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H2020 projects about "calibrated"

The page lists 77 projects related to the topic "calibrated".

# achronym  title  year 
1 FLOW Furthering Less Congestion by creating Opportunities for more Walking and cycling 2015
2 DEMETRA Demonstrator of EGNSS Services based on Time Reference Architecture 2015
3 mapKITE EGNOS-GPS/GALILEO-based high-resolution terrestrial-aerial sensing system. 2015
4 I-Fusion Innovative FUel Sensor for engIne OptimisatioN 2014
5 SO2SAFE Enzymatic SO2 biosensor for rapid food safety monitoring 2014
6 QUALIGRAIN Increasing grain quality through advanced oxidation treatment during storage 2014
7 HISTHEOL History and Theology 2015
8 DENDRONUTRIENT Disentangling the effects of CO2 fertilization, nutrient limitation and water availability on forest ecosystem processes: Estimating their long-term consequences on SW European forests 2016
9 MAIDEN-SPRUCE Tree growth, forest carbon storage and climate change in a Canadian boreal region using a model-data fusion approach 2015
10 CENTAUR Cost Effective Neural Technique for Alleviation of Urban Flood Risk 2015
11 Respiratory Analyzer Validation of calibrated RIP (respiratory inductive plethysmography) based biomarker for diagnosis of SDB (sleep-disordered breathing) and the identification of an accessible screening solution 2015
12 HIDDEN FOODS Plant foods in Palaeolithic and Mesolithic societies of SE Europe and Italy 2015
13 PLANETDIVE Planetary diversity: the experimental terapascal perspective 2016
14 C-LEAK Rivers as leak in the terrestrial C sink 2016
15 IMPACT Physics of Impact Cratering Collapse 2016
16 VERTEBRATE HERBIVORY Evolution of herbivory in vertebrates: developing combined isotope (Ca, Sr) and dental surface texture analysis as deep time diet proxies 2016
17 ENGINENCY A Holistic System for Building Inspection and Energy Efficiency Management 2016
18 SURGIS Open Platform for X-Ray robotics medical imaging and surgical navigation 2016
19 ATOMIX Boosting the efficiency of current agricultural atomisers by using ultrasonics emitters 2016
20 CO-PHY-MED Comparative Phylogeography of a Megadiverse Fauna across the Mediterranean 2016
21 UPGRADE High efficient Particulate free Gasoline Engines 2016
22 LUVMI Lunar Volatiles Mobile Instrument 2016
23 ChipScope Overcoming the Limits of Diffraction with Superresolution Lighting on a Chip 2017
24 GASMETRIC New multi-parameter automaton for measurement of indoor environmental conditions in livestock exploitations 2017
25 Mr.PARTS Minirhizotron: Phenology And Root TraitS 2017
26 SimSolidAM Simulation of metal Solidification in Additive Manufacturing processes 2017
27 STRAIN fault STRength breAkdown and Implications for earthquake Nucleation 2017
28 SENSIS The Senses of Islam: A Cultural History of Perception in the Muslim World 2017
29 ACFD Acoustical and Canonical Fluid Dynamics in numerical general relativity 2017
30 iMEC Industrial Micro Electrochemical Cell sensors for real-time quantification of H2S in wastewater 2017
31 ESFR-SMART European Sodium Fast Reactor Safety Measures Assessment and Research Tools 2017
32 IPANEMA Inlet PArticle Separator Numerical ExperiMental Assessment 2017
33 STRCHANGEINEQ Effects of Structural Change on Income Inequality 2017
34 MULTIECS MULTIivariable Environmental Control System 2017
35 SENTRY Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Cable Monitoring and Surveying for Offshore Wind Farms providing movement, depth, surface disruption and free-span readings 2017
36 COSMICS Concepts and tools in molecular spintronics 2017
37 BEFINE mechanical BEhavior of Fluid-INduced Earthquakes 2018
38 IASI-FT IASI - Flux and temperature 2017
39 CoQuake Controlling earthQuakes 2018
