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H2020 projects about "diffuse"

The page lists 67 projects related to the topic "diffuse".

# achronym  title  year 
1 PEDAL Plasmonic Enhancement and Directionality of Emission for Advanced Luminescent Solar Devices 2015
2 PERSEUS Promoting excellence and recognition seal of European aerospace Universities 2014
3 European IPR Helpdesk The European IPR Helpdesk 2015
4 SKPLUS Super-Kamiokande plus 2014
5 FLEXI-PYROCAT Development of flexible pyrolysis-catalysis processing of waste plastics for selective production of high value products through research and innovation 2015
6 IMIXSED Integrating isotopic techniques with Bayesian modelling for improved assessment and management of global sedimentation problems 2015
7 CSF From Cloud to Star Formation 2015
8 OrganoMag Organometallic Single-Molecule Magnets 2015
9 HotPaNTS Hot-spots of Phosphorus and Nitrogen delivery in Time and Space in agricultural catchments 2016
10 Neurostella Evolutionary and developmental origin of the nervous system 2016
11 REGUCB Regulating Umbilical Cord Blood Biobanking in Europe 2015
12 Cosmo Plasmas Cosmological simulations of radio bright plasmas 2015
13 AdvancedStarForm Global and local star formation with state-of-the-art physics 2015
14 OPTWET Finding optimal size and location for wetland restoration sites for best nutrient removal performance using spatial analysis and modelling 2015
15 EPI_nanoSTIM Enabling motor control after a spinal cord injury through nanoscaled electrical 2015
16 RadMag Radical Solutions for Hysteresis in Single-Molecule Magnets 2015
17 STARS Strategies Targeting Thyroid Hormone in Athrophy Related Syndromes 2015
18 LUCA Laser and Ultrasound Co-Analyzer for thyroid nodules 2016
19 BMC Rendering Bayesian Monte Carlo for Global Illumination 2016
20 BEYONDCO Using fine structure line emission to observe the life-cycle of molecular clouds 2016
21 HEAL-BY-MIRNA microRNA replacement therapy for mature B cell neoplasias 2016
22 PSI Personified Self Interaction 2016
23 SILCI Social Influence and Disruptive Low Carbon Innovations 2016
24 SCOOP4C Stakeholder community for once-only principle: Reducing administrative burden for citizens 2016
25 SOLUS Smart optical and ultrasound diagnostics of breast cancer 2016
26 CITIZINGLOBAL Citizens, Institutions and Globalization 2017
27 MAGCOW The Magnetised Cosmic Web 2017
28 NTPleasure Non-Thermal PLasma Enabled cAtalysis-Separation system for UpgRading biogasto mEthane-NTPleasure 2018
29 GOLDENSENS Intrinsically chiral gold nanoclusters as enantiodiscriminating sensors for methamphetamines. 2017
30 DIGESTIVO The DIffuse Galaxy Expansion SignaTures In Various Observables project: understanding the emergence of diffuse, low surface brightness galaxies and the link to their dark matter haloes 2018
31 TherSpinMol Exploring Thermoelectric and Spintronic properties of Molecular Devices 2017
32 FAirWAY Farm systems that produce good Water quality for drinking water supplies 2017
33 NEUROCLOUD A neural network builder with remotely controlled parallel computing 2017
35 Ovage OvAge: an innovative, user-friendly digital methodology that quantifies ovarian reserve by integratingclinical, biochemical and 3D-sonographic data to help decision-making in all phases of woman life 2017
36 EU-LISTCO Europe's External Action and the Dual Challenges of Limited Statehood and Contested Orders 2018
37 SeeSuper Probing nanoscale and femtosecond fluctuations in high temperature superconductors 2017
38 NEWTON NEw Windown inTO Earth's iNterior 2018
39 IntelHeat Intelligent control system for railway points heating with supreme saving of electicity 2017
40 GLOMODAT Enhancing data fusion, parallelisation for hydrological modelling and estimating sensitivity to spatialparameterization of SWAT to model nitrogen and phosphorus runoff at local and global scale 2019
41 NaTOS Nanoscale Thermo Optical Sensing 2018
42 BioVOLHum An understated player of Climate Change - increased air humidity - impact on volatile signaling compound emission at northern forests 2019
43 COGOV Co Production and Co Governance: Strategic Management, Public Value and Co Creation in the Renewal of Public Agencies across Europe 2018
44 MIMAT From Micro to Macro: Aggregate Implications of Firm-Level Heterogeneity in International Trade 2018
45 SPeNTa-Brain Synthetic Peptidic Nanovesicles for Targeting Paediatric Brain tumours 2019
46 ION Information Diffusion on Networks 2019
47 TCDL Topological Colloidal Double Layers 2018
48 COMPLEXORDER The Complexity Revolution: Exploiting Unconventional Order in Next-Generation Materials Design 2018
49 ClusterWeb Unravelling the physics of particle acceleration and feedback in galaxy clusters and the cosmic web 2019
50 CANCER INVASION Deciphering and targeting the invasive nature of Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma 2019
51 PRIMAGE PRedictive In-silico Multiscale Analytics to support cancer personalized diaGnosis and prognosis, Empowered by imaging biomarkers 2018
52 LUMIDUCT Transparent PV that regulates indoor climate 2019
53 SPIRE A Photovoltaic Plant with thermal co-generation 2019
54 DHARMA The Domestication of ‘Hindu’ Asceticism and the Religious Making of South and Southeast Asia 2019
55 ViroPedTher Oncolytic viruses for the treatment of pediatric brain tumors: An integrated clinical and lab approach 2019
56 MUSICA Origin of Magnetic strUctureS in the ISM obscuring the Cosmic DAwn 2020
57 DynaPIC Dynamic bonds and polyion complex (PIC) nanoparticles for targeted intracellular peptide delivery 2020
58 MultiBioScan Multimodal hyperspectral system for imaging of biological tissues glycation 2020
59 LinkFM Linking Functional impact and Microstructural properties of fiber tract demyelination and remyelination in a rodent model of multiple sclerosis 2019
60 LOUISA 3D Innovative 3-dimensional optoacoustic imaging for safe breast cancer screening 2019
61 PCBIS Printed Circuit Board Innovative Solution 2019
62 Bug-Flash Coherent Back-Lasing from Atmospheric Insects 2020
63 REDIM Regional disparities in cause-specific mortality in Europe: the role of local context and national health policies 2020
64 SIROCO Sparing gene therapy for Inherited ROd COne dystrophies 2019
65 PARPinhibit A systems biology approach to tackle PARP-inhibitors resistance and identify novel therapeutic targets to overcome it 2020
66 HESSP Hippocampus Extracellular Space Simulator Project (HESSP) 2020
67 ECOGAL Understanding our Galactic ecosystem: From the disk of the Milky Way to the formation sites of stars and planets 2020