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1 MaMMoTH-Up Massively extended Modular Monitoring for Upper Stages 2015
2 SC0806 Regenerative treatment of complete Traumatic Spinal Cord injury with a surgical implantation of a biodegradable device with FGF1 and nerve grafts 2015
4 AutoPost Deformable Surface Tracking and Alpha Matting for the Automation of Post-production Workflows 2015
5 SUNFISH SecUre iNFormation SHaring in federated heterogeneous private clouds 2015
6 NiGlucoMon A Non-Invasive GLUCOse MONitoring device for diabetics based on Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy in a quick, cheap and painless method. 2014
7 ESPRIT Easily diStributed Personal RapId Transit 2015
8 OSEM-EV Optimised and Systematic Energy Management in Electric Vehicles 2015
9 ESATM Embryonic stem cell origin of the adipose tissue macrophages 2015
10 CoEvolFramework Unified Framework for the Analysis of Co-evolutionary Systems 2016
11 ECOFLEX Feasibility study of a Eco-friendly, Compact and Flexible System for Post Digital Printing Treatment of Textiles 2015
12 SDN-Polygraph Cloud-based Visibility Service for Software Defined Networks 2015
13 SLA-Ready SLA-Ready: Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector 2015
14 JFB Jellyfish Barge - A floating greenhouse 2015
16 RobustSENSE Robust and Reliable Environment Sensing and Situation Prediction for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Automated Driving 2015
17 EXCHANGE Forensic Geneticists and the Transnational Exchange of DNA data in the EU: Engaging Science with Social Control, Citizenship and Democracy 2015
18 ART Feasibility assessment on Alarm Resolution Technology, using X-Ray Echo Methodology 2015
19 SINE2020 World class Science and Innovation with Neutrons in Europe 2020 – SINE2020 2015
22 LONGTAIL Transforming digital in-content advertising to deliver global scale 2015
23 SILGEN Sustainable farming of European catfish (Silurus glanis) for innovative, resource efficient and eco-friendly pond farm production 2016
24 MACEA Micro-botanical Analyses at Cenozoic fossil localities from East Africa: new insights into the evolution of savannas in Africa from 50 million years 2016
25 MobiLab Development of a mobile device for the quick on-site measurement of soil nutrients 2016
26 sqetch Sqetch – easily connecting fashion brands with apparel manufacturers 2016
27 Fundsphere Terms FST Reshaping the Asset Management Industry by commercialising the first digital solution to automate preparation of legal agreements that will increase the growth of registered funds on global markets. 2016
28 EvoNIN Unraveling key genetic innovations behind the emergence of the root-nodule symbiosis 2017
29 MARDIV 'Marriage and Cultural Diversity in the German Empire' 2016
30 DIVERGE Diverging Destinies: Introducing the Role of Social Environment and Genetic Sensitivity in the Effects of Family Instability 2016
31 FerroHub A modular power electronic inverter based on a local DC nanogrid for solar, storage and smart grids 2016
32 TSH2020 RFID Temperature Logger Label 2016
33 ConFluReM Controlling Fluid Resistances at Membranes 2016
34 HYPERBIOCOAT High performance biomass extracted functional hybrid polymer coatings for food, cosmetic and medical device packaging 2016
35 EFFORTE Efficient forestry by precision planning and management for sustainable environment and cost-competitive bio-based industry 2016
36 iPerm iPerm: Guided wave monitoring tool 2016
37 Eye-O-T Cyber security system with a high IoT network visibility and fast vulnerability detection for Smart Homes. 2016
38 GlobILS Global Platform for Indoor Location Services 2016
39 DECODE Decentralised Citizens Owned Data Ecosystem 2016
40 SONNET Self-OrganizatioN towards reduced cost and eNergy per bit for future Emerging radio Technologies 2017
41 CellSON Launching the next generation of Self Organising Networks for Telecoms 2016
42 ILIAD Intra-Logistics with Integrated Automatic Deployment: safe and scalable fleets in shared spaces 2017
43 NARMESH Narrating the Mesh: Ecology and the Non-Human in Contemporary Fiction and Oral Storytelling 2017
44 DELPHI DELPHI: a framework to study Dark Matter and the emergence of galaxies in the epoch of reionization 2017
