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H2020 projects about "mainstream"

The page lists 158 projects related to the topic "mainstream".

# achronym  title  year 
2 EuTravel Optimodal European Travel Ecosystem 2015
3 SYMPLECTIC Symplectic Measurements and Hamiltonian Dynamics 2015
4 PERASPERA PERASPERA (AD ASTRA) Plan European Roadmap and Activities for SPace Exploitation of Robotics and Autonomy 2014
5 TCLS ARM FOR SPACE Feasibility and Definition of a Triple Core Lockstep ARM System-on-Chip for Space Applications 2015
6 RYSQ Rydberg Quantum Simulators 2015
7 MIND-SETS Mobility Innovations for a New Dawn in Sustainable (European) Transport Systems 2014
8 TOP HIT Transfer-print operations for heterogeneous integration 2015
9 WILLOW WIreLess LOWband communications: massive and ultra-reliable access 2015
10 usenns Neurotechnology to understand the emotions of customers in market research 2014
11 Micro-SOLUTION Micro-Solid Oxide Fuel Cells based on highly catalytic ceramic oxide thin films nanostructures 2015
12 IE2 Inclusive Education for an Inclusive Europe: Examining Social Interactions, Dynamics and Friendship Networks of Students in Mainstream Primary Schools 2015
13 METAPHOR People, Space and Time: Understanding metaphors in sustaining cultural landscapes 2015
14 VR-Suit VR-Suit : MultiModal experiences in a Virtual World 2015
15 MeRIT MeRIT - Maximising Renewable Energy Integration 2015
16 VSP Volumental - The Cloud-Delivered 3D Scanning Service Supporting A Future Of Mass Customization 2015
17 FRISCO Food Retail Industry Supply Chain Optimization (FRISCO): Food Discount Intelligence to Reduce Food Waste through the implementation of the FoodLoop Platform 2015
18 IDH Digital Health Hub Europe 2015
19 SESAME Small cEllS coordinAtion for Multi-tenancy and Edge services 2015
20 VirtuWind Virtual and programmable industrial network prototype deployed in operational Wind park 2015
21 greenFLASH Green Flash, energy efficient high performance computing for real-time science 2015
22 EUDEMOS Constrained Democracy: Citizens’ Responses to Limited Political Choice in the European Union 2015
23 spim4You spim4You: customised solutions for light sheet microscopes and imaging data analysis. 2015
24 DISABILITY Rethinking Disability: the Global Impact of the International Year of Disabled Persons (1981) in Historical Perspective 2015
25 PLACARD PLAtform for Climate Adaptation and Risk reDuction 2015
26 PlasmoSilencing Exoribonuclease-mediated degradation of nascent RNA in Malaria Parasites: A Novel Mechanism in Virulence Gene Silencing 2015
28 NEO-NAT Understanding the mass scales in nature 2015
29 ESOF2016 EuroScience Open Forum 2016 (Manchester) 2015
30 JCR Judicial Conflict Resolution: Examining Hybrids of Non-adversarial Justice 2016
31 MAZI A DIY networking toolkit for location-based collective awareness 2016
32 AGILE Adoptive Gateways for dIverse muLtiple Environments 2016
33 CAPSELLA Collective Awareness PlatformS for Environmentally-sound Land management based on data technoLogies and Agrobiodiversity 2016
34 COURAGE Cultural Opposition: Understanding the Cultural Heritage of Dissent in the Former Socialist Countries 2016
35 MATHISIS Managing Affective-learning THrough Intelligent atoms and Smart InteractionS 2016
36 XoSoft Soft modular biomimetic exoskeleton to assist people with mobility impairments 2016
37 INNO-4-AGRIFOOD Capitalising the full potential of on-line collaboration for SMEs innovation support in the Agri-Food ecosystem 2016
38 PolyDrug Discovery Discovery of anticancer polymeric drugs that mimic the action of TRAIL 2016
39 SCULTMARKET Feasibility Study to Combat Physical Inactivity and Improve Sporting Skills through SCULT Sport Mentors and Coaches Marketplace 2016
40 SIMRA Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas 2016
41 N2OPNA Understanding Nitrous Oxide Production from The Mainstream Partial Nitritation and Anammox Process 2016
42 TransModal Translating from Multiple Modalities into Text 2016
43 CIRCUS An end-to-end verification architecture for building Certified Implementations of Robust, Cryptographically Secure web applications 2016
44 microMAGNETOFLUIDICS 3D-printed magnetic microfluidics for applications in life sciences 2016
45 RNF The Rise of Neoliberal Feminism 2016
46 PROTECTIVE Proactive Risk Management through Improved Cyber Situational Awareness 2016
47 PROPERA The Profanation of Opera: Music and Drama on Film 2017
48 NNLOforLHC2 New level of theoretical precision for LHC Run 2 and beyond 2016
49 RomaInterbellum Roma Civic Emancipation Between The Two World Wars 2016
