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H2020 projects about "vapour"

The page lists 70 projects related to the topic "vapour".

# achronym  title  year 
1 Nano-Tandem Nanowire based Tandem Solar Cells 2015
2 CaFE Development and experimental validation of computational models for cavitating flows, surface erosion damage and material loss 2015
4 SUPERNEMS Superconducting Diamond Quantum Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems 2015
5 XERIC Innovative Climate-Control System to Extend Range of Electric Vehicles and Improve Comfort 2015
6 2DInterFOX Integration of two-dimensional nanomaterials with functional oxide nanostructures 2015
7 3D-GATED Three-Dimensional Graphene Architectures as Templates for Electrochemical Devices 2015
8 LIVIN Light-Vapour Interactions at the Nanoscale 2015
9 SUPER-2D Many-body physics and superconductivity in 2D materials 2015
10 SiGrAM Pre-Commercial Production Demonstration of Very High Capacity Silicon Anode for High Performance and Low Cost Li-Ion Batteries 2015
11 BCOOL Barocaloric materials for energy-efficient solid-state cooling 2016
12 MALET Development of MODELICA Libraries for ECS and Thermal management architectures 2016
13 VAPOMOF Vapour phase deposition of metal-organic frameworks with luminescent guests for solid-state lighting and sensing 2016
14 HAZEL HAZEL: Commercialization of a novel, high efficiency equipment for the determination of hazardous atmospheric pollutants 2016
15 BIOCOMPLACK Eco-friendly food packaging with enhanced barrier properties 2016
17 BlockPLA Innovative Biodegradable PLA Plastic for an Increased Range of Packaging Applications 2016
18 HYPERBIOCOAT High performance biomass extracted functional hybrid polymer coatings for food, cosmetic and medical device packaging 2016
19 DryFiciency Waste Heat Recovery in Industrial Drying Processes 2016
20 DRY-2-DRY Do droughts self-propagate and self-intensify? 2017
21 DEW-COOL-4-CDC Low Energy Dew Point Cooling for Computing Data Centres 2017
22 NICEDROPS Precise and smart nanoengineered surfaces: Impact resistance, icephobicity and dropwise condensation 2017
23 SnowRESolution All-Weather Snow machine driven by Renewable Energy Sources 2017
24 LATO Large-Area Transparent Opto-Electronics using 2D Materials 2017
25 ISPEC Imaging SPECtral deconvolution specialist 2017
26 SHERPACK Innovative structured polysaccharides-based materials for recyclable and biodegradable flexible packaging 2017
27 Fresh Solutions Fresh Solutions –‘A fresh approach to food packaging’ 2017
28 BIKE Bioconductive Iongels for Cutaneous Electrophysiology 2018
29 BioBarr New bio-based food packaging materials with enhanced barrier properties – BioBarrier 2017
30 Trans C4 Deciphering Regulatory DNA and Transcription Factor Binding Sites in C3 and C4 Species with Varying Water Use Efficiencies 2018
31 EREMOZ Effect of rare-earth doping elements on the mechanical and oxidation resistance performance of silicon carbide coated carbon fibre / zirconium carbide composites for high temperature applications 2018
32 FotoH2 Innovative Photoelectrochemical Cells for Solar Hydrogen Production 2018
33 SINUSLIGHT Laser-spectroscopic sensing device for diagnostic assessment of sinusitis 2018
34 UNIFIED Fuel injection from subcritical to supercritical P-T conditions: a unified methodology for coupled in-nozzle flow, atomisation and air-fuel mixing processes 2018
35 SolidCool Cost-efficient, solid-state refrigeration technology for cold storage 2018
36 TurboSol TurboSol: Turbo-Solar Thermal Power for Industrial Drying Processes 2018
37 ISLAS Isotopic links to atmopheric water's sources 2018
38 ACOSVA Advanced Characterization of Organic-rich Shales using Vapour Adsorption 2018
39 ABC-SALT Advanced Biomass Catalytic Conversion to Middle Distillates in Molten Salts 2018
40 CABUM An investigation of the mechanisms at the interaction between cavitation bubbles and contaminants 2018
41 HYDROUSA Demonstration of water loops with innovative regenerative business models for the Mediterranean region 2018
42 SPIRAL Single Photons from Isotopically-pure Rubidium Atoms in a Long fibre 2018
43 MONSOON Monsoons and climate change: roles of atmospheric and oceanic processes 2018
44 SELFSENS Printed SELF-power platform for gas SENSing monitoring 2018
45 BlockPLA Innovative nanostructured PLA polymer to expand suitable uses of biodegradable packaging 2018
46 FOGSCREEN MINI FogsScreen Mini - breakthrough laminar air purification technology with stunning interactive images 2018
47 AirBrush A fast non-intrusive vapour detection system that rapidly identifies explosives in public areas 2018
48 AHEAD Advanced techniques for quantification and modelling of phase-change processes of renewable fuels and their blends 2019
49 SUPERCOOL Superelastic Porous Structures for Efficient Elastocaloric Cooling 2019
50 LEMON Lidar Emitter and Multispecies greenhouse gases Observation iNstrument 2019
51 CROSSONT CROwned Spline Surface Optimization using New Treatments 2019
52 FREENERGY Lead-free halide perovskites for the highest efficient solar energy conversion 2019
53 Glazetile Innovative approach for the digital ceramic tile glazing process, using a continuous in-line glazer 2018
54 ThinAirWater Providing water for everyone with water-from-air technology 2018
55 LOWCOST-IC Low Cost Interconnects with highly improved Contact Strength for SOC Applications 2019
56 LHP-C-H-PLATE-4-DC A Novel Loop-Heat-Pipe (LHP)-based Data Centre Heat Removal and Recovery System Employing the Micro-channels Cold/Hot Plates 2019
57 RES4BUILD Renewables for clean energy buildings in a future power system 2019
58 HELD Hetero-structures for Efficient Luminescent Devices 2019
59 BOIL-MODE-ON unraveling nucleate BOILing: MODEling, mesoscale simulatiONs and experiments 2019
60 ECOAT ECO sustainable multifunctional biobased COATings with enhanced performance and end of life options 2019
61 DISTRESS Understanding the mechanisms behind tree responses to drought-induced stress with increasing tree size 2019
62 ECO2-RAPJECT Rapid pulse width modulated CO2 ejector for small-scale vapour-compression systems 2019
63 CelluWiz Process developments for a recyclable and compostable all-cellulose multilayer material for packaging 2019
64 Nadam-G Nanocoating deposition of anti-fingerprint and fluorine free material on glass for optical lenses and solar panels industry 2019
65 GBG System Innovative tank design and groundbreaking infrastructure model to enhance the availability of renewable energy by collecting, storing and transporting hydrogen, biomethane, nitrogen and LNG 2019
66 SOLOCLIM Solutions for outdoor climate adaptation 2019
67 LO-KMOF Vapour-deposited metal-organic frameworks as high-performance gap-filling dielectrics for nanoelectronics 2019
68 GREAT Greener Air Traffic Operations 2020
70 ReSensE Reversed-polarity III-nitride Sensors for Enhanced UV-detection 2020