45 SunDROPS Self-DRiving hydrOPonic System - Develop automated hydroponic systems that use high frequency pulsing-light and intermittent/alternate nutrient supply to optimize resources and plant adaptation. 2018
46 KEEPERS Keepers: The Key to your Child’s Safety 2017
47 CrowdHEALTH Collective wisdom driving public health policies 2017
48 AMPERE Automated photovoltaic cell and Module industrial Production to regain and secure European Renewable Energy market 2017
49 BOXMATE Mining Sandboxes for Automatic App Protection 2017
50 CanFaster The Translational Cancer Faster Forward doctoral programme – CanFaster 2017
51 EUROLITHIC The Linguistic Roots of Europe's Agricultural Transition 2017
52 MAGNIFICENT Microalgae As a Green source for Nutritional Ingredients for Food/Feed and Ingredients for Cosmetics by cost-Effective New Technologies 2017
53 DSSC Data Science and Systems Complexity Research Training Programme 2017
54 VIDEO HOLOGRAPHY video-rate holographic projection by novel meta-materials 2017
55 SIMPLE FEAST HEALTHY TAKE-AWAY ON SUBSCRIPTION - delicious, organic, plant-based food in season whenever you need it. To promote good health of the European Union’s population. 2017
56 MobiLab Development of a mobile device for the quick on-site measurement of soil nutrients 2017
57 LEDiR LEDiR: A Ground-breaking Manufacturing Process to Yield a Unique Prosthesis for Lumbar Endoscopic Disc Replacement 2017
58 MIND MIND: A Unique and Ground-breaking System for Home Intelligence that Builds Functional, Assistive, Dynamic and Comforting Infrastructure for a Better and more Efficient Living. 2017
59 soundproof4win Soundproof window with ventilation function 2017
60 RefugeesWellSchool Preventive school-based interventions to promote the mental well-being of refugee and migrant adolescents 2018
61 BlindTouch Eye-Free user interface to give full access to smart devices for blind and visually impaired people 2018
62 SensUS SensUS: A non-invasive and quantitative ultrasound (QUS) device for an objective monitoring of the childbirth labour process. 2018
63 Submer Highly Efficient, Eco-friendly Immersion Cooling for Data Centres 2018
64 eyecontrol EyeControl 2018
65 NGBMI Building Next-Generation Brain/Neural-Machine Interfaces For Restoration of Brain Functions 2018
66 LiveSEN In-Field Live Sensing of Nitrate in Crops for Real-Time Fertilization Adjustment 2018
67 WONT-HATE Online Hate against European Women Leaders: a Corpus-Assisted Multimodal Critical Analysis 2019
68 MINERVA Mapping intentionality: demonstrating innovation in Neolithic pottery uptake in the Eastern Balkans. 2018
69 CHIEF Cultural Heritage and Identities of Europe's Future 2018
70 EndoTrainer EndoTrainer - A revolution in non-invasive surgery training 2018
71 WoundRinse Preventing Chronic wound infections with a novel, antibiotic Wound Irrigation Solution; relieving patients from pain, risk of amputations and ensuring large cost savings for all Healthcare Systems. 2018
72 MINAPATH MINAPATH: A novel and unique method to diagnose and prevent diseases that are caused by exposure and accumulation of inorganic mineral dusts. 2018
73 MotionTech Tomorrow’s mobility solutions, today 2018
74 Xirus Augmented CAD: next generation of computer-aided design & engineering 2018
75 Smart Clot SmartClot: Personalized platform for the combined evaluation of platelet and coagulation factor in haemostasis or during antithrombbotic therapy 2018
76 XIMOFILM The first ultra-low extractable silicone film release liner for electronics, silicone adhesive market and medical applications 2018
77 CapCO2 Intensified Process for CAPturing CO2 2018
78 ONCORED An unrivalled medical device based on red- light photo biomodulation to prevent, improve and remove oral mucositis and dermatitis chemo radio induced as a side effect of cancer treatment 2018
79 MYFOOD An Innovative Smart Greenhouse System based on Aquaponics, Bioponics and Permaculture for Self-Production of Safe and Ultra-Fresh Food. 2018
80 XCORE XCORE: Low Cost CFRP Production for the Next Generation of Lightweight Cars 2018
81 PerPedes PerPedes: AI-assisted therapy in stroke rehabilitation 2018
82 MOVES Migration and Modernity: Historical and Cultural Challenges 2019
83 SYNCANO 2.0 Accelerating software development, empowering rapid innovation 2018
85 InteropEHRate Interoperable EHRs at user edge 2019