50 VISMEM Visualising memories of violence in urban places: gender and wellbeing in Istanbul 2016
51 XCORE XCORE: Enabling breakthrough weight reduction for the next generation of cars 2016
54 INDUCE The Innovation, Dispersal and Use of Ceramics in NW Eurasia 2016
55 LoC The Logic of Conceivability: Modelling Rational Imagination with Non-Normal Modal Logics 2017
56 HIPERLAM High Performance Laser-based Additive Manufacturing 2016
57 OpenMaker Harnessing the power of Digital Social Platforms to shake up makers and manufacturing entrepreneurs towards a European Open Manufacturing ecosystem 2016
58 Gaming Horizons Gaming Horizons 2016
59 TOPEX Philosophical Foundations of Topological Explanations 2016
60 5GINFIRE Evolving FIRE into a 5G-Oriented Experimental Playground for Vertical industries 2017
61 REVEAL Realising Education through Virtual Environments and Augmented Locations 2017
63 SECOMP Efficient Formally Secure Compilers to a Tagged Architecture 2017
64 JUSTAM Justice, Morality, and the State in Amazonia 2017
65 INWELCHAV Intersectional Analyses of Welfare Chauvinism in Europe 2017
66 SILICON Self-Injection-Locked Integrated Analog-to-Digital Converter 2017
67 GaTHeR GaTHeR, Gender and Transfer of Knowledge in Hunter Gatherer Research 2017
68 ENTIMENT Industrial Exploitation and Market Uptake of a Temporal Cognition Toolbox for Commercial Robots 2017
69 CASEK Collective Adaptive Systems Enabler Kit 2017
70 ASSIST ASSIST - Support Network for Household Energy Saving 2017
71 ZEOSOL Integrated solar heating and cooling unit based on a novel zeolite chiller and heat pump 2017
72 GLOBAL-HOT A Global History of Technology, 1850-2000 2017
73 EASYTV Easing the access of Europeans with disabilities to converging media and content 2017
74 Quipu Cloud A suite of software applications hosted in the cloud for medical ultrasound diagnostics 2017
75 ODYSSEY Open dynamics of interacting and disordered quantum systems 2018
76 WeObserve An Ecosystem of Citizen Observatories for Environmental Monitoring 2017
77 BEHAPI Behavioural Application Program Interfaces 2018
78 SALADIN Superb Atomic LAyer Deposition tool for the semiconductor INdustry 2017
79 WADcher Web Accessibility Directive Decision Support Environment 2018
80 Fun-COMP Functionally scaled computing technology: From novel devices to non-von Neumann architectures and algorithms for a connected intelligent world 2018
81 SolidCool Cost-efficient, solid-state refrigeration technology for cold storage 2018
82 SYNFOS Synthetic toolkit for fragment oriented synthesis 2018
83 AFFIRMATIVE Affirmative Post-Cinema: Narrative and Aesthetic Responses to Gender and Power 2018
84 BinD Mitotic Bookmarking, Stem Cells and early Development 2018
85 GR-GATE Scalable graphene-gated transistors 2018
86 US-E AntiRacism Catholicism and the “Negro Question”: Religion, Racism, and Antiracism in a Transnational Perspective (United States and Europe, 1934-1968) 2019
87 C-VoUCHER Circularize ValUe CHains across European Regional Innovation Strategies 2018
88 DECON Deconstruction as Critical Method in Political Theory 2019
89 MOSAIC Relationship of Somatic Structural Variation Mosaicism to Aging and Disease Phenotypes 2019
90 PDP4E Methods and tools for GDPR compliance through Privacy and Data Protection Engineering 2018
91 URMAC Ultra Right Media And Communication 2018
92 WPMF Women, Politics and Media Framing (WPMF) in the UK and in Israel – Tackling Western Democracies' Gender Inequality in Politics 2018
93 PERTPV Perovskite Thin-film Photovoltaics (PERTPV) 2018
94 LawsOfSocRep Laws of Social Reproduction 2018
95 RURITAGE Rural regeneration through systemic heritage-led strategies 2018
96 CoHuBiCoL Counting as a Human Being in the Era of Computational Law 2019
97 ELVER Engineering with Logic and Verification: Mathematically Rigorous Engineering for Safe and Secure Computer Systems 2018
98 BioWings Bio-compatible electrostrictive smart materials for future generation of medical micro-electro- mechanical systems 2018
99 ISLAM-OPHOB-ISM Nativism, Islamophobism and Islamism in the Age of Populism: Culturalisation and Religionisation of what is Social, Economic and Political in Europe 2019
100 Graphext A REVOLUTIONARY SYSTEM IN THE EMERGING MARKET OF ADVANCED ANALYTICS. Graphext bridges the gap between Data Science and Business Intelligence, democratising Advanced Analytics. 2018
101 KOBOLD The first Local Production Unit allowing Printing of Complex Multi-material Objects Remotely 2018
102 BrewiePro The first fully automated brewing machine for the bar and restaurant industry 2018
103 DINGO SME-1 Digital avalanche safety - Rethink the off-piste and backcountry skiing experience 2018