40 SECLI-FIRM The Added Value of Seasonal Climate Forecasts for Integrated Risk Management Decisions 2018
41 MNEMOSENE Computation-in-memory architecture based on resistive devices 2018
42 HIV ECLIPSE HIV-1 acquisition and the future of prevention strategies: deciphering the eclipse phase through modelling and phylogenetics 2018
43 MMAMA Microwave Microscopy for Advanced and Efficient Materials Analysis and Production 2017
44 MOTIVE Multi-physics mOdelling of high Temperature engIne ValvEs 2018
45 LandFlux Quantifying landslide activity and contribution to sediment fluxes with cosmogenic radionuclides and grain-size distributions 2018
46 XQCR Electronic structure and energy descriptors for molecular crystals from quantum crystallography and X-ray charge density analysis 2018
47 eyecontrol EyeControl 2018
48 GAP Global dynamics of mountain diversification and persistence 2019
49 NERUDA Numerical and ERT stUdies for Diffusive and Advective high-enthalpy systems 2018
50 FUNDra Remote sensing to model spatiotemporal distribution of functional diversity in the tundra 2018
51 FOCUS Fiber Optic Cable Use for Seafloor studies of earthquake hazard and deformation 2018
52 CHIRON Spin Wave Computing for Ultimately-Scaled Hybrid Low-Power Electronics 2018
53 Mimica Touch Bioreactive food expiry label that mimics the actual decay of food for a reliable and accurate method of reducing food waste 2018
54 iMEC Real-time assessment of toxic sulphide in wastewater – market maturation of an Industrial Micro Electrochemical Cell 2018
56 ACEPOL Agent-based Computational Economics for Policy Analysis 2019
57 Lazaero One box to measure all the most important air pollutants and greenhouse gases 2019
58 ARCHEIS Understanding the onset and impact of Aquatic Resource Consumption in Human Evolution using novel Isotopic tracerS 2019
59 GUDGET GUst generators and model DesiGn for transonic wind tunnel tEsTs 2019
60 IMIR-UP Scale-up of INNER MAGIC and INNER REFLECTION: Virtual Ultrasound Sensors for Smart Devices. 2019
62 IceMelt3D Tracking 3-D meltwater production and runoff from glacial bare-ice surfaces 2020
63 NucSat Satellites and nuclear information. Production, communication and reception of nuclear-related information generated with satellites. 2019
64 EPIC Evolution of Planktonic Gastropod Calcification 2019
65 MIND STEP Modelling INdividual Decisions to Support The European Policies related to agriculture 2019
66 NewControl Integrated, Fail-Operational, Cognitive Perception, Planning and Control Systems for Highly Automated Vehicles 2019
67 MERCURYREFINEMENT Refining our view on planet Mercury, in anticipation for the BepiColombo mission. 2020
68 PROVA Pitot probe for non-ideal compressible flows of organic fluids for renewable energy applications 2019
69 GAIA A Genomic and Macroevolutionary Approach to Studying Diversification in an Insect-Plant Arms Race 2020
70 MUNDFAB Modeling Unconventional Nanoscaled Device FABrication 2020
71 Preemie Personalised nutrition of low-birth-weight infants 2019
72 HADRIAN Holistic Approach for Driver Role Integration and Automation Allocation for European Mobility Needs 2019
73 GLOBAL Tropical rain forest diversification: a GLOBAL approach 2020
74 CAMPVANS Investigation of carrier multiplication in van der Waals heterostructures for highly efficient solar cells 2021
75 ECOGAL Understanding our Galactic ecosystem: From the disk of the Milky Way to the formation sites of stars and planets 2020
76 LEAF-2-TBM From LEAF to Terrestrial Biosphere Model: Integrating multi-scale observations of highly diverse tropical ecosystems for global scale simulations 2020
77 RECOMBINE RE-assembly and COMpetition during Biotic INterchangEs: consequences of old invasions on the evolutionary and ecological history of biotas 2021