86 QuAnGIS Question-based Analysis of Geographic Information with Semantic Queries 2019
87 PETACom Petahertz Quantum Optoelectronic Communication 2019
88 Embryospin Increasing IVF success rate through the first magnetic resonance system for embryonic quantitative analysis at the cell scale 2018
89 OMNIUS SaaS platform for automated categorisation and mapping of digitised documents using machine intelligence semantic extraction 2019
90 COH-LAB Bridging the digitizing financial world to the changing attitudes and preferences of investors 2018
91 VITAL Vaccines and Infectious Diseases in the Ageing PopuLation 2019
92 AgroShelf Extending fresh food shelf-life through novel plant-derived biofungicides for post-harvest treatments 2018
93 RE-COGNITION REnewable COGeneration and storage techNologies IntegraTIon for energy autONomous buildings 2019
94 LINSEC The Logic of Informal Security Cooperation: Counterterrorism Intelligence-sharing in Europe 2020
95 BELVAU Brick vaults and beyond: the transformation of a historical structural system (1830-1930) 2019
96 INGENIOUS The First Responder (FR) of the Future: a Next Generation Integrated Toolkit (NGIT) for Collaborative Response, increasing protection and augmenting operational capacity 2019
97 STARCloud Bringing Quality of Service to Blockchain-Based Clouds 2019
98 E-ODD Extending On-Demand wheel Drive to On-Road applications 2019
99 AlSiCal Towards sustainable mineral and metal industry: ZERO Bauxite Residue and ZERO CO2 from co-production of Alumina, Silica and precipitated Calcium carbonate by the Aranda-Mastin technology 2019
100 FRAMTID Sustainable food packaging technology as an alternative to plastic 2019
101 ATTAVIK A game-changer solution for affordable mobile and Internet communications in areas with poor coverage 2019
102 Nadam-G Nanocoating deposition of anti-fingerprint and fluorine free material on glass for optical lenses and solar panels industry 2019
103 5G-SMART 5G for Smart Manufacturing 2019
104 CareMin650 An unrivalled medical device for severe cancer treatment complications:exact & easy red-LED photobiomodulation for mucositis and dermatitis 2019
105 CUSTOMER Customizable Embedded Real-Time Systems: Challenges and Key Techniques 2019
106 PYRATEX Natural, health-benefiting fabrics to protect our skin from external agents 2019
107 TransDB Limitless Timeseries Analysis to open up Big Data applications in Transportation 2019
108 SuPREmE Ship performance monitoring and simulation to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. 2019
109 SUD Making Building Systems Simple 2019
110 AORTYX Revolutionary vascular repair patch to treat aortic dissections 2019
111 VITRIMAT Training in VITRImers: high performance MAterials and Trainees for cutting-edge industrial applications 2020
112 EMP Motion planning technology for autonomous driving 2019
113 SpectraHow SpectraHow. Smart Raman sensor to speed up biopharma manufacture 2019
114 EcoStock Mobile thermal energy storage based on recycled ceramics 2019
115 CanFaster-Postdoc The Translational Cancer Faster Forward postdoctoral programme – CanFaster-ER 2020
116 SeaClear SEarch, identificAtion and Collection of marine Litter with Autonomous Robots 2020
117 Smart4Europe2 Catalysing Digitisation throughout Europe 2020
118 Magnesys Efficient filtering of metallic impurities in food processing 2019
119 EDAS HEALTHCARE AI-based infectious diseases diagnosis in seconds 2019
120 MediaMotorEurope Media Motor Europe 2020
121 IMMERSION Immersive marketplace for the European real estate sector 2019
122 TPV 2500 High performance hydraulic pump for off road mobile equipment 2020
123 PSOTI Privacy-preserving Services On The Internet 2020
124 NOTICE Novel Oxides and Topological Interfaces for quantum Computing Electronics 2020
125 Ports Between Sea and City: Ethnographic explorations of infrastructure, work, and place around leading urban container ports 2020
126 NATURE-ETN Nucleic Acids for Future Gene Editing, Immunotherapy and Epigenetic Sequence Modification 2020
127 CrioFlex Cri/oFlex: The missing link towards large scale quantum computing 2020
128 RECOBIN-PROTACs Reversible Covalently Binding PROTACs Technology for Protein Degradation in Cancer Therapy 2020
129 ADDITIVES Exposure to ‘cocktails’ of food additives and chronic disease risk 2020