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H2020 projects about "postsynaptic"

The page lists 21 projects related to the topic "postsynaptic".

# achronym  title  year 
1 Neuronal Trafficking Mechanisms of synaptic growth and plasticity 2016
2 UbiGABA The role of ubiquitination in stability and plasticity of the GABAergic synapse 2015
3 IN VIVO MOSSY Is the hippocampal mossy fiber synapse a detonator in vivo? 2016
4 GIANTSYN Biophysics and circuit function of a giant cortical glutamatergic synapse 2017
5 SINCHAIS In situ analysis of single channel subunit composition in neurons: physiological implication in synaptic plasticity and behavior 2016
7 MF-Synapse Presynaptic calcium channels distribution and impact on coupling at the hippocampal mossy fiber synapse 2017
8 CholAminCo Synergy and antagonism of cholinergic and dopaminergic systems in associative learning 2017
9 LIFE synapses Long-term Investigation of Functional Excitatory Synapses: Linking Plasticity, Network Wiring andMemory Storage 2017
10 MEME Memory Engram Maintenance and Expression 2017
11 ConCorND Connectivity Correlate of Molecular Pathology in Neurodegeneration 2017
12 AstroModulation Astroglial control of axonal excitability, adaptation and analogue signalling 2017
13 DESYNE Development of synaptic networks in songbirds 2018
14 3DMUCHO Investigation of 3D Functional Connectivity in Mouse Visual Cortex using Holography and Optogenetics 2017
15 SleepSynapses The role of sleep in synaptic plasticity 2018
16 IVSTED In vivo super-resolution imaging of synapses in the hippocampus 2019
17 FunctionalProteomics Proteomic fingerprinting of functionally characterized single synapses 2018
18 NovelNMDA Novel NMDA receptor signaling in cortical synaptic depression 2019
19 DendritesInVivo Prediction and validation of in vivo dendritic processing 2020
20 PreSynPlast Molecular mechanisms of presynaptic plasticity 2020
21 DEFINE DEciphering mechanisms of presynaptic reFINEment 2020