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H2020 projects about "specify"

The page lists 92 projects related to the topic "specify".

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1 SILENCE Mechanisms of Gene Silencing by the Glucocorticoid Receptor 2015
2 INTERDOT INTERconnects enhanced by colloidal qDOT based optical amplifiers 2015
3 POINT POINT: iP Over IcN - the betTer ip 2015
4 BEBA Behavioral Based Forwarding 2015
5 PaaSword A Holistic Data Privacy and Security by Design Platform-as-a-Service Framework Introducing Distributed Encrypted Persistence in Cloud-based Applications 2015
6 ICPEU Developing Protocols to standardize the development and documentation of energy efficiency projects in the built environment and accelerate their financing. 2015
7 OPERANDO Online Privacy Enforcement, Rights Assurance and Optimization 2015
8 REFINET REthinking Future Infrastructure NETworks 2015
9 PRDM9Recomb The Evolution of PRDM9 Binding and Genomic Localization of Meiotic Recombination Events 2015
10 HORIP Higher-Order Rewriting for Intensional Properties of Programs and Circuits 2015
11 COCLIMAT Fusion of Alternative Climate Models By Dynamical Synchronization 2015
12 PIOMES Pbx proteins as pioneer factors promoting signal specificity in mesodermal differentiation 2015
13 LV-Pri20 Logic-based Verification of Privacy-Preservation in Europe's 2020 ICT 2015
14 MechanoFate From mechanical stress to vascular fate 2016
15 OrchardMan A novel vision based orchard system to maximize fruit tree yields and Class 1 quality by 20% while reducing waste by 50% 2015
16 ITI Intelligent Trading Interface 2015
17 MOBPOSSTAT Mobile Positioning Data as a Source for Aggregated Human Mobility Statistics 2015
18 ZF-MEL-CHEMBIO Chemical Biology in Zebrafish: Drug-Leads and New Targets in the Melanocyte Lineage and Melanoma 2015
19 AUDADAPT The listening challenge: How ageing brains adapt 2016
20 5G-ENSURE 5G Enablers for Network and System Security and Resilience 2015
21 Infarnosys Novel biomarker diagnostic system for the assessment of the prognosis of acute myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury and infarction and the effectiveness of the treatment 2015
22 dReDBox Disaggregated Recursive Datacentre-in-a-Box 2016
23 COMPA COMPA - Market Study of Composite Patch Repair for Marine Pipes A cost-efficient and durable pipe repair in urgency 2015
24 SenseCare Sensor Enabled Affective Computing for Enhancing Medical Care 2016
25 EMUSIC Efficient Manufacturing for Aerospace Components USing Additive Manufacturing, Net Shape HIP and Investment Casting 2016
26 SENSOCOM The tiny and the fast: the role of subcortical sensory structures in human communication 2016
27 GLOBUS Reconsidering European Contributions to Global Justice 2016
28 Sim4Blocks Simulation Supported Real Time Energy Management in Building Blocks 2016
29 HRE Heat Roadmap Europe (HRE): Building the knowledge, skills, and capacity required to enable new policies and encourage new investments in the heating and cooling sector 2016
30 Bots2ReC Robots to Re-Construction 2016
31 DYNAMICSS Labour market dynamics and optimal policies 2016
32 LoGIcInMAS Logics and Games for Imperfect Information in Multi-Agent Systems 2016
33 ERFTM Export Restriction Free Travelling wave tubes Materials 2016
34 Ubl-Code Revealing the ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like modification landscape in health and disease 2016
35 NETS Networks in Time and Space 2016
36 NIPUNA Novel metrology tool for more flexible and affordable 3D validation of large industrial components 2016
37 DEMIURGE Automatic Design of Robot Swarms 2016
38 PABIR Policy analysis with beliefs about identifying restrictions 2016
39 BIOTREM BIOTREM - processing wheat bran into packaging products 2016
40 HEPODIS HVDC Electrical Power cOnversion and DIstribution System 2016
41 IN2SMART Intelligent Innovative Smart Maintenance of Assets by integRated Technologies 2016
42 ProEmpower Procuring innovative ICT for patient empowerment and self-management for type 2 diabetes mellitus 2016
43 4SBLOCK Pavement Building System based on Detachable and Embedded Blocks 2016
44 PJ14 EECNS Essential and Efficient Communication Navigation and Surveillance Integrated System 2016
45 THZCALORIMETRY Time Resolved THz Calorimetry explores Molecular Recognition Processes 2016
46 PROCSYS Towards programmable cyber-physical systems: a symbolic control approach 2017