104 XCORE XCORE: Low Cost CFRP Production for the Next Generation of Lightweight Cars 2018
105 4Sure Sulphites' substitute in wine; natural and safe 2018
106 APRICOT Artificial PeRceptIon Chip for the Intelligence Of Things 2018
107 WeldGalaxy Digital Dynamic Knowledge Platform for Welding in Manufacturing Industries 2018
108 DroneGrid Simplifying Aerial Intelligence 2018
109 Biodentify Oil and Gas Exploration Made Greener and Cheaper 2018
110 SPLEEN Secondary and Leakage Flow Effects in High-SPeed Low-PrEssurE TurbiNes 2018
111 MAIA Mapping and Assessment for Integrated ecosystem Accounting (MAIA) 2018
113 TheBatteries A novel manufacturing method to bring solid-state thin-film batteries to mass market 2018
114 UNISCAMP The unity of scattering amplitudes: gauge theory, gravity, strings and number theory 2019
115 DIMENSION Real-time Data-Informed Multi-scale Computational Methods for Material Design and Processing 2020
116 EU-Citizen.Science The Platform for Sharing, Initiating, and Learning Citizen Science in Europe 2019
117 eleGaNt The first high performance gallium nitride wafers for mainstream power electronics 2019
118 DALI Demonstrator for Aircraft heat exchanger LIfe prediction 2019
119 HORIZON-STE Implementation of the Initiative for Global Leadership in Solar Thermal Electricity 2019
120 CONCORDIA Cyber security cOmpeteNce fOr Research anD Innovation 2019
121 SOCIALEU The missing pillar. European social policy and Eurosceptic challenges (SOCIALEU) 2019
122 PhiGe Philosophy and Genre: Creating a Textual Basis for African Philosophy 2020
123 Need2immune Personalized liposomal cancer vaccines within days by rapid formulation screening 2019
124 AN-ICON An-Iconology: History, Theory, and Practices of Environmental Images 2019
125 LiquidEff LiquidEff: Algebraic Foundations for Liquid Effects 2019
126 Makyaverri Machiavelli and Machiavellism in Japan: 1868-1968. For an Intellectual History of Realism from its Outskirts 2020
127 IQRS Imperial Queers, Republican Subjects: The Politics of Queer Historiography in Turkey 2019
128 TRR Exploring Tribal Representation across American Indian-produced radio in US Reservation and Urban Contexts 2019
129 HARP Heating Appliances Retrofit Planning 2019
130 Tactronik Next-generation haptic platform for advanced driver-assistance and mitigation of car accidents 2019
131 CellSorb Cost-efficient and safe cellulosic food pad 2019
132 BrainPlay The self-teaching brain 2019
133 PopulistFP The Populist Politics of Foreign Policy 2019
134 Atomic Bands Next generation motion sensing bands for promotion of fitness and health tracking 2019
135 aEro The future of aviation is electric 2019
137 MULTITOUCH Multimodal haptic with touch devices 2020
138 eleGaNt The first technology enabling large-scale gallium nitride industrialisation for mainstream power electronics and RF applications 2019
139 OPEN_NEXT Company-Community Collaboration for Open Source Development of products and services 2019
140 TRANSFORM Trafficking transformations: objects as agents in transnational criminal networks 2020
141 ImpAct Agencies Impact Actions for social innovation agencies 2019
142 VAPLCS Verification-Aware Programming Language Concurrency Semantics 2020
143 SPRING Scalable Production and Integration of Graphene 2019
144 ONEedge A Software-defined Edge Computing Solution 2019
145 ARiAT Advanced Reasoning in Arithmetic Theories 2020
146 UP2DATE Intelligent software-UPDATE technologies for safe and secure mixed-criticality and high performance cyber physical systems 2020
147 IMPACT EdTech Incubating High-IMPACT New Generation EdTech Disruptors for Inclusive & Personalised Learning 2019
148 KRAKEN Brokerage and market platform for personal data 2019
149 ARTIS Art and Research on Transformations of Individuals and Societies 2020
150 CONTESTED_TERRITORY From Contested Territories to alternatives of development: Learning from Latin America 2020
151 DiFacturo The Unique International Independent Decentralized Invoice Network 2019
152 WorkFREE Slavery, Work and Freedom: What Can Cash Transfers Contribute to the Fight for Decent Work? 2020
153 BayesianGDPR Bayesian Models and Algorithms for Fairness and Transparency 2020
154 SOTMEM Topological Insulator-Based Spin Orbit Torque MEMories 2020
155 JQ4LHC Jet quenching for heavy-ion collisions at the LHC 2021
156 CIRCULAR X Experimenting with Circular Service Business Models 2020
157 WiseWomen Wise Women: Beliefs and Networks of Female Spiritual Figures in Central European Vernacular Religion 2020
158 FIOLENCE FIOLENCE: A New Research Space at the Food/Violence Nexus 2020