and validation of a liquid biopsy assay “Maintrac-AUTO CTC-analyser” for predictive real time monitoring and success control of solid tumor cancer therapy 2016
21 Eye Light Eye fundus colour images enhancement service for Diabetic Retinopathy diagnosis 2016
22 DAPS Drone Alarm and Protection System 2016
23 iBILD iBILD: Imaging Biomarker for Intelligent Lung Cancer Detection 2016
24 GECEM Global Encounters between China and Europe: Trade Networks, Consumption and Cultural Exchanges in Macau and Marseille (1680-1840) 2016
25 StemProteostasis Mediation of stem cell identity and aging by proteostasis 2016
26 BiT How the Human Brain Masters Time 2016
27 SHAPE Shape Understanding: On the Perception of Growth, Form and Process 2016
28 BLUE SNOW Integrated system for queue monitoring and speed automatic modulation in ropeways. 2016
29 SOcool SunOyster cooling 2016
30 QUIBIM QUantitative Imaging Biomarkers Medice 2016
31 TECH4EFFECT Techniques and Technologies for Effective Wood Procurement 2016
32 OcuTher Educational Network in Ocular Drug Delivery and Therapeutics 2016
33 LADIO Live Action Data Input and Output 2016
34 BigO Big data against childhood Obesity 2016
35 GESINNE PRO Intelligent Power Supply Regulator 2016
36 HiPPiE_at_LHC High Precision PDFs for the precision Era at the Large Hadron Collider 2017
37 iSave Ultrafast, scalable disaster-proof client-side backup solution 2017
38 EXPECTATION Emerging Visual Expectation in the Brain 2018
39 ChromoDrive Investigating how anaphase chromosomal motion is generated during mitosis and meiosis 2017
40 CLH What is comparative legal history? Legal historiography and the revolt against formalism, 1930-60 2017
41 CTCapture_2.0 Advanced platform for profiling of therapeutic targets and functional analysis of circulating tumour cells in cancer patients 2017
42 MEET-CINCH A Modular European Education and Training Concept In Nuclear and RadioCHemistry 2017
43 WTM-RECYCLE Large scale wind tunnel turboprop aircraft model integrating morphing devices for aerodynamic experimental assessment 2017
44 ECO-RIVEST An innovative ECO inteRnal coverIng for metal and plastic conVEntionalS conTainers 2017
45 ETAP Tracing Evolution of Auxin Transport and Polarity in Plants 2018
46 KNOX Cost advantageous and scalable drone alarm and protection system for urban contexts 2017
47 QUIBIM Precision QUantitative Imaging Biomarkers Medicine 2017
48 ANTHUSIA Anthropology of Human Security in Africa 2018
49 NebuFlox Making it happen - Scalable biphasic reactions using a nebulizer-driven continuous flow reactor 2018
50 LNEXPANDS The Mechanisms and Dynamics Controlling Cycles of Lymph Node Expansion 2018
51 Novel Jack Automatic Hydraulic Jack with improved capacity, safety and efficiency for agricultural implements 2017
52 DyVirt Dynamic virtualisation: modelling performance of engineering structures 2018
53 NonChroRep Investigating the role of the long noncoding transcriptome in chromatin replication 2018
54 PolymersForSolarFuel Conjugated Polymers for Light-Driven Hydrogen Evolution from Water 2018
55 PLATFORM Competition and Regulation of Platform Markets 2018
56 HSS-Wind Application of high-strength steel in offshore wind energy tubular structures 2019
57 WindiBox A novel shrouded vertical axis wind turbine for power generation in buildings 2018
58 ChromaChron Development and commercialisation of a new purification system for contaminant-free radiocarbon dating 2019
59 CereBrill Brain training tools for better focus - using games and brainwaves to improve performance in children with ADHD 2018
60 FluidKnowledge How evaluation shapes ocean science. A multi-scale ethnography of fluid knowledge. 2019
61 EDJ An Etymological Dictionary of the Japonic Languages 2019
62 MataDOR Medium Density Fibreboard Recovery 2019
63 HiDALGO HPC and Big Data Technologies for Global Systems 2018
64 HELICAL HEalth data LInkage for ClinicAL benefit 2019
65 Fish-AI Developing an Artificial Intestine for the sustainable farming of healthy fish 2019
66 SensAtouch Grasper Safe and Sensible Tissue Graspers for Pediatric and (Mini-)Laparoscopic Surgery 2019
67 LACRYS Light Assisted-CRYStallization 2019
68 DLyte PRO The first DRY Electropolishing technology for high-precision components 2019
69 B25Tr B25Tr - New and innovative turbocharged engine 2019
71 DOLPHIN Disruptive PEMFC stack with nOvel materials, Processes, arcHitecture and optimized Interfaces 2019
72 FLOTANT Innovative, low cost, low weight and safe floating wind technology optimized for deep water wind sites 2019
73 LipTransProMet The multi-omics role of lipid transfer proteins in lipid metabolism 2019
74 ANAT-MEC Developing 2-photon optical imaging for neural-network studies in medial entorhinal cortex of freely moving mice 2019
75 MYTH Making national identity. The construction of Germanic Mythology in 19th century. 2020
76 EpiEcoMod Through the eye of a mosquito: theoretical modelling of vector-borne zoonotic pathogens 2020
77 StressOME Defining and modulating the stress granule proteome as a therapeutic strategy in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 2019
78 EAR Audio-based Mobile Health Diagnostics 2019
79 FORCHAR Unlocking the hidden information in char to create a new quantitative toolkit for use in forensic fire investigations 2019
80 MESSIAH Authoritarianism and Messianic Conceptions of Politics in Turkey 1850-2015 2019
81 PULCHRA Science in the City: Building Participatory Urban Learning Community Hubs through Research and Activation 2019
82 NoChaPFI Novel Characterisation Platform for Formulation Industry 2020
84 IL7RsignaTHER Antibody-based IL-7R targeted therapies 2020
85 Ethno-ISS ETHNO-ISS: An Ethnography of an Extra-terrestrial Society: the International Space Station 2019
86 CURE Copernicus for Urban Resilience in Europe 2020
87 Numii Numii: A real-time and non-invasive monitoring tool for the prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders 2019
88 SLANG How the brain learns to see language 2020
89 NanoBioMade Bioinorganic intracellular synthesis of photo-responsive bio-camouflaged nanomedicines 2021
90 Pollenity Introducing the Internet of Bees: A Smart Beehive System 2020
91 COR-RAND Corrector equations and random operators 2020