47 SWORD Security Without Obscurity for Reliable Devices 2017
48 AMBITION Unravelling the molecular Basis of epigenetic silencing: what factors define a gene as a Polycomb target? 2017
49 GRADIENTSENSING Cellular navigation along spatial gradients 2017
50 ACRONAM-Speech Assessing Causal Relationships of Oscillatory Neural Activity Mediating Speech 2018
51 SAYSO Standardisation of situational Awareness sYstems to Strengthen Operations in civil protection 2017
52 RoadToBio Roadmap for the Chemical Industry in Europe towards a Bioeconomy 2017
53 Xenoscope Towards a multi-ton xenon observatory for astroparticle physics 2017
54 RESPEC Reconstruction of Pollinator-Mediated Speciation by Identification and Substitution of Causative Mutations 2017
55 ADVISE ADVanced Inspection of Complex StructurEs 2017
56 TOLERANCE FOOTPRINT Clonal Deletion versus Clonal Diversion: Footprints of Self-Tolerance in the T CellRepertoire 2017
57 ETALON Energy harvesTing for signAlLing and cOmmunicatioN systems 2017
58 POP-R Parallel Orthographic Processing and Reading 2017
59 PUNCTUATION Pervasive Upstream Non-Coding Transcription Underpinning Adaptation 2018
60 ORISPECIFICATION Molecular and structural mechanisms for metazoan replication origin specification 2018
61 ALDREN ALliance for Deep RENovation in buildings (ALDREN) Implementing the European Common Voluntary Certification Scheme, as back-bone along the whole deep renovation process 2017
62 TechTIDE Warning and Mitigation Technologies for Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances Effects 2017
63 Precaution Being precautionary: how rational? How ethical? 2018
64 NeuroLang Accelerating Neuroscience Research by Unifying Knowledge Representation and Analysis Through a Domain Specific Language 2018
65 COVR Being safe around collaborative and versatile robots in shared spaces 2018
66 HandBiblio HandBiblio – Semantic Search Engine for Handwritten Documents - Enabling an effective andautomatic access to contents of handwritten documents, stored as digital images. 2017
67 Ctrl-ImpAct Control of impulsive action 2018
68 GrowthControl Mechanical and systemic control of growth during Drosophila abdominal development 2018
69 PS Predicting Suicide 2018
70 SEMSUBSET The Grammar of Inclusion: Exploring the Boundaries of Linguistic Competence 2019
71 Medika Commercialisation of dental medical device for measuring salivary pH 2018
72 oilywatertreat The most effective and economically attractive solution for treating oily waste water on vessels and keeping our oceans cleaner 2018
73 EVOCELFATE Evolution of cell fate specification modes in spiral cleavage 2019
74 CICERONE CIrCular Economy platfoRm for eurOpeaN priorities strategic agEnda 2018
75 SPHINX A Universal Cyber Security Toolkit for Health-Care Industry 2019
76 HighPotOx Exploring the Limits of High Potential OxidizersPrediction, Validation and Preparation of Unusual Molecules at the Edge of Stability 2020
77 HELIAUS tHErmaL vIsion AUgmented awarenesS 2019
78 Robust Robust and Energy-Efficient Numerical Solvers Towards Reliable and Sustainable Scientific Computations 2019
79 CompuLaw Computable Law 2019
80 EcoFLEXY Innovative nanocellulose bioplastic film from fruit waste 2019
81 HSMonitor Pre-commercial Procurement of innovative ICT-enabled monitoring to improve health status and optimise hypertension care 2019
82 Pilot3 A software engine for multi-criteria decision support in flight management 2019
83 SUMiDENTITY Deconstructing the role of SUMO on chromatin in cell identity and tissue repair 2020
84 Piomic Empowering homecare solutions in advanced wound care 2019
85 OCTOBER Control of cell identity in pluripotent and germline cells by OCT4 orchestration of chromatin binding and enhancer regulation 2019
86 keyper Captive Customer Connection: Easy and Secure Sharing and Selling of Tickets - and Other Personal Rights 2019
87 PJ14-W2 I-CNSS Integrated Communication, Navigation and Surveillance System 2019
89 Hastlayer Hastlayer - turning software into hardware for faster computing 2020
90 ChromatinLEGO Chromatin readout: Dissecting the protein-chromatin interaction code in living cells 2020
91 LEAFHOUND Leader-follower hybrid control and task planning for multi-agent systems under spatiotemporal logic specifications 2020
92 HumanPlacenta Human Placental Development and the Uterine Microenvironment 2020