Progetti FP7 coordinati da "Fondazione centro san raffaele del monte tabor"

# progetto  anno  totale costo  contributi 
1 LIVER IVM Imaging liver immunopathology by intravital microscopy 0 100˙000.00 100˙000.00
2 HINLOD Roles of Homeoproteins in Lymphoid Organ Development 2007 100˙000.00 100˙000.00
3 TM-REST A new platform for fast molecular detection of MDR and XDR resistant strains of M. tuberculosis and of drug resistant malaria 2008 4˙072˙768.00 2˙983˙207.00
4 "MS, FMRI, ERP" Assessment of cognitive dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis using the simultaneous acquisition of event-related potentials and functional magnetic resonance imaging during executive tasks 2008 162˙985.00 162˙985.00
5 LSC CLL Leukemic Stem Cells in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia 2010 75˙000.00 75˙000.00

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