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H2020 projects about "struggle"

The page lists 92 projects related to the topic "struggle".

# achronym  title  year 
1 NIR-PERFECT Non-contact Near Infra-Red insPEction and monitoRing For Evaluation of ComposiTes 2014
2 FLUNOVELTY Development of novel fluorinated reagents for preparation of drugs. 2015
3 UACSURF Understanding atmospheric circulation from a surface perspective 2015
4 ICONOPHILIA Religion, Politics and the Arts in Early Medieval Italy Against the Background of the ‘Image Struggle’ (680-850) 2015
5 MoDATS Model-based Data Analysis of Transcription and Splicing 2016
6 FRAGMENTATION State Fragmentation and Sub-State Actors in Comparative Perspective: Somalia and Afghanistan 2015
7 HitSeedSME-1-09-14 HitSeed application for the Horizon 2020 dedicated SME Instrument - Phase 1 2014. September 2014. 2014
8 COMRADES Collective Platform for Community Resilience and Social Innovation during Crises 2016
9 EMPATIA Enabling Multichannel PArticipation Through ICT Adaptations 2016
10 Fluzo.Tv e-Sports Platform: Watch, Train Win 2016
11 PhageResist Beyond CRISPR: Systematic characterization of novel anti-phage defense systems in the microbial pan-genome 2016
12 ESSENCE Innovative espresso machine with new water heating and boiler design to improve efficiency and coffee quality 2016
13 REACH Renewable Energy and Connectivity Hub 2016
14 MySpark The Complete Solution for Fast and Cost-efficient Yeast Separation Process in Production of High Quality Sparkling Wine 2016
15 DIET-SEX-GENOMICS Linking genotype to phenotype - Role of diet on sex-specific reproduction 2016
16 CreativeNet Enhancement of an advanced media sharing and networking platform to ensure connectivity among world’s creatives 2016
17 MWDIR Media Warfare and the Discourse of Islamic Revival: The Case of the Islamic State (IS) 2017
18 MORPHCAST Real time video creation according to your emotions 2016
19 Metacontrol Cognitive control in context: Neural, functional, and social mechanisms of metacontrol 2016
21 Talkitt Speech recognition technology to enable the speech disabled to communicate freely 2016
22 OCTOLY REVIEWS Plugin A revolutionary Influencer Marketing solution that creates a new sales channel for SMEs and self-employment opportunities for Social Media influencers 2017
23 STRUGGLE Statistical physics of immune-viral co-evolution 2017
24 BIRTHBRAZIL Birthing Abolition: Reproduction and the Gradual End of Slavery in Brazil 2017
25 SLLB Sacred Landscapes in Late Byzantium 2018
26 SDD Spirits of Displacement and Diaspora 2017
27 MoroccoMasculinities Masculinities, Youth and Violence in the Moroccan Underclass: Young Men and Their Future Selves. 2017
28 SCOOP Innovation in Investigative Journalism 2017
29 ReservoirDOCs The evolutionary dynamics of pathogen emergence and establishment: from Reservoir Detection to Outbreak Control 2017
30 DesignEng Designing Engineers: Harnessing the Power of Design Projects to Spur Cognitive and Epistemological Development of STEM Students 2018
31 ToRH A Theory of Reliable Hardware 2017
32 ALEXANDRIA Large-Scale Formal Proof for the Working Mathematician 2017
33 ASGARD Automatic SaaS Governing of Hybrid Networks for Growing Infrastructure Demands 2017
34 CLTRe The Cybersecurity Behavioural Toolkit 2017
35 COLSOC The Legacy of Colonialism: Origins and Outcomes of Social Protection 2018
36 APES Accuracy and precision for molecular solids 2018
37 CONTRA Computational ONcology TRaining Alliance 2018
38 COMPETE4SECAP Energy management competition for local authorities for uptake and enhance of Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans 2017
40 DEVTAXNET Tax Evasion in Developing Countries. The Role of Firm Networks 2018
41 IMPULSE Implementation of an effective and cost-effective intervention for patients with psychotic disorders in low and middle income countries in South Eastern Europe 2018
42 WAI Wiraya Activation Intelligence 2018
43 SINCERE Spurring INnovations for Forest ECosystem SERvices in Europe 2018
44 MONSOON Monsoons and climate change: roles of atmospheric and oceanic processes 2018
45 Striking streaks Invariant Natural Killer T-cells in atherogenesis 2018
46 FSCF Alternative Families Social Change: An interdisciplinary and cross-national study 2018
47 FEMAGREE Female Agricultural Entrepreneurs: Identifying Institutional Barriers to Equality 2018
48 GENHIS-AFRICA Rethinking African Gender Histories: Time, Change, and the Deeper Past in Northern Mozambique 2019
49 SAT GAM 2018 Small Air Transport (SAT) - GAM 2018 2014
50 FLEMANIE Flexible Microchip Manufacturing for New Industries in Europe 2018
51 Safe-Blood A cost and time effective blood test to detect multiple bloodborne diseases 2018
52 A2MIRO Airbone Asset Management Inspection Robot - Offshore 2018
53 ARCHIMEDES Feasibility study for the further development and market launch of the Archimedes Universal Decision Support System for irrigated crops growers 2018
54 IRISTICK Enabling supply chain 4.0: Iristick smart safety eyewear 2018
56 GREASE Radicalisation, Secularism and the Governance of Religion: Bringing together European and Asian Perspectives 2018
57 FutureArctic A glimpse into the Arctic future: equipping a unique natural experiment for next-generation ecosystem research 2019
58 Ceres Proactive system to forecast and reduce environmental footprint while maximising agriculture performance 2018
59 Mokita The NGOs’ virtual reality content viewing platform 2018
60 EMWORK EMWORK – The fully automated EMC filter designer 2018
61 Notid Novel Target for Treatment of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases 2018
62 HYDROGO Energy from water in motion: efficient, customisable off-grid hydro-electricity for rural areas with stream access 2018
63 NaturalDyers Textile mass-personalisation and process-automation, integrating the textile value-chain to deliver scalable ‘Virtual Giga Factory’ production of biodegradable woven textiles. 2018
64 Liquid2DM Two-dimensional liquid cell dielectric microscopy 2019
65 FEALFI Fun, Healthy and Safe Finger Food for Babies and Children 2019
66 SIGNALL The only technology to successfully translate between signed and spoken languages 2019
67 COH-LAB Bridging the digitizing financial world to the changing attitudes and preferences of investors 2018
68 BIT-ACT Bottom-up initiatives and anti-corruption technologies: how citizens use ICTs to fight corruption 2019
69 ECO-BROKER Beyond Ecosystem Services: Brokering Agrobiodiversity Management Enterprises in Europe and Internationally (ECO-BROKER) 2019
70 KIDS Kinetics and Dynamics at Surfaces 2019
71 LTCpolicies Optimizing access to long-term care? Impact of long-term care policies on use, health and equity among the elderly 2020
72 RIVELIN-CLO The Ultimate Therapy for the Oral Lichen Planus 2019
73 KW Rebel Integration The International Rebel Integration Toolkit Revisited: What Approaches Work for the Successful and Sustainable Incorporation of Former Rebel Groups after Civil War? 2019
74 HERC HERC Chip for More Efficient Natural Gas Based Industrial Heating Systems 2019
75 MDURANCE Pervasive muscle response monitoring for everyone, a physiotherapy revolution 2019
76 COMP4DRONES Framework of key enabling technologies for safe and autonomous drones’ applications 2019
77 TaxiDriver The EU platform to reinforce traditional taxi drivers and face the challenging competition of digital era 2019
78 WildRice Wild Rice Culture and Indigenous Food Sovereignty in North America 2020
79 ConfliGram Conflicting Grammars: Gender among bilinguals in Mesoamerica and the Caucasus 2019
80 TheRealCompetition When Public Health Campaigns Warn You, but Your Friends Like to Drink – Connecting Computational Social Science and Neuroscience to Understand Real-World Health Behavior 2019
81 Breeze A cloud-based big data analytics platform for air quality sensing using distributed sensors and an unparalleled AI-powered decision support system 2019
82 CreditStretcher The fastest, easiest and cheapest way to achieve 90 days of credit based on your invoice 2019
83 ZARAH Women’s labour activism in Eastern Europe and transnationally, from the age of empires to the late 20th century 2020
84 Keenious Keenious - Recommendation Engine Research Tool 2019
85 MAGELIA A disruptive Magnetically Enhanced Library preparation platform for Next Generation Sequencing 2019
86 SeaTwirl The first robust and cost-effective floating vertical axis wind turbine for deep water offshore 2019
87 StrataGRT An innovative topical drug delivery system for improving chronic wound healing 2019
88 ID Ward ID Ward: blockchain-based universal ID for privacy-preserving personalisation 2019
89 DemDX Next generation clinical decision-support & education 2019
90 GET LOCAL Unified digital booking platform promoting local tourist services 2020
91 DAN High-performance, kiosk-solution for forensic darknet analysis to gain cyber threat intelligence for companies and greatly enhance efficiency and capabilities of European investigation authorities 2019
92 CANALS Changing Water Cultures